Optical illusion art, better known as Op art, is a form of abstract art that emerged in the 1960s. It utilizes graphic

Low poly art, short for low polygon art, is a minimalistic art style used in video game design, animation, and illustration, which

A fascinating mix of tradition and modernity, Japan is home to centuries-old artforms like origami, Ikebana, and kintsugi, and a hotspot for

Retrofuturism is a fascination with how the future has been viewed in the past, that is to say, what the people of

Do you want to see what real horror looks like? We dare you to view this list of dark and scary art.

Vexel art is a technique of making pixel-based raster art that imitates the visual appearance of the vector graphics technique. To truly

The advent of digital art was an unprecedented milestone in the history of expressing oneself. Comparable perhaps to the invention of the

Do you want to design fun collages in Photoshop? It’s easier than you think. Create your own impressive digital collage today with

Ask anyone with only a fleeting familiarity with the 1960s imagery what they know about the visual style of the era, and

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