Japanese Art on Displate: Inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun

June 23, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Art Styles, Illustration Hub

A fascinating mix of tradition and modernity, Japan is home to centuries-old artforms like origami, Ikebana, and kintsugi, and a hotspot for new artistic genres and styles, from Gutai to manga. At Displate, we pay tribute to Japanese culture and celebrate the fusion of old and new with our themed posters featuring motifs coming straight from the Land of the Rising Sun.

So, sit back, relax, and join us on an unforgettable journey to Japan through art!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Art 

Cherry blossom, also known as Japanese cherry or sakura, is the national flower of Japan. Described as “spring snow” by Japanese poets, it’s an important part of Japanese culture, and an ancient symbol of the rebirth of nature and purity.

Flowering branches of cherry blossom against blue and yellow background
Sakura Poster by Kitsune Yumiko 

Couple embracing under cherry tree
Japanese Lovers Poster by Rafapasta CG

Flowering cherry tree shedding pink blossoms
Cherry Blossom Poster by Marine Loup

Flowering cherry tree shedding red and white blossoms
Blooming Poster by Marine Loup

Mature cherry tree set against sun shown as red circle with red rays radiating out in all directions
Tree of Freedom Poster by KucingKecil Sofia

Japanese Koi Art

The word koi means “carp” in Japanese. A recurring symbol of Japanese culture, the fish symbolizes good fortune as well as perseverance, and strength (due to its habit to swim against the current and resist the flow of water).

Golden koi fish in water reflecting clouds and branch of cherry tree
Koi Fish Poster by KucingKecil Sofia

White and pink koi fish amidst water lilies
Spring Time Poster by by Noel delMar

Blue koi fish
Koi Poster by Kitsune Yumiko

Two koi fish circling around each other
Japanese Koi Poster by Daisj Ingrosso

Japanese Samurai Art

The samurai were highly skilled and trained warriors. Themes from the world of the samurai have been immortalized in all forms of traditional Japanese art, including drawings, paintings, and prints.

Samurai in traditional armor
Angry Samurai Poster by KucingKecil Sofia

Silhouette of black Samurai warrior against white background
Armored Samurai Poster by Nicklas Gustafsson

Head of Samurai warrior wearing traditional helmet with blood dripping sword in front of it
Bushido Quotes: No Use Poster by Kitsune Yumiko

Japanese archer in armor on white horse
Rakujitsu Poster by MGL Licensing

Samurai's helmet and war mask against two crossed swords
Samurai Poster by Ruby Art 

Japanese Dragon Art

A water deity associated with rainfall, the dragon has been an important part of Japanese cultural mythology for hundreds of years. As a symbol of great power, wisdom, and success, it is said to bring strength, luck, and fortune.

Blue Japanese dragon
Dragon Poster by Kitsune Yumiko

Blue dragon made of sushi rolls
Dragon Sushi Ramen by Ilustrata 

Orange Japanese dragon made of noodles
Ramen Dragon Poster by Ilustrata

Japanese dragon wrapped around soup bowl
Dragons Ramen Poster by Ilustrata

Japanese Cat Art

Although lucky cats might be associated more with Chinese culture, they are very popular in Japan, too. Known as Maneki Neko, these cats are thought to bring luck, happiness, wealth, and prosperity, and can be identified through their raised right paw.

White Maneki Neko cat
Lucky Cat Poster by Ruby Art

Smiling white and brown cat under cherry tree
Sakura Cat Poster by Daisj Ingrosso

White Maneki Neko cat under cherry tree
Maneki Neko Poster by Daisj Ingrosso

Black cat wearing white sushi chef headband and red robe
Sushi Cat Poster by Ruby Art

Black cat napping on bed at night
Sweet Dreams Poster by Elora Pautrat

Japanese Demon Art

Japanese folklore is filled with oddball deities and malevolent spirits like kitsune, or fox demons that trick and deceive humans who have crossed them. Legends about oni (demons) and yurei (ghosts) have long played an important role in Japanese culture, and stories of new spirits continue to be told today.

Scary Japanese mask and helmet
The Beauty of Japan Poster by Second Syndicate

Horned girl demon in white and orange kimono
Ghost Stories Poster by PaihemeStudio

White Kitsune fox against black background
Red Kitsune Poster by Noel delMar

Green bell in Japanese shrine
Calling the Spirits Poster by Noel delMar 

Red and white Kitsune fox mask
Kitsune Mask Poster by Ruby Art

Red and white Kitsune fox mask
Autumn Kitsune Poster by Daisj Ingrosso 

Japanese Floral Art

Flowers and floral arrangements are integral to Japanese culture. Among the most popular flowers are peonies, lotus flowers, chrysanthemums, orchids, peach flowers, and, of course, cherry blossoms. Beyond being beautiful, each of them has been associated with a particular symbolic meaning, a practice known as hanakotoba or “the language of flowers”.

Colorful chrysanthemums
Kiku Flowers Poster by MGL Licensing

Chrysanthemums and bleeding hearts with Japanese letter in the middle
Haru Poster by Noel delMar

Magnolia flowers
Frozen Magnolia Poster by Noel delMar

Bird and white branches with dark blue blossoms
Magical Lake Yang Zhou Poster by Camila Illustration

Japanese Mountain Art

Nature, particularly mountains, have been a favorite subject of Japanese art since its earliest days. And of all the mountains in Japan, Mount Fuji stands out as a unique cultural symbol, with Shinto practitioners making spiritual pilgrimages all the way to its summit every year.

Mountain peaks and cherry trees
Sacred Mountain Poster by Noel delMar

View of mountain and sun from Japanese house
After the Sunset Poster by Noel delMar

River meandering in valley
Fisherman Poster by KucingKecil Sofia

Japanese Geisha Art

The word geisha literally means “artisan”. Custodians of Japanese culture, these artists practice the traditional Japanese arts, and put their talents to use entertaining customers at banquets and feasts.

Sad Geisha's face reflected in mirror
Trapped Poster by Luna Kirsche

Geisha leaning her hand against tree
The Geisha in the Night Poster by Nicolas Castell 

Geisha with white flower tucked behind her ear carrying red umbrella
Geisha Poster by Ruby Art

Two Geishas in pink kimonos
Hutari Mari Poster by MGL Licensing 

Geisha displaying her colorful kimono
Sagi No Mai Poster by MGL Licensing 

Geisha in red kimono holding red hand fan
Red Geisha Poster by Daisj Ingrosso

Geisha in floral kimono with hair ornaments
Geisha in Japan Poster by Second Syndicate

Modern Japanese Art

Today’s Japan is a global pop culture powerhouse famous for its anime, manga, and the cute culture of Kawaii. Not surprisingly, Japanese pop culture is most popular among the younger generations, who appear to be less influenced by tradition and more interested in following the latest trends.

Brocozilla kaiju attack
Broccozilla Poster by Ilustrata

Sumo wrestling poster
Sumo Fight Poster by PaihemeStudio

Neon-lit street at night
Lightshow Farewells Poster by Daniel Ignacio

Japanese City Pop
Harajuku Pop Soda Poster by Elora Pautrat

Japanese City Pop
Moonlight Rose Poster by Elora Pautrat

Street in Tokyo at night
Neon Tokyo Poster by Steven Roe 

Busy street in Tokyo
Tokyo Poster by Camila Illustration

Japanese Daruma Dolls
Daruma Dolls Poster by Nicolas Wauters

Over to You!

Are you looking for Japanese wall art? From dragons and samurai to koi and flower blossoms, our Japanese posters are a convenient and affordable way to add an Eastern touch to any interior. Whether you want to give your loved one a unique gift or treat yourself to a statement piece for your home, browse our Japanese collection and find a poster you’ll love!

Do you like our Japanese inspired designs? Let us know in the comments below! 

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