David Dossin has an entire room in his house dedicated to Star Wars, and what an incredible collection it is! He even

For most artists art equals life, and there are creators who talk about their work with incredible passion. Aron Visuals devotes most

Taking inspiration from the wildlife, Jonna Hyttinen, the artist better known as Scandygirl, shows animals how we all should see them. She

Floating cities, flying cars, and metropolises bathed in the neon lights are the effect of Gal Barkan’s interest in cosmology, science fiction,

Living and working in London, Daniel Battams creates posters that represent the true spirit of Tokyo. He turns the city of light, billboards, and

At a time when the world needs hope and faith in better tomorrow, Ashno Alice takes us to dreamlands where everything seems safe and

Entertaining people with art seems difficult, but not when Benny Productions takes charge. Mastering his Photoshop skills to perfection, he gives his audience a

Inspired by Ukiyo-e, Franco-Belgian comics, and 90s cartoons, the Porto-based (and raised) artist Camila Nogueira illustrates the world of an endless golden

Balancing between magical realism, mythology, and her own imagination, Awanqi creates enchanting allegories filled with passion, power, and romance. By using vibrant,

Living and creating in Brazil, Thiago Correa makes his art all about spiritualism and… cats. He told us about his passions and

Some artworks make us travel to unknown areas of our imagination. Spanish illustrator Ashenwave, draws surreal fantasies full of bright colors that

Home is where your art is. As cheesy as it sounds, Mike Koubou is one of the artists who had the courage

If you think that art needs a mystery, you will be thrilled to know Frank Moth. This enigmatic duo creates magical collages,

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not when it comes to Ilustrata studio where three talented designers are a perfect complement to

Living in Denmark, Nadiaxel calls herself a self-taught artist and loves to create magical stories with her works. She describes her art

Living his life in beautiful Vienna, Rupert Höller takes the minimalism to the next level, making his work a real feast for

Being a true Japan lover, Daisy Ingrosso turns geishas, samurais, wild cranes, and cherry blossoms into designs that make us wanna go

Calling himself just a humble artist, Jason Ratliff is definitely way more. Living in Indianapolis and working in advertisement, he mixes traditional

Annibale Siconolfi aka Inward turns the problems of current society into futuristic, dystopian scenes, and he draws attention to every detail. He

There is no such amount of cuteness that we can’t handle. Spanish artist Ignacio Diaz Arjona aka Naolito turns everyday situations into

Meet a girl who makes Tokyo peaceful like a small village in France. While calling herself a digital nomad, Elora Pautrat travels