Running a small business from two countries seems complicated, but this creative duo has it all figured out. Nicebleed is an alias

Have you noticed that Displate is now 9 years old? Of course you have, it’s everywhere! To celebrate, we’re transported to Japan,

Carles Dalmau is a Spanish comic artist whose illustrations are a perfect combination of cute and spooky. By drawing every day and

Inspired by all things that don’t exist, Stefan Koidl turns his imagination into theatrical scenes that play on our nerves. He takes

It is a long way to start considering yourself the artist. While some of us have it in blood, others need to work

Each of Dominik Mayer’s paintings wants to escape the frame. This German artist is an expert at merging vivid colors and compelling

Having created dozens of masterpieces so far, Polish artist Grzegorz Rutkowski aims never to stop developing his work. Combining imagination with unbelievable

Indian visual artist Rahul Das, aka Icosphere, blends futuristic environments with a synthwave touch and creates truly 3-d(ope) art. He builds theatrical

UK-based artist Danielle English makes the world better by filling it with fantastic animals. Calling herself Kanizo, she worships all things magical

A true Japanese lover, Daisy Ingrosso turns geishas, samurais, wild cranes, and cherry blossoms into designs that make us wanna go far

Inspired by Manga, Kawaii, and the beauty of everyday life, Australian artist Cherriuki creates ethereal pieces of art that remind us of

Taking inspiration from his surroundings, Taiwanese photographer and digital artist Jiajyun Jheng reimagines busy city streets and turns them into bright-new worlds.

If you think that art needs a mystery, you will be thrilled to know Frank Moth. This enigmatic duo creates magical collages,

Balancing between reality and fantasy, visual artist and photographer Samir Belhamra leaves us with a calming sense of daydreaming. He captures the

Living and running a design studio in Germany, Tobias Roetsch proves that being a full-time artist is not rocket science when you

Living and creating in Sydney, Australia, artist Chuubibi draws all things cute. Adorable and sweet, her works are a response to the

Are you on a quest to experience the magical, mythical, and mystical all at once? Look no further than the works of

Eashan Misra, well-known for his artistic alter-ego, goes on a mission to explore his own, creative self. Overcoming anxieties, exceeding imagination, and

With her animals’ craving for coffee, American artist Holly Simental puts us all in a good mood. Proving that there is no

Mixing his passion for literature, psychology, and philosophy with the clean style of his designs, Italian illustrator Elia Colombo gives us many

Our interests, passions, and hobbies are part of who we are. They are often what others use to describe us, and we