20 Scary & Creepy Art That’ll Give You Goosebumps

May 28, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Art Styles, Illustration Hub

Do you want to see what real horror looks like? We dare you to view this list of dark and scary art. Don’t be afraid of what’s inside…

The creepy frightening things you see in your nightmares…

Can never escape from your terrifying dreams…

But the things you fear…

They can always be illustrated and live forever in the spooky, scary and creepy art that people create.

Anton Semenov – White night

Are you ready to see 20 spine chilling, scary art now available on Displate?

Take a peek below. Everybody loves a good scare…

1. The Face Of Truth by Higorgx Freitas

No soul, but an incredibly icy stare. Can you feel his grisly glare? One long look into the Face of Death is scary enough to make your heart skip a beat or two. Dub. Dub.

2. Murder by Tyler Muise

There’s no human trace in this phantom’s face — only a smile that’s filled with blood red tantrum. Now dead, this terrifying spirit has all the time in the world to haunt the living.

3. Werewolf by vvilczy

Ferocious fangs and hungry eyes. Watch where you go on a full moon night. This werewolf doesn’t howl or bark — he’s all bite.

4. Bad Monster by Tofan Barmalisi

Endless rows of razor sharp teeth and a sick slimy slithering tongue that’s long enough to wrap around your body — and snatch you up for dinner. Are you on the menu?

5. Creepy Evil Bear by Rouble Rust

Creepy, soft and fuzzy teddy bear with evil intentions. Do not cuddle. You’ve been warned.

6. Frankinstien by Andrew Lowthian

Glowing green eyes, decaying skin, and a chilling sinister sneer. Created from the flesh and bones of corpses, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has never looked so alive.

7. Heartbreak by Exofar Project

An insatiable zombie cries tears of blood while sinking its teeth into the warm human flesh of a still-beating heart. Welcome to the bottom of the food chain. Can you survive the walking dead?

8. Cute Light Cat by Anthony Bosman

A creepy white kitty with zombie eyes and an empty soulless stare. Should you ever hear it make a purr or see it cross your path — beware.

9. The Eye Of Corruption by Zequi Girdor

A human monster with snakes for brains and evil reptilian eyes. This thing is the creature of your worst nightmares. And it knows that you can’t stay awake forever…

10. Meat infestation by Abbadon Ypushima

A man transforms into an unfathomable monster as an alien parasite burrows into the side of his head. Very soon, it’ll need to find another host. Let’s hope he never breeds…

11. Lady Blue by Chase Ross

The Lady of the Lake reveals her ghostly face to anyone who disturbs her haunted waters. Don’t fall in — or it’ll be the last thing you ever see.

12. We Hide From The Sun by Zombie Rust

Dressed in a dark cloak to protect his pale skin from the burning sun, a fanged vampire emerges from the shadows to give you the gift of immortality. No pain, no gain…

13. Creepy Demon Girl Teeth by Boriana Petrova

A diabolic creature with a split open head reveals her incredibly sharp brain. Be careful now! Don’t lose a hand in there…

14. Smoke by Belzhub

A crazy-eyed monster with a crooked face ominously smiles at you while a wisp of silver white smoke escapes from the cigarette firmly clenched between his rotten teeth. If you’re smart, that’s your cue to start running away.

15. INsubCONSIENTA by Mihalis Karamanlis

A person consumed by fear begins to lose their sight of reality. It’s scary to think about because it’s true.

16. Sugar Skull by Lillix

A gothic sugar skull mask covered in cobwebs and dripping blood. Would you try it on?

17. Death And The Hourglass by Little Black Bird Designs

A menacing skeleton figure wields the Hourglass of Death, a scary symbol of all human fate. Your precious life rests in his cadaverous hands now….

18. PsychoRabbit by Renee Ar

Lock all of your doors and windows — and stay inside. Another psychotic bunny rabbit is on the loose. Don’t let him fool you with how cute he is.

19. 7 Eyes by Bruno Rosa

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is staring at you? Multiply that creepiness by 7.

20. Society by Anton Semenov

A man screams in horror as the arms of his face pull him downward into a dark abyss. Wave him goodbye….

The End

Thanks to all of the artists from the Displate community who submitted all of the scary good artwork in this list!

If you like what you saw, you can always discover horror poster prints available on Displate!

Tell Us…

Which creepy art from this list jumps out at you the most?

What do you like about that particular piece of scary art?

Tell us in the comments below!

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