33 Pink Gaming Setup Ideas to Keep any Gamer Girl Happy

January 24, 2022 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

Have you ever been tempted to go all out with a pink gaming setup but didn’t know where to begin? We’ve rounded up 33 cute pink gaming setups to help you get started!

Until recently, dark colors were the default for all gaming products, and finding anything besides black or gray was challenging, to say the least. Luckily, a couple of years back, Razer rolled out a line of pink peripherals designed for female gamers, including a keyboard, mouse, laptop, mic, headset, phone case, and mouse pad, among other things. Since then, the tide has turned, and we’ve seen more and more brands offering pink gaming gear and pink gaming accessories. At last, you don’t have to sacrifice features and comfort to pick your favorite color!

Below, you’ll find tips on creating a unique pink gaming desk setup, along with the best pink gaming setups from all across Instagram.

Incidentally, creating a pink gaming setup is the perfect way to show your love of all things kawaii. For more cute gaming setups, check out 60 Cute Kawaii Gaming Setup Ideas.

How to Create the Ultimate Pink Gaming Setup

To start with, let’s take a look at some of the essential pieces of gaming gear you’ll need to create your pink gaming setup.

  • Gaming PC or Console

Naturally, the centerpiece of any gaming setup is the computer or console itself. If you’re a PC gamer, there are plenty of great pink cases on the market to choose from. For gamers who prefer consoles, both Microsoft and Sony have released special pink controller options for Xbox One and PlayStation, respectively.

  • Keyboard and Gaming Mouse

Once you’ve got your console or PC sorted, it’s time to look at peripherals. After all, a good gaming keyboard and mouse are essential for any competitive gamer. Razer’s line of pink peripherals is a great place to start, with both Razer Viper Ultimate mouse and Razer Blackwidow V3 Quartz keyboard sporting a stylish pink design.

  • Gaming Chair

A good gaming chair is another essential piece of kit, especially if you plan on spending hours playing your favorite games. There are plenty of pink gaming chairs on the market. Still, our top picks have to be the Homall Gaming Chair Pink Edition and AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair with white-and-pink upholstery and kawaii bunny ears.

  • Monitor

There is a ton of great options in every color imaginable when it comes to monitors. However, if you want to stick with pink, we recommend using a monitor cover, for instance, Aspens Design Cute Kawaii monitor cover or LINXTAR monitor cover with cat ear design. You could also repaint your current monitor or cover it with a pink vinyl sticker sheet.

  • Desk

If you don’t already have a desk that’s suitable for gaming, now is the time to invest. A good desk should be big enough to fit all of your gear and have a few extra spaces for things like drinks and snacks. The Seven Warriors Gaming Desk, as well as the IKEA Fredde, are perfect for gamers on a budget, while the EUREKA Ergonomics Gaming Desk is great for those who want something a little more luxurious.

  • Mouse Pad

Last but not least, don’t forget to pick up a good mouse pad to go with your new setup. A pink and sparkly mouse pad is the perfect way to add some extra kawaii flair to your game station. The Razer Goliathus Pink Edition and the extra-large ROG Sheath PNK LTD mouse pad are both great options to consider.

  • Cute Accessories and Wall Art

Once all the basics are in place, it’s time to design a complete desk aesthetic around your PC. Try adding things like plushies, fairy lights, and Hello Kitty figurines to give your setup that kawaii feel. You can also decorate your space with wall art. Asian and Japanese prints featuring koi fish, kaijus, cherry blossoms, and Maneki Neko make a great addition to any anime gaming setup!

Pink Gaming Setup Ideas to Get You Inspired

Instagram is filled with popular posts showcasing PCs and entire rooms packed with enough pink to make any gamer girl feel at home. Here are 33 gaming setups from the hottest #girlgamers to get your pink on!

Cute & Aesthetic Gaming Setup

Sleek, square lines keep this gaming setup from being visually cluttered, while a few themed touches like Luna and Artemis night lights add just the right splash of kawaii to the space.

Cotton Candy Pink Gaming Setup

We’re loving this cotton candy aesthetic! Dripping with pastel sweetness, this gaming setup by @airu.ka features a Shenhe wallpaper and a collection of cute plush toys and figurines.

Neon-Lit Pink Gaming Setup

The glow from these neon lights will definitely make you forget what sunlight looks like. The planet sign is very trendy right now, and the moon adds that extra touch of cuteness.

Kawaii Pink & White Gaming Setup

Pink and white are both dainty colors that go really well together. To work them into your kawaii gaming setup, try adding a cute rug and plushies and coordinating them with pink gaming accessories.

Keyboard Wall Gaming Setup

Words can’t describe how this keyboard wall makes us swoon. With all the coordinated pinks, purples, and violets, it shows just how effective matching up the colors around your desk can be. 

Dreamy Pink Gaming Setup

Every girl gamer would be obsessed with this cute gaming setup. Genshin posters and kitsune prints set the perfect mood, and it would seem that Toki, the cat, approves as much as we do. 

RGB Galore Gaming Setup

Instagrammer @ezlyh fitted this gaming setup with enough RGB to light up a city block, and that’s just the way we like it. Also, how cool is the Gengar plushie?

Nezuko Kamado Gaming Setup

We spy with our little eye, a Nezuko Kamado neon sign! With the precious demon girl above her desk, Instagrammer @nintendo.grl doesn’t have to worry about the safety of her pink gaming gear.

Pink-on-White Gaming Setup

This adorable pink-on-white gaming setup from Instagrammer @hexzen features the iconic Autofull pink gaming chair and has a super cute Luna cushion that really seals the deal.

Pretty in Pink Gaming Den

Two things really stand out to us in this gaming setup: the neon lightning bolts and the Belle Delphine mousepad. They both make this desk perfect for a late-night gaming session.

Anime Wonderland Gaming Setup

It’s amazing how the right desktop background can tie an entire setup together. The really pro move here, though, is that the artificial trailing stem above the desk echoes the wallpaper design.

Neon Pink Gaming Setup

We hail this custom Kirby neon sign! Neon light fixtures are generally on the pricier side. Still, they are definitely worth it if you’re serious about setting up a killer battle station.

Girl Streamer Pink Desktop Setup

Proof that a pink gaming setup doesn’t have to be bright and overpowering, this girly battle station by @mmidori 31 features the softest shade of baby pink for a subtle, understated look.

Butterfly Neon Sign Gaming Setup

The quirky mix of wall art, collectibles, and fun little details make this LED-lit corner by @catsandcrisps a great space to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Pink-on-Purple Gaming Setup

Pink and purple are the pastel power couple, and this fabulous gaming setup by @marsarroyo
utilizes the combo to great effect.

Kanji Neon Pink Gaming Setup

Maybe it’s the Demon Slayer masks on the wall or the blue kanji neon sign, but we feel like this battle station by @shryma is the ultimate pink gaming setup that most of us dream of putting together. 

Overwatch-Themed Gaming Setup

Undeniably cute, the pink peripherals, Mercy wallpaper, and the matching Overwatch poster take this gaming setup to the next level. (Bonus points for the fluffy friend! 🐱)

Feminine Pink Gaming Desk

Kawaii without being suffocatingly pink, this cute setup is definitely #goals for girl gamers who like to keep it feminine without going overboard.

Cozy Pink Gaming Corner

Minimalism is the last thing you’ll see in this gaming space by @taras.lands. If an artfully messy and deliberately casual style is right up your alley, give this idea a shot.

Sailor Moon Anime Gaming Setup

If you’ve had the itch to go all out with a themed pink setup but have been holding off, this striking Sailor Moon-themed game station by @jullecy might give you the nudge you need!

Bubblegum Pink Gaming Room

With its unapologetically pink color scheme, this gaming setup by @maki .life is not for the fainthearted! For more pinkspiration, we definitely recommend you to check her Instagram page.

Sailor Moon Neon Gaming Setup

We’re suckers for Sailor Moon decor, so this setup by @sabftz has us feeling all kinds of jealous. If you can’t afford a custom neon sign, opt for a Sailor Moon tapestry!

Pink Bunny Gaming Setup

Decked out from top to bottom in pink, this gaming space by @itsadorebabygirl is so much fun! You can find bunny ears throughout this setup, as well as beautiful purple and pink gradients.

Pink and Purple Backlit Game Station

Best gaming setups are all about careful color coordination. Just look at this gaming setup from @mochi.crafts! She managed to sync her color settings across multiple devices for a seamless, unified look.

Kitty Paw Pink Gaming Setup

Pink is the ultimate color, and not only for girls! Check out this cute gaming setup by @lucas_motti — it’s pink all over with the epic kitty paw cushion and an adorable rug featuring Kero-Chan.

Pink Gaming Setup with Ivy Vines

Green and pink are great colors that complement each other nicely, so if your pink gaming station feels cold, don’t hesitate to add some faux vines and see it cozy up in an instant.

Pink Paradise Gaming Room

Pink on pink never felt so right! This masterpiece, shared by Instagrammer @magicalfay, is an example of an incredible pink gaming room aesthetic done right. Ladies, take note!

Kirby-Themed Pink Gaming Setup

You simply can’t go wrong with Kirby for your kawaii gaming setup. It’s impossible to see the pink puffball and not say “aww” — he’s too precious!

Cherry Blossom Pink Gaming Setup

Cherry blossom is a recurring element in Japanese art and culture. By incorporating it into your decor, you can infuse a subtle romantic appeal in your setup, as we see modeled by Instagrammer @sunnyuwu.

His and Hers Pink Gaming Desk

A couple’s game room is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite hobby together. This pink side-by-side gaming setup for two features a long desk and plenty of Japanese-inspired wall art.

Picture-Perfect Pastel Gaming Setup

This gaming setup stands out with a mix of pink and cyan hues. Since these two colors complement each other, incorporating them into your space creates a sense of visual balance and harmony.

Chibi Plush Gaming Setup

If you want a cozy gaming setup, take your cue from @layla77717. The cute plushies add extra softness to the space, making the room warm and inviting (don’t you just want to snuggle in there?).

Minimal Pink Desktop Setup

Instagrammer @manekilune knows that a clean desk allows you to focus on the most important project at hand. Whether it’s streaming, gaming, or Youtube, the fewer distractions, the better! 

Over to You!

Whether you go all out with the color or play it safe, you can’t go wrong when you bring pink into your game room. You’ll be able to take your gaming skills to the next level in a space that makes you feel comfortable and confident. So get started today and show the world what gamer girls can do!

If you think there is something we have missed, let us know in the comments below!

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