All Things Goblincore Aesthetic: Including Room Ideas

January 16, 2023 by Nigel Tsopo in Home Decor

Goblincore is a style of appreciation that values creatures and items from the natural world which are traditionally seen as unappealing. This can include animals like frogs and snails, but also materials such as moss, mud, plants, and fungi like mushrooms.

Goblincore is also known as Gremlincore, or Greedcore

Goblins! Why them?

The central figure of this aesthetic is the Goblin: originally a malicious creature in European folklore, in Goblincore, it has been reimagined to represent a person’s fascination with nature’s wildness and unpredictability.

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Goblincore is renowned for its fascination with collecting and cherishing small, often glittery objects, which are fondly referred to as ‘shinies’ by Goblin enthusiasts. The practice of Goblincore overlaps with other trends, such as Cottagecore and Vulture Culture, in which many Goblins take a great interest.

The Features of Goblincore Aesthetic

  • Snails, Buttons, Painted Rocks and Pebbles in Earthy Tones, Mushrooms and Moss, Frogs and Toads – all of these things can be used to create beautiful tinctures.
  • Rings made from old, tarnished jewellery or crafted from discarded trash are also popular accessories.
  • Jewellery pieces inspired by fantasy, mythology and adventure are always eye-catching.
  • Forests, Bugs and Crystals provide a wonderful source of inspiration for those who want to make something truly unique.

All of these elements combine to create stunning works of wearable art.

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The Fashion of Goblincore Aesthetic

Goblins are commonly attired in shades of dark green or brown. Occasionally, they will sport a belt with an alchemist’s pouch or small bag attached, useful for stowing away shiny trinkets.

Goblincore fashion consists of comfortable garments that are ready for anything the outdoors can throw at them. Thrifted or second-hand items, paired with bright and clashing patterns, create a unique look.

For these adventurous souls, getting dirty comes part and parcel with their lifestyle—so don’t expect to see pristinely pressed clothing. Oversized sweaters, worn jeans or overalls, and quirky socks embody this style perfectly. The earthy tones of browns and greens work best in completing the look as they explore nature’s offerings. Collecting interesting trinkets is a common hobby for goblincore fans, making this style even more appealing.

Goblincore Aesthetic Room Ideas

Now that we have a better understanding of the goblincore aesthetic and the visuals associated with it, it’s time to get down to planning your redecoration project. To help you out, we’ve put together an in-depth guide featuring some of the best goblincore room ideas. Let’s get started!

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GoblinCore style Displates are an amazing way to bring some unique and creative art into your home. With their stunning visuals, these posters are sure to stand out in any room. Not only do they look great, but the quality is top-notch as well.

The prints are printed on thick metal plates, giving them long-lasting durability that will make them a great addition to any home decor. Plus, they come in so many different designs, ranging from classic fantasy illustrations to modern abstract works of art, ensuring you can find one that perfectly fits your personal style and tastes.

Color Palette

The goblincore color palette draws exclusively from natural hues. Shades of green, brown, red and neutral colors dominate the range, allowing a moody atmosphere to be generated. These woods-inspired tones are sure to give your project an atmospheric quality.

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Although the goblincore style may appear to be quite grim and gloomy, the use of illumination is an important aspect. This can be achieved with ‘shinies’—tiny objects that sparkle, like crystals. Additionally, fairy lights or candles are often seen in this aesthetic as well.


Regarding furniture, go for a scavenged look. Look for items at thrift stores and antique shops that are made of rustic wood or metal frames. Bookshelves, apothecary drawer chests, and steamer trunks are great choices as they embody the goblincore aesthetic perfectly. Avoid acrylic pieces.


Go with the hues of nature when selecting bedding for a goblincore-inspired room—think shades of green and brown. To bring warmth and comfort to your space, layer fuzzier materials like quilts and plush pillows.

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Botanical prints and tapestries can be used to decorate walls in rooms dedicated to studying herbology and spiritualism. Ivy and other leafy garlands, as well as string lights, can be draped or arranged around bookshelves, desks, and other furniture pieces to add a special touch. These decorations will bring a unique, cozy atmosphere to the space.

Wrap Up

We hope our guide has answered all your questions about Goblincore and decorating with that look in mind. Feel free to browse our store for Goblincore-themed metal posters that’ll help bring your decor vision to life. You can also check out our post about aesthetic room decor.

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