31 Top Gaming Setup Ideas for 2024

March 21, 2022 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

If you are a die-hard gamer, we are sure you would jump at the chance to set up that perfect gaming setup — the unbeatable gaming rig, the killer peripherals, and the multi-colored LEDs. Look no further as we bring you some of the best gaming setup ideas to help get you started!

From flashy battlestations to minimal gaming setups, we’ve curated the 31 greatest video game room ideas from Instagram to Reddit, complete with tips for carving out that unforgettable gaming space. Keep on scrolling and get inspired for your 2024 gaming room setup!

How to Create the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Whether you’re a professional streamer, a casual gamer, or anything in between, your setup will make all the difference in your gaming experience. Assuming you have all the basics like a stable internet connection, a console or PC, and gaming accessories sorted, the list below shows how to elevate the aesthetic of your gaming space and make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Stick to a color scheme

Choosing a color scheme and sticking with it is the simplest way to make your video game room score big. In general, it’s best to go with one primary color and then punctuate the space with one or more accent colors for extra visual appeal. The more hues you add, the harder it is to make things look cohesive and clean, so stick to as few as possible.

  • Crank up the decor dial

Your game room should reflect your personality, so add some special touches to make it yours! Wall art, gaming collectibles, statues, and toys can all help to make your gaming space an extension of who you are. From Pacman memorabilia to The Witcher posters, feel free to channel your love for gaming into your decor.

  • Cut the cord clutter

Cable management is key for a sharp gaming setup. For a sleek, clean-looking build, run cords around your desk or through the wall. You can use desk cable trays or cable ties to help turn a maze of wires at your desk into a single neat bundle. When cabling your setup, you can also look into wireless mice, keyboards, controllers, and other devices.

  • Work up a theme

Do you want to have an uber-modern space resembling an interior of a spaceship? Or maybe you’d rather go retro with pinball machines, old video games, and arcades? To choose a theme for your gaming room, we recommend that you start brainstorming all of your dream game room ideas. You can begin to plan your setup once you know which direction you’d like to go.

  • Keep things clean

Whether it’s streaming, gaming, or Youtube, a clean desk allows you to focus on the most important project at hand. Keep clutter at bay by utilizing a headphone stand, controller stand, and hidden storage spaces like drawers, cabinets, ottomans, etc. Using floating shelves is a great way to create additional space while tidying up your gaming desk.

  • Install ambient lighting

Does your setup feel a bit lifeless? If so, cool gaming room lights may be the answer! As you have seen in almost all gaming setups, lighting plays a vital role in creating a gaming vibe and ambiance to your space. Depending on what look you’re going for, you could add warm wall sconces or colorful square tiles that sync with music and games on your PC.

  • Invest in a comfy chair

You’ve got the top PC, you’ve got your favorite games, but do you have the best gaming chair? The right seating is probably the most overlooked feature of a gaming setup, but it’s essential to lasting those gaming marathons we all love! Your choice should have an ergonomic design, good lumbar support, and tie into the rest of your gaming space.

Gaming Setup Ideas to Get You Inspired

When looking to create your gaming space, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details. If you’re lacking inspiration or struggling with how to create the perfect gaming setup, here are some of the finest setup ideas for PC and console gaming to help get your creative juices flowing. All of these gaming rooms stopped us in our tracks while perusing Instagram (and Reddit) lately. Here we go!

Boba Fett Gaming Room Setup

This Boba Fett-themed setup does it for us! It looks clean but not sterile, thanks to the wood wall panels. Combine that with some warm desk lights, and you’ve got a seriously cozy battlestation ideal to do double-duty as an office space. One thing it’s missing? Boba Fett posters from Displate!

Simple Pegboard Desk Setup

This setup from @jroams.tech boasts a minimalist style that delivers function and form. Jonny used a pegboard to keep his desk space organized and clutter-free. The nifty organizer holds a number of things from books, plants, and even tech accessories!

Pastel Kawaii Gaming Room Setup

Behold, in all its glory, a pastel kawaii gaming setup from @shryma! The floating desk, the pro gaming chair, and the Gojo pillow are all top-notch, but what really steals the show is the custom-made Kirby neon sign. It’s impossible to see the pink puffball and not say “aww” — he’s too cute!

Black-and-White Gaming Setup

In a world of extravagant battlestations, minimalist gaming rooms often fly under the radar. But not on our watch! Less is more in this understated space from @nvzion. From the distressed carpet to the minimal wall art, he uses the black-and-white color scheme to great effect!

Aesthetic Gaming Room Setup

This aesthetic gaming setup is such a vibe. Instagrammer @sleepily_gaming mixed faux vines with some fairy string lights to balance out the cold combo of PC gear and furniture, and the result is nothing short of magic! Also, how cute is the Mario mushroom pillow?

Car-Themed Man Cave Gaming Setup

This sleek, dark space belongs to an automotive engineer and is a great example of how you can incorporate your passions and interests into your gaming station. We love how the wooden desktop and white storage drawers pop against the black accent wall!

Sleek Pink Gaming PC Setup

If you’ve wanted to go all out with a pink setup but have been holding off, this sleek gaming station by @zeralune might give you the nudge you need! The periwinkle wallpaper looks great across the dual monitors, and the Sailor Moon decor adds just the right splash of kawaii to the space.

Warm Wood Minimalist Desk Setup

RGB-powered gaming rooms tend to look harsh and digital, but the warm lighting here makes this PC setup particularly cozy. @themagitech used a wood finish for his desk and added plants to the mix for an earthy feel. The space-themed wallpaper just seals the deal.

Plant-Based Gaming Setup

We salute this soothing setup from @mylifewithgames_. From the botanical wallpaper and potted plants, this small space is packed with so much greenery and foliage it resembles the great outdoors.  Take a closer look at the precious details like the green keycaps and matching green internals!

Synthwave Streamer Command Center

Synthwave-inspired lights and an egg-style gaming chair make this video gaming room the perfect space to play video games and stream them all day. If you want your gaming area to look like it belongs in an art-house sci-fi movie, give this idea a shot!

Dreamy Anime Gaming Room

Every girl otaku would be obsessed with this anime gaming setup. Poke plushies, Genshin wall art, and the pink gaming desk make this dainty little space the cutest on the block. And having enough desk space for a cat? Major bonus points.

Purple Galore Gaming Setup

We can’t help but fawn over the use of ambient colored lighting in this setup. @babyraptorxx used RGB light panels and neon signs combined with a laser star projector to create a mesmerizing lighting scheme. The matching wallpaper is the icing on the cake!

Triple Monitor Video Game Room 

For an immersive, earth-shattering gaming experience, you’ll probably want to go big on your screen real estate, like @irishachilles93 did — anything from ultrawide monitors to dual or triple screens that can actually do your favorite video games justice.

RGB Cloud Ceiling Gaming Room

Incorporating fake clouds into home decor started a few years back on TikTok (where else?) with a DIY cloud wall. It didn’t take long for gamers like @oxydoxytv to jump on the cloud trend and start creating stormy ceilings that light up in an array of RGB colors.

All-Black Minimal Battlestation

If you want to make a statement while keeping a monochrome color scheme, an all-black setup may be for you. Instagrammer @r.j.snaps added a handful of potted plants and warm lights to brighten the pitch-black space and offset the lack of natural light.

Cozy Gaming PC Setup

We can’t get over this nature-themed setup from @piahelens! She parked her desk by a window to take advantage of any natural light and transformed a small space into a cozy escape with plenty of fake greenery and warm lighting. How cute is the crochet doily instead of a mouse pad?

Basement Video Game Room

Basement rec rooms can provide ample space for everything from video game consoles to board games and even arcade machines. @senpai.khel repurposed his basement and turned it into a gamer’s heaven, complete with colored lights, multiple monitors, and cool wall art.

LED Guitar Gaming Setup

This bedroom setup is hitting the right notes! @kaityboosaysdie shows us how you can combine all of your favorite pastimes and creative outlets to form the coolest gaming station in town. Jam out on your guitar and challenge yourself to your favorite video games all in the same place!

Side-by-Side Couple PC Setup

Are you and your significant other looking for cool couple gaming setup ideas? Consider this dual gaming station from @2brokegamergirls! Multiple screens, a textured 3D accent wall, and a custom cinema lightbox make this space a home run.

Clean Orange-Tinted Gaming Setup

There’s a lot to admire in this minimalist gaming station from @drew.cobert. Only the essentials are used on the desk, and you can see how he kept almost everything around it black and white except for a few splashes of orange that add a pop of color to the otherwise dark space.

PC Gaming Setup and Racing Station

Calling all video gamer racers! Prepare yourself to be blown away by this setup from @itzame.uk. The Playseat chair, the silver-gray color scheme, and the matching hexagon light panels make it the perfect space for hours upon hours of hot lapping and online racing.

Small Gaming Room Setup

If you are thinking about setting up a small video game room, here is a sweet example of how to do it the right way. Reddit user @Weppe1983 turned his tiny walk-in closet into a dream gaming room hidden in the bedroom, and the idea is so cool!

Star Wars RGB Gaming Room

A theme is a great way to tie your gaming setup together — and as far as themed gaming rooms go — it doesn’t get much better than Star Wars! @dogofpavlov went all out to transform his play space into a Star Wars-inspired masterpiece and decked the entire room with Star Wars posters and lightsabers.

All-White Gaming Station for a Girl Streamer

Here’s a setup so pristine you’ll want to wash your hands ten times before each gaming session. It hosts a silver-white screen, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, mic, speakers, headphones, and headphone stand – all sitting on top of a white desk. 

His and Hers Wall-Mounted PC Setup

Besides looking awesome, wall-mounted PC cases can free up valuable desk or floor space. Plus, no grounded rig can show off RGB lighting as well as a wall-mounted case can. Just look at this setup from @gh.doisemeio and how they got all their lights in sync!

PS4 Elegant Living Room Gaming Setup

Now, this is the perfect home entertainment center right here. Instagrammer @thetechhaven.bh fitted his living room with a cinema sofa and a TV stand large enough to accommodate a big screen TV, video game consoles, and home theater speakers.

Ultra-Clean Monochrome Gaming Setup

To create a balanced look, find a focal point for the entire setup and arrange the furniture and decor items on either side. @fuziqopc flanked the Nanoleaf panel set with matching gaming accessories, and the result is incredible!

Father-Son Star Wars Gaming Room

Playing video games is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. Check out this awesome father and son battlestation inspired by the Star Wars franchise. We love the stormtrooper helmets behind the headrests of the chairs. Such a unique little detail!

Staircase Cupboard Gaming Setup

Here’s another gaming setup idea for a small room. Reddit user @Oprah_Loves_Bread_4 used the space under the stairs and transformed it into a snug and functional gaming area, complete with coordinated RGB lighting and a cozy gaming desk.

Cottagecore Gaming Hideaway

If you think cottagecore craze is only for your wardrobe and home decor, think again. This dreamy aesthetic can also extend to your gaming setup—just look at this cozy hideaway from @kayleens_coffee. What a perfect place to unwind with some Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley!

Minimal Attic Gaming Station

If you’re an avid gamer with an attic to spare, turn your extra space into a top-notch gaming zone! That’s right. You can actually put these sloped spaces to work as video game rooms and make them look beautiful in the process. (Case in point above.)

Over to You!

All the gaming stations mentioned in our list were not built in a day. In fact, some took months or even years! So, don’t get discouraged by the high demands of creating your dream gaming room. Be patient, plan diligently, and put into your setup what you put into your games — passion, strategic thinking, and a warrior spirit, and you will prevail!

If you happen to be in the market for gaming-themed wall posters, have a browse through Displate’s ever-growing portfolio of officially licensed designs from your favorite franchises like Hearthstone, The Elder Scrolls, Doom, The Witcher, Overwatch, Fallout, World of Tanks, Cyberpunk, Assassin’s Creed, and more.

Are there any video game room ideas we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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