New arts on the block #6

December 2, 2021 by Zuza Ciszewska in Artist Corner, Illustration Hub

Decorate your walls with passion!

Extremly detailed, ultra durable, tactile texture posters printed on modern metal canvas. Displates are safe for your walls and require no tools to install.

I spy with my little eye… new artists on Displate!New arts on the block” features talented creators who have recently joined Displate and drawn our attention for good. Using different techniques and covering various categories, these artists are like a breath of fresh air. 

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Diego Hernandez

Instagram: @jdiegoph

Lonely Together
Magic Nights
Our Secret Place


Instagram: @twioux.0627

Twin of moons

Liam Pannier

Instagram: @liampannier

Fill The Void
Around The World
The Moon Spirit


Instagram: @grafixart_photo

Red Moon and Blue Mood


Instagram: @lassedesignen

The Last Tree
Deer and Fireflies

La Griffe De Maho

Instagram: @lagriffedemaho

Tiger goes rawr


Instagram: @inktally

Cosmic Eye
Do you see what eye see
Lets get high



Love Potion
Healing Potion

Dominik Mayer

Instagram: @_dominik_mayer_

Sun Priest
Souls of the Sunking 01
Souls of the Sunking 02

The Creative Toucan

Instagram: @thecreativetoucan

Tokyo Cityscape
Rome Cityscape

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Decorate your walls with passion!

Beautifully crafted metal posters on modern canvas. Sturdy, high quality, vivid prints on metal that will withstand the test of time and make your walls come to life!