Share your art and earn up to 50% commission on each sale

March 6, 2024 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Corner

Wanna grab some extra cash and spend it on something cool?

Share a special link to your Displate art shop, and boost your commission up to 50% every time someone buys your metal posters through that link.

We know how much talent, time and energy it takes to create an artwork. We believe that dreams shouldn’t stay dreams, so we created a path, which can easily allow you to earn more by sharing unique links to your Displate art shop through your blog, website and social media. It will level up your selling game.

Time to get it done now. Here’s how: 

1. If you haven’t done it yet – fill your Displate shop with your artworks

2. Find the Share and earn button inside your profile.

Click it, and copy the link that appears – it already includes your unique Share and earn code. You can use it to promote your shop’s main page, collection or a single poster.

  • Button in your Displate art shop:
  • Button in your collection:
  • Button on the single product page

3. Paste your unique Share and earn link wherever you see fit

Just think about it. Why use a regular Displate link, while putting the Share and earn link on your social media and website will give you up to 50% every time someone buys your metal posters through this link?

Right? Now here are your options:

  1. Put a clickable Share and earn link to your Instagram bio

Make it visible and available to your followers and maximize your chances of earning 50% commission every time your artwork is bought through that link.

  1. Use your Share and earn link on your website or blog 

Got an online gallery of your art? Want your visitors to go straight to your art shop? Use every clickable option you can, and give your potential customers the chance to go directly from your digital portfolio to your Displate art shop.

You can:

  • Put Share and earn links to the images on your website
  • Create a list of the shops where you sell your artworks, and put the link under Displate
  1. Add your Share and earn links to posts on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest

Create posts that are so eye-catching that your followers won’t be able to resist clicking your link!

Frequently asked questions

What is an artist’s commission in Share and Earn?

If someone purchases your Displate within 30 days after clicking the link, you may earn additional 41% commission of the net price of your artwork minus taxes and fees. Just please check here if PayPal is available in your country as all pay-outs are made via PayPal only.

How do you know the commission is mine?

We use special cookies for that. They help us determine the source of traffic and purchase on our site. Thanks to this trick we know who is responsible for the sales.

What happens if someone clicks on the link that I’m sharing, does not purchase it during the first session but comes back later and makes a purchase?

Cookies will help us with this. Once they are created, they are live for 30 days. Which means a user doesn’t have to make a purchase right away for you to earn your commission. The purchase can be made anytime during that 30 days period for us to assign the commission to your account.

How can I see my sales and earnings?

Please go to the top right corner of the page to find section ‘Earnings’. Information related to sales and earnings is displayed in the sections ‘My Commission’ and ‘Sales Statistics’.

Need more help? Visit the FAQ section on our website.

To sum things up

Now that you know the basics you may want to dive into some more details of self-promoting and earning more. Our blog is at your service:

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