Share your art and earn 50% commission on each sale

September 24, 2018 by Zuza Ciszewska in Artist Corner

Wanna grab some extra cash and spend it on something really cool?

Share a special link to your Displate art shop, and get extra commission every time someone buys your metal posters through that link.

The thing is.

We know how much talent, time and energy it takes to create artwork. We believe that dreams shouldn’t stay dreams, so we created a path, which will easily allow you to earn more by sharing personal links to your Displate gallery on your blog, www, and social media.

It will level up your selling game.

Get it done now. Here’s how: 

1. If you haven’t done it yet – upload your artworks

*works only on desktop

2. Find your Share and earn button inside your profile, then click it and copy the link that appears

See? That’s your unique Share and earn link. Now you can easily share and promote your profile, collection or a single artwork.

Share your profile:


Or a single artwork:

3. Paste your super-unique Share and earn link on your blog, social media channels or wherever you see fit

How Much Will I Earn?

By making those simple steps you will: 

Earn 41% extra every time someone buys your metal posters through that link.

This means that: 

You will earn 50% commission in total, which is the biggest cut on the market.

It’s All About Sharing

Just think about it. Why use a regular Displate link, while placing the Share and earn link on your social media and pages will give you 50% each time someone buys your metal posters through this link?

Right? Now here are your options:

1. Put a clickable Share and earn link to your social media bio

Make it visible and available to your followers and maximize your chances of earning 50% commission every time your artwork is bought through that link.

2. Place your Share and earn link on your website or blog 

Got a portfolio on your website? Want your visitors to go straight to your art shop? Use every clickable option you can, and give your potential customers the chance to go directly from your digital gallery to your Displate art shop.

You can:

  • Put Share and earn links to the images you show on your website
  • Create a list of the shops you sell your designs on, and then put the links there

3. Add your Share and earn links to posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest

Create posts that are that good-looking that your followers won’t be able to resist clicking your link!

4. Promote your most amazing designs with Displate Widget

Create a personalized, ready-to-insert banner that will perfectly fit your website or blog.
Set up your unique widget here.

Now that you know the basics you may want to dive into some more details of self-promoting and earning more. Our blog is at your service:

Need more help? Read our FAQs

Still not a Displate artist? It’s high time to…

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