A Decade of Metal Art: Ten Legends for Displate’s 10th Birthday

May 5, 2023 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Corner

Meet ten creators that helped turn a piece of metal into a piece of art. 

Ten years ago, we created a metal canvas. We called it a Displate. And at first, it was just that: a thin, rectangular metal sheet. The only thing bringing a Displate close to any form of art was the pleasant sound it made when it wobbled. 

Ten years later, it’s so much more. And we had close to nothing to do with it. It’s the 40,000 artists, illustrators, and visual creators that turn Displates into pieces of art, day by day. 

We’d send each of you a slice of birthday cake if we could, but let’s maybe see about that in another 10 years. For now, as we celebrate a full decade of metal art, let us kick off the party by introducing some guests of honor. 

Meet ten Displate legends – our top collaborators and most prolific creators. They’re the ones that have been pushing our metal canvas and limited series into entirely new artistic territories throughout these last 10 years. 

Anato Finnstark

Did you know that our servers tremble with fear each time Anato Finnstark uploads new art? 

That’s just how suggestive, detailed, and meticulously crafted his dark fantasy creations get – so whatever you do, don’t put this guy in charge of our birthday cake!

Over the years, Anato has designed several Limited Editions, including the highly sought-after “Frail Beauty”, and created our first-ever collaborative Ultra Limited Edition artwork. He’s also grown an epic catalog of original Displate designs that you really need to dive into if you haven’t yet. 

“I opened my Displate shop almost 3 years ago, following a YouTube video from one of the content creators I follow. I remember being immediately hooked on the concept! I’m an enthusiast and a collector of all kinds of prints myself, and I was really impressed by Displate’s print quality. 

Sometime after I had joined the platform, I got to do my first Limited Edition Displate. I’m especially grateful to the Displate team for giving me a chance to work on the official “The Witcher” artwork. It was an immense pleasure – thank you!

What I appreciate the most about my collaboration with Displate is the artistic freedom they offer and the trust they place in me, regardless of the project.”


We’re pretty sure that someone somewhere is lulling themselves to sleep with a SpaceFrog-designed Displate hanging in their bedroom this very second. 

There’s a soothing, elegant, and hypnotizing quality to Katherine and Vernon’s artworks that’s really hard to describe – it simply has to be experienced.

SpaceFrog Designs have been an essential part of our metal multiverse for years now, designing some of our first Limited Editions ever: “Moonlight Dusk” and “Underwater Flight“. 

Displate always felt like a platform with an edge on trend and a unique way of displaying art. We absolutely love the product and working together with Displate, and were very excited to have had a few pieces featured in Displate’s Limited Edition series. The samples we received were really impressive! 

The product quality and colors are brilliant. Displates are packaged well and easy to hang. Being avid nature lovers, we appreciate Displate’s initiative towards planting trees as a part of their ethos. Our partnership has been nothing but an absolute pleasure! We look forward to many more years of working and growing together.


With more than 500 Displate designs available, the Nicebleed duo is among the most prolific artists on Displate. 

But it’s not their work ethos that has earned them the status of legends. It’s the one, the only “Leak”. Yes, Nicebleed are the people behind one of Displate’s most popular posters ever!

Having struck gold with their leaky astronaut, Nicebleed could proceed to create basically anything. And they did! Their catalog spans from epic sci-fi impressions to glitchy abstract paintings and minimalist sketches.

Our experience with Displate has been nothing but great. Back when we joined, you guys were the only company that printed on metal. When I saw your site, I jumped in and joined instantly. You are one of the leading stores we value in our hearts. You keep innovating your products and helping many artists like ourselves. We can’t thank you enough! 

Tobias Roetsch

When we recently talked to Tobias as he set out to venture into the unknown with his Ultra Limited Edition design, he told us he wishes that one day humanity finally gets to make contact with extraterrestrial beings. 

But why would anyone need aliens when we’ve got Tobias Roetsch to bring us new cosmic mysteries and snapshots from space?

Over the years, he has launched some lucky collectors into orbit with his space-themed Limited Edition mini-series, glimpsed into imaginary realms with several fantasy collections, and topped it all off with a set of photographs from his hometown of Dresden. Venture on!

Before I came to Displate, I thought of fine art as just a nice part of my business. The success I’ve had with Displate has changed that quite a bit. I’ve noticed that art prints are a great way to earn a monthly income. Of course, there are ups and downs and seasonal fluctuations, but as a freelance artist, you are used to good times and bad. It only works with a certain amount of luck. The right timing with the right art for the right audience is key. 

I’m eternally grateful that it worked in my case and that people like what I’m doing. I can only thank the Displate team once again for their good work and support over the years. Happy Birthday, Displate!


Known and loved for his hero’s journey-themed artworks, Icosphere is a Displate hero himself. He’s taken collectors on multiple voyages through his three-piece Limited Edition series and an immersive mosaic Ultra Limited Edition design. 

Icosphere’s artworks are densely packed with impressive details and vibrant colors – and so is his Displate catalog! No matter if you’re 10 or 60 years old, with these visual storytelling masterpieces on your walls, every age is the age of wonder.

I love Displate so much, and I really enjoy collaborating with their team, especially working on Limited Editions. As a digital artist, I had never even thought about taking my artworks in my hand and being able to touch and feel every single detail. Through implementing such unique enhancements, Displate has taken my art to the next level. Thank you!

I also appreciate the artist support team and the lovely Displate community. Displate is one of the best things that happened in my career. 

Jonas Jodicke

Berlin-based Jonas Jödicke has been turning Displates into art for half a decade now. Or should we say, he’s been transporting his fantasy creations somewhere from dreamy realms onto our metal canvas – because that’s much closer to the truth.

It’s art like this, vibrant and overflowing with colors and shapes, that pushes the boundaries of what our metal posters can do. Like channeling powers of the universe, for example. 

I started selling my artworks on Displate in 2018 and was blown away by the response I received from the community. Since then, Displate has been a steady and integral income stream of mine. It’s amazing to see fans tagging me in their Displate photos, as everyone is always so excited about their incredible quality and durability. I‘m proud to be a part of this platform and community!

Stefan Koidl

For some time now, Stefan Koidl has been Displate’s go-to dragon tamer. And even though his draconic Limited Editions had sold out quicker than you can say “roar!”, recently, he has been dealing with entirely different creatures: zombies and griffins.

No matter what beast we throw at him, Stefan comes up with a monster of an artwork every single time. His personal catalog of dark art and surreal paintings has some claws, too! 

Looking back to July 2019, when I joined the Displate community, I can say it definitely was one of those decisions that helped me and my artistic career grow a lot! I’m especially grateful for the Limited edition designs that I have created for them so far. Because of their special printing techniques, each one of them is pretty unique and eye-catching.

For me personally, it was always super cool to see my digital art printed in real life. Those Displates are made to last for a long time, not like a common poster that you throw away rather quickly after it is damaged. That is a quite an important part of the art itself.

I’m honored to be a part of the community not only because I have some beautiful images in my room but also because Displate treats each artist with respect. That’s not very common these days. It makes you feel special! Congratulations on your 10th-year anniversary, Displate. And thanks for being so awesome!


First, she brings a full-blown Ragnarok on our heads, only to follow it up with planting a giant tree of life right in the middle of the Ultra Limited Edition series?! 

Well, we can’t say we didn’t ask for this.

Just one look at Ikaruna’s art is enough to understand that calling her a legend means something different altogether. Heavily inspired by Norse mythology, she continues to fill our metal multiverse with runes, symbols, and overscaled legendary creatures. And for that, Ikaruna deserves a spot in Displate Valhalla for decades to come!

When I first heard about Displate, it was actually in the year it was founded – my then-work colleagues bought me a Displate for my birthday, and I found the idea of a metal poster really cool. It was not until much later that I thought I too can become a Displate artist, and I set out to draw my very first Norse-themed poster.  

The thing I loved most about the whole thing is that it was finally someplace where you could draw just what you wanted! No briefs, no guidelines – it was my first taste of real artistic freedom. After all this time, the best thing is this incredible feeling of satisfaction that comes with the realization that so many Displate lovers looked at my illustrations and thought, “Well, this is something I’d like to have on my walls!”. There’s really no greater reward for an artist!

Ruby Art 

If there’s anyone who can make a sakura tree bloom on metal, it’s Ruby Art

Canadian by birth and Japanese by heart, she first impressed us with her collection of distinctively stylized illustrations. It wasn’t long after that we asked her to join our ultra-squad and design Displate’s first-ever Ultra Limited Edition

And look, she’s brought a gift to celebrate our 10th birthday! Ruby Art’s new original, the fierce Asian tiger, is available now as a part of her ongoing collection.

I first partnered with Displate by selling my treasured Japanese collection on the platform. We then continued to collaborate on several Limited Edition designs that combined digital and traditional art. This allowed me to captivate and inspire fans worldwide – I truly feel like a valued member of the Displate community!


Blending different images and textures, Seamless creates art that explores themes such as nature, technology, and human emotion. It’s surreal, thought-provoking, and mind-bendingly inspiring! 

The size of their collection is legendary, too: as of today, you can explore close to 2,000 designs by Seamless! It may be our birthday, but we wish every artist an untamed creativity like this. 

I’ve been working with Displate since the very beginning of my career, which helped my art reach wider audiences in different parts of the world. I’m glad the Displate community appreciates my style and taps into my inspirations!

Here’s to Another Decade of Great Art!

With more than 40,000 artists on board, this is just a fraction of the legendary talent that shapes up our metal multiverse. Thank you, each and every one of you – for your art, your voice, and your creative spirit that keeps driving the Displate artist community. 

You’re all truly 10 out of 10.

Remember: this party will go on long after all the cake is gone. If you’re an artist, illustrator, or visual designer – feel free to join us anytime as we venture into another decade of stunning metal art. 

And if you’re here for legendary art pieces only, don’t forget to check out our special birthday collection!

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