High Season for Artists: Get the Most out of Black Friday

October 18, 2021 by Zuza Ciszewska in Artist Corner

Step away from the pumpkin pie, because the upcoming weeks will be craaazy. High season is coming to Displate, and you should get ready – it’s your chance to upload extra artwork to Displate, prepare your shop for the holiday season and reach new customers.

This is the time of year when anything can happen and sales exceed all expectations – during the Black Friday weekend, our sales can be 10 times higher than normal! This creates a unique opportunity to earn extra money with just a little extra effort.

This year, most people will probably still avoid fighting crowds for the products they want. Most of us will do our holiday shopping online, so it’s the perfect time to upload new art on Displate, organize your shop, promote your designs on social media, and increase your earnings.

Not an artist on Displate yet? Find out more about how to open a shop

Why you should upload more art before the high season

The holiday season is a special time of the year when people wildly search for the best deals and original gifts. If you want to be their target, you need to give them a wide range of designs to choose from, covering different interests, passions and art styles. Filling your shop with collections no one has seen before on Displate will boost your exposure and give you a chance to reach new customers from around the world.

What else?

The best artwork uploaded in November will be used in our marketing campaigns that reach over 50 million people a month. We will feature collections in a dedicated blog post and promote them in newsletters, all to show off your new art, increase your exposure, and maximize your sales.

How to prepare your Displate shop for the High Season?

You have just a few weeks left before the craziest weekend of the year, so make a good plan, upload new works, and prepare your Displate shop in order to:

  • Help customers find your shop
  • Let our marketing team feature and promote your art
  • Sell as many Displates as possible

To-do list

  1. Update your collections with new, original artworks

Think of what your future customer needs and expand your existing collections or upload new ones.

Not an artist on Displate yet? Find out more about how to open a shop

  1. Review your best selling designs

Think of what has been selling best during the whole year and come up with more design ideas that may follow this pattern.

  1. Keep your Share and Earn links close

Prepare and use your Share and Earn links while posting on your social media. Even during the Black Friday Sale, it will boost your commission to 50% every time someone buys your art through those links.

  1. Use only relevant tags

Using tags relevant to the content of the artwork can significantly increase your presence in search results and increase your chances of being found by customers. The devil is in the details, so don’t leave anything unattended!

Read more on how to tag your art properly on Displate

  1. Organize your profile and collections

Scan your existing collections, make sure they are coherent, and that they contain at least 8 designs. If some of your collections have less than 8 artworks, try and combine them into one larger collection. You can also add brand-new artworks or those that are stored on your disc to increase your collection size.

  1. Promote your shop on social media

Both before and during the holiday season, use your social media reach to inform your followers about the HUGE Black Friday Sale – it will give you more clicks, and increase your chances of earning more money with Displate. You should:

  • Post regularly
  • Use the Share and Earn links
  • Be creative
  • Engage with your followers

Pro tip: Make sure to use your Share and earn links every time you publish posts and promote your art on socials, and increase your commission to 50%.

Remember to give your followers all the information they need:

  • Tell them when the sale begins, and when it ends.
  • Share the discounts and the CODE to use in the checkout.
  • Guide them straight to your shop, collection, or the single product page.

Trending Topics on Displate

In the pre-holiday season when everything is running at high speed, you might need a little help with understanding people’s needs. There are specific interests in certain designs and themes, and you may want to follow these trends when creating your new collections. To make it a bit easier for you, here are the top 10 trending topics and search terms on Displate.


Remember that preparing your shop before the high season is essential so you don’t get overwhelmed while it is actually happening. Instead, do the below to be ready:

Not an artist on Displate yet? Find out more about how to open a shop

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