To celebrate the premiere of The Last Jedi we’d like to take a brief look at one of the most iconic things

May the 4th be with you! All year round! Today we’re going to be a little bit like Darth Plagueis – we’ll

If you’ve ever seen at least one fantasy movie in your life, you’ve experienced the magic of concept art. And if you’re

Don’t listen to what critics say, Venom is the best-worst movie you can see this year. It’s far better than Catwoman, which

Hearthstone is a game that brings out the best of both worlds: fast paced turns and tactical prowess. It’s like an MTG

“With great power comes great responsibility.” One of the most important quotes in our pop culture is more than a motivational line.

Last day of humanity on Earth will happen once the last tree falls down. Thus, we’re working towards our mutual immortality. You

Welcome to another installment of Gaming Art Styles where we showcase popular graphics solutions that were fundamental in gaming evolution. In the

Whoever you ask about their most favorite games – some might respond in enigmatic languages, barely understandable, even with extreme excitement. Others

Cuphead is a run and gun game that looks like an interactive old-school cartoon with lots of equally comical violence. But before

How would you describe the cultural impact of Blade Runner? It jump-started book sequels, comic books, animations, TV series and games based

Video Games are art. This thesis has as many followers as it has opponents. Why would someone call games a piece of

Throughout the vast history of video games, two things were clear. One: the call for making things stand out and two: constant

Gaming Newsfeed is all about new and exciting games being introduced to the wider audience. Whether it will be a premiere, a

Mastering the art of a good Kamehameha isn’t easy. But it sure is easy on the eyes. Same as all anime, in