On the spot: Grzegorz Rutkowski

April 13, 2022 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Interviews, Gaming Art

Having created dozens of masterpieces so far, Polish artist Grzegorz Rutkowski aims never to stop developing his work. Combining imagination with unbelievable skills, he illustrates all things fantasy. Dragons, knights, and magic, his art has it all.

Prepare to be amazed and scroll down to discover the master behind his work.

How did your artistic career begin? 

Hard to tell exactly but I remember that I received my first serious commission back in 2009. It allowed me to quit my full-time job back then and become a full-time freelancer.

With which artists would you like to collaborate and why?

I have too many artists that I’d like to collaborate with! But definitely, I’d love to work for/with Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, and a few other directors. There are plenty of unbelievably good artists from the art world that I’d love to work with. It’s too hard to choose one!

Personal artwork
Harbor Sunrise

Choosing your biggest inspiration will not be easy either.  

In my early career, I was inspired by Tolkien and Peter Jackson (Tolkien for content and Peter for the image/cinematography). It had the biggest influence on my art career. Right now, I’m inspired by books, movies, soundtracks, other artists and even by the world that is around us. Again, it’s hard to choose one, but I’m drooling, while I see some new artworks from Piotr Jablonski, Jamie Jones, Craig Mullins, Sergey Kolesov, and many more, which unfortunately I can’t recall right now.

You’re a professional concept artist, your whole career is based on fantasy design. The answer seems obvious, but are you a gamer?

Of course! Although I can’t play much lately, because of the amount of work and other duties. But when I got some time I enjoy moments with Battlefield 3/4, The Long Dark, GTA V, and Skyrim. 

What Magical Creature do you find most amazing, and why?

 I think It might sound a bit cliche but I was always fascinated by the legends, fairy tales, and films about dragons. I really love the fantasy genre overall but dragons are the creatures that I love most.

The Last One
Personal artwork

What are your other passions, other than creating art?

In my life, I had 3 passions: painting, guitar, and skateboarding. I stopped my skateboard adventure when I started painting seriously and my hands started to be my main tools of work. I’m still playing guitar, both acoustic and electric, it gives me fun and helps me relax after work.

What do you consider to be your biggest success so far?

I treat my success as a combination of many years of hard work both in my career and my life. I have 3 beautiful women in my life: my wife and two daughters, I’ve built a house and I have a job that is my passion at the same time. This is my biggest success. đŸ™‚

What are your artistic (and other) plans for the future?

I went back to my initial plans from the times when I was 18. I went back to the idea of painting traditionally, of course, I’ll be still painting digitally but painting more with oils or acrylics became my number one goal. Going further, I’d love to create my own personal series of oil paintings and make a few exhibitions here and there, and maybe combine two worlds of traditional and digital media in one exhibition. đŸ™‚

To make a fantasy journey with Grzegorz unstoppable, visit his Displate gallery and follow him on ArtStation, Facebook, and Instagram

Golden Fields
Before the Storm
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