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March 6, 2013 by Displate Artists Team in Gaming Art

Mastering the art of a good Kamehameha isn’t easy. But it sure is easy on the eyes.
Same as all anime, in fact. 

That’s why today we’re focusing on designs overflowing with the energy, charm, and distinct aesthetics intrinsic to anime. Like those wide, exaggerated eyes, allegedly inspired by the effect Displates have on observers.

Could there be any truth to this? Here, let’s try it together.

Soul Of Heroes

It’s not just the bulging muscles, spiky hair or unique fashion sense. It’s the inside of a hero that truly counts.

Anime And Manga Inspired

Can’t spell power without POW! and this is exactly what most of these designs bring to mind. Try looking at them without flexing your biceps. Can’t be done.

Anime Icons

It’s all about those wonderful pastels contrasted with our dynamic heroes. Sometimes all you need in a fight is to look cooler than your enemies.

Anime Madness

A diverse gallery of lovely anime designs, with the occasional word of wisdom sprinkled on.

Bizarre Trip

Anime is known for its surreal streak and this collection revels in its trippy explosion of colors, shapes, and emotions.

Well, that was intense. Did your hair get a little spiky already? Yeah, same here.

Try not to get carried away, though. Epic fights can be just as fulfilling when observed from a safe distance. 

Also far less damaging to your wardrobe. Just saying.

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