Top 10 Games Of All Time – Displate Edition

November 14, 2017 by Displate Artists Team in Gaming Art

Whoever you ask about their most favorite games – some might respond in enigmatic languages, barely understandable, even with extreme excitement. Others would dedicate rest of their lives to explain to you why those titles matter and why you should drop everything right now and go and play them. I’ll try to do the latter. Well, with additional one or two hiccups of delirium here and there, but it’s all for the greater cause so don’t be alarmed and just relax. They’re in random order so don’t worry about the placement – all of them are sooo good they needed to be mentioned here nevertheless. You can find all those gaming posters on Displate, too!

Welcome to Top 10 Games Of All Time – Displate Edition. I’ll be your guide. Here we go! 

10. Halo

Master Chief from Halo standing on the clif
Eden Design – Master Spartan

The game that introduced Master Chief to the players and became a major hit for then premiering Xbox console now consists of several games, books, comics, anime and fan films. Since then the franchise became favorite because of its iconic character design, vehicles, and satisfying multiplayer maps. And Master Chief is still considered one of the most badass characters in video games.

9. BioShock

Big Daddy behind the silhouette of Rapture
Fraser Graham – BioShock – Welcome to Rapture

BioShock became a phenomenon – as a spiritual successor to System Shock 2 it introduced players to Rapture – an underwater city is frozen in the 20s with a twist: an art-deco-inspired architecture, characteristic music of the era, Big Daddies and Little Sisters, deep (pun intended) story and horrors no one sane could actually survive. Except you, the player. It still is as intense as before.

8. Super Metroid

Samus Aran Metroid 80s style
Denis Orio Ibañez – Space Bounty Hunter

Super Metroid is a game that proved that making story based on the environment players has to explore might be really engaging and rich. Making your way through narrow paths, seeing items you can actually acquire – but only if you mastered your skills and have known the game well – was another reason why Metroid made for an awesome game. Everything was there to explore, to experiment with your surroundings, to try new approaches because every new solution was just at arm’s length. Super Metroid came out in 1994 and it’s still considered the best action-platformer ever created.

7. Final Fantasy VII

cloud and sephiroth standing in front of each other
Retina Creative – Final Fantasy

It’s a coincidence that seventh iteration of world’s most popular JRPG positioned itself on 7th place on our list – it’s still one of the greatest roleplays plays ever. Final Fantasy VII caught my heart with amazing storytelling, plot twists that tore my eyes and a merry band of iconic characters that are as recognizable as ever.

6. Doom

Doomslayer facing demon
Retina Creative – Doom Guy

Doom is a milestone for gaming. As a title who evolved further than quite a fresh genre of first-person shooters, in provided the multiplayer fun like no other game before. Not only you controlled a Space Marine fighting hordes of nightmare-inducing creatures, changing their appearance into a bloody pulp with few swift shoots of your gun, there was also a thing called DeathMatch (worth mentioning is a fact, that id Software actually came up with the term ‘DeathMatch’). Throwing LAN parties and mauling three other friends was a spectacular way to introduce players to online shooter modes. And it’s still fun as hell. Just as the new iteration of the game.

5. The Last of Us

The Last of Us Game Art Poster Print
Ciaran Monaghan – The Last of Us

There’s a clever theory about Naughty Dog’s games and their target demographics. They started with Crash Bandicoot – a cartoonish platformer for all ages. Then they entered adolescence with Jak and Daxter, who – at the time 3rd game came out – matured enough to include some thought-inducing topics. Then came Uncharted franchise and people get old enough to appreciate humor and adventurous, Indiana-Jones-type of story with enough violence to not disturb their longtime audience. And then, The Last of Us came. And with it – mature and gloom wasteland with few self-preserving people on the edge of their strength making gut-wrenching decisions, hard enough to swallow by empathetic gamers. But Naughty Dog prepared their fans for this since the first Crash game. And because of that – they created a matured masterpiece that just has to be experienced. And Part II is coming faster than you think.

4. Half-Life 2

Gordon Freeman
Donnie – Freeman Art

Gaben if you’re reading this, please stop torturing us with gossips of HL3 or Episode 3. No more man, my body personally cannot handle it anymore. You’ve created a game that passed all standards of game design, made people wanting more. With it, you inaugurated the years of legends, half-truths, fake-announcements, fan-arts, fan mods, fan remakes, mass fan fainting at the sound of ‘Episode Three’. Instead, you’ve created the digital colossus of a Steam, that systematically makes all your followers throw money at the screens. Guess what? I’d throw some money for proper Half-Life continuation without hesitation. Half-Life 2 was perfect. Mechanics and physics were top notches, as well as the cast of the characters. Not to mention storyline. Well, without that cliffhanger you still have to resolve, Gaben… Please.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

link with a bow
Eden Design – Link

Breath of the Wild premiered only in March 2017 and it topped the reviews and hearts of the players (me included) straight away. To be honest, previously I wanted to put here Ocarina of Time – the first 3D Zelda that perfectly combined action, exploration and time traveling. But since I’ve seen (open) world of Hyrule – something Nintendo never actually dared to accomplish – I couldn’t shake its design and potential out of my head. Thus, new Zelda game on the list. It’s amazing, it’s pure, it’s magical. It’s the example of how to prepare sandbox games. Have I mentioned the ambient sounds you hear during your quest? Well, they fit perfectly. Breath of the Wild is ultimate Legend of Zelda experience, please familiarize yourself with this game and Switch in general. There’s also new Super Mario game that does justice to its name – it’s just super.

2. Metal Gear Solid (franchise)

metal gear rex and snake
SucculentBurger – Metal Gear *The Showdown*

I’m sorry I can’t be critical of this one. I’m too deep into the lore of MGS games to ever come back. I’m a fanboy and I’m not sure if it’s not contagious. But please, don’t close your doors (and minds) because Metal Gear became a franchise people fell in love with since the revolutionary Metal Gear Solid from 1998 (yes, there were games before, but as a first game in true 3D it made huge impact – even for then crawling PlayStation console). It has everything good tactical/espionage/action game should have and even few things more. It’s a game with the plot so convoluted it would get me at least few hours to just slide through the basics. By the way, did you know there are at least 4 guys with a codename Snake? Cyber ninjas, otakus, gigantic mechs capable of blowing up the cities with their bipedal nuclear weapons? Ok, they’re called Metal Gears but that was an easy one. Everything in those games surprisingly made sense and even if you considered some elements of the story too crazy to even have passable explanation – well director of the game, Hideo Kojima, made it work perfectly. Metal Gear Solid is great. Period. Or wait, wait… Exclamation mark! Yeah, now that fits.

1. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

geralt facing monster
Grzegorz Rutkowski – Personal artwork

And finally the last title on our list. Witcher 3 is a pinnacle of RPGs, the best game in game’s trilogy. It took Geralt even further in his quest, adding some twist to his life and turns to his actions. Gameplay heavily focused on various – yet captivating – quests encouraged to explore beautifully depicted world on the back of good ol’ Roach. Two additional expansions broadened the experience even further, adding another pallet to still breathtaking game and ultimately acknowledged Witcher 3 as the best RPG ever created.

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How about your Top Games of all time? Share your lists in the comments. Seriously, I’d like to pick some of those and play through them again!

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