A bunch of cheerful artworks to make you feel better

April 28, 2020 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Feeling a bit under the weather lately? 

All this isolation and self-distancing boost your anxiety, and you desperately need some positive vibes in life? Ok, so we’re not sure how long this stay-at-home situation will last, but let us give you a hand with some cheerful artworks that will make you feel better

Because you know what they say: a smile a day keeps the doctor away! Scroll down, prepare for the cuteness overload and watch your optimism rise.  

Girl with a facial mask by Parody Parlour
Dog Nachos Collage by Random Galaxy
Still Life and Profile of Blaby by Jacenty Styczynski
Perfect Cube by raffiti
Frencheese by Teo Zirinis
Redhead by J23 Production
Bear reading a book by Adam Lawless
Pugnana by Sophie Corrigan
The Tattoist by Mike Koubou
Sofishticated by Noemi Fadda
Chihuahua with bowtie by Releesy Wall Art
Colorized by Sindi Fatkoja
Van Gogh Dog by Nataliia Zakharova
Collieflower by Sophie Corrigan
Inhale Exhale by Huebucket
Curly Guinea Pig by Paul Fuentes
Tokyo Ramen by vp trinidad
Morning Sloth by Ruby Art

Better? If not, browse more Funny Posters and explore the funniest Displates of them all! 

Here’s a list of them all:

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