Beyond the Edges of Imagination: Fantasy Art

July 14, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Illustration Hub

fantasy art - beyond the edges of imagination

Take a flight of fancy and get lost in some fantasy and science fiction artworks created by Displate artists. Depicting magical creatures,  otherworldly landscapes, and faraway galaxies, these posters will take you for a trip to the edges of imagination and beyond!

Ready to set reality aside?

Unplug from the real world with these trending science fiction and fantasy artworks!

Fantasy Characters

Fantasy literature and RPGs are awash in strange races, including brawny dwarves, long-lived elves, and good old humans. But fantasy allows for a seemingly endless roster of characters. From rogue warlocks to shell-clad mermaids to talking trees, there are more magical creatures between the pages of fantasy books than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Old Adventurer Poster
Old Adventurer Poster by Tomas Duchek
Pathfinder Poster
Pathfinder Poster by Tomas Duchek
Warlock Poster
Warlock Poster by Tomas Duchek
Wood Elf Poster
Wood Elf Poster by The Elder Scrolls Official Brand Shop
Archer Elf Poster
Archer Elf Poster by The Elder Scrolls Official Brand Shop
Geralt fighting Foglings
Geralt fighting Foglings by Witcher 3 Official Brand Shop
Fogling Poster
Fogling Poster by Witcher 3 Official Brand Shop
Dryad Ranger Poster
Dryad Ranger Poster by GWENT Official Brand Shop
Yennefer The Summoner Poster
Yennefer The Summoner Poster by GWENT Official Brand Shop
Personal Artwork 2 Poster by Grzegorz Rutkowski 
Elf Overlord Poster
Elf Overlord Poster by Grzegorz Rutkowski 
Orc Overlord Poster
Orc Overlord Poster by Grzegorz Rutkowski
Imago 2 Poster
Imago 2 Poster by Anato Finnstark
Pale Sister 1 Poster
Pale Sister 1 Poster by Anato Finnstark
Kushiel The Rigid Angel Poster
Kushiel The Rigid Angel Poster by Peter Mohrbacher
Mermaid Poster
Mermaid Poster by Jonas Jödicke
 Mermaid Poster
New Friend Poster by Anato Finnstark

Fantasy Dragons

Fire-breathing, scaled, and ferocious, no other fantasy creature is as complex and fascinating as the dragon. They can be the fickle, fearsome beast with an unpleasant greedy streak like Smaug, or a loyal friend, even a mentor, like Falkor the Luck Dragon. Whatever role the mighty lizard plays in a story, one thing is for certain: they are impossible to overlook.

Dragon Gate Poster
Dragon Gate Poster by Anato Finnstark
Dragon Poster
Dragon Poster by Aleksander Karcz 
Personal Artwork 3 Poster by Grzegorz Rutkowski
Undead Overlord Poster
Undead Overlord Poster by Grzegorz Rutkowski
Dragon Rider Poster
Dragon Rider Poster by Anato Finnstark
Forest Dragon Poster
Forest Dragon Poster by Jonas Jödicke
Dragon Breath Poster
Dragon Breath Poster by Anato Finnstark
Dragon Cave Poster
Dragon Cave Poster by Grzegorz Rutkowski
The Rise Of Tiamat Poster
The Rise Of Tiamat Poster by Dungeons and Dragons Official Brand Shop
Starter Set Poster
Starter Set Poster by Dungeons and Dragons Official Brand Shop
Dragon Combat Poster
Dragon Combat Poster by The Elder Scrolls Official Brand Shop 
Dragon Encounter Poster
Dragon Encounter Poster by The Elder Scrolls Official Brand Shop 
Dragon Lava Poster
Dragon Lava Poster by Anato Finnstark 

Fantasy Landscapes and Settings

If you love fantasy art, you will be thrilled to see these imaginative realms where enchanted forests come alive, mushrooms turn into soaring skyscrapers, and people become minuscule and insignificant. From dreamlike landscapes to ancient ruins to surreal details, delve into magical worlds full of possibilities and wonder!

Serenity Poster
Serenity Poster by Tobias Roetsch
Twinrocks Fortress Poster
Twinrocks Fortress Poster by Tobias Roetsch
Lost In Reverie Poster
Lost In Reverie Poster by Tobias Roetsch
Ruins Poster
Ruins Poster by Witcher 3 Official Brand Shop
No Mans Land Poster
No Mans Land Poster by Witcher 3 Official Brand Shop
Ship Poster
Ship Poster by Witcher 3 Official Brand Shop
Ancient Ruins Poster
Ancient Ruins Poster by Matej Antunović
Yggdrasil Poster
Yggdrasil Poster by Matej Antunović
Guardian Poster
Guardian Poster by Matej Antunović
Dimlight Forest Poster
Dimlight Forest Poster by Ferdinand Ladera
Enchanted Poster
Enchanted Poster by Ferdinand Ladera
Abandoned Castle Poster
Abandoned Castle Poster by Ferdinand Ladera
Magic Hour Poster
Magic Hour Poster by Andreas Rocha
Dragon's Pass Poster
Dragon’s Pass Poster by Andreas Rocha
Good Friends Poster
Good Friends Poster by Andreas Rocha
Home Sweet Home Poster
Home Sweet Home Poster by Andreas Rocha
Sacred Shadows Poster
Sacred Shadows Poster by Andreas Rocha
Shroom Cities Poster
Shroom Cities Poster by Gal Barkan

Fantasy Sci Fi Worlds   

When you’re flying through space, hopping from galaxy to galaxy at light speed, it’s easy to forget about your earthly worries. These sci-fi posters may not be an actual ticket to the outer planets of the solar system, but they’re pretty much the next best thing. So, buckle up and get ready for an intergalactic ride!

Laketown Poster
Laketown Poster by Gal Barkan
Fireflies Poster
Fireflies Poster by Gal Barkan
Oracular Poster
Oracular Poster by Gal Barkan
Jump Poster
Jump Poster by MarcoZagara
Keep Dreaming Poster
Keep Dreaming Poster by MarcoZagara
Meditation Poster
Meditation Poster by MarcoZagara
Lost Moon Poster
Lost Moon Poster by MarcoZagara
Symbiosis Poster
Symbiosis Poster by MarcoZagara
Justice City Poster
Justice City Poster by Inward 
Think Poster
Think Poster by Inward 
Magical Path Poster
Magical Path Poster by Matej Antunović
Explore Poster
Explore Poster by seam less
Routeless Poster
Routeless Poster by seam less
Passengers Poster
Passengers Poster by seam less

It’s a Wrap!

From goblin caverns to the farthest reaches of the universe, fantasy can take you anywhere, anytime, while you’re lounging on the couch in the comfort of your home. 

If you’d like to enter the nebula of science fiction art, our sci-fi poster collections and vintage sci-fi posters will pull you out of this world and drop you among the stars! And if you prefer to explore the magical realm of fantasy art instead, be sure to check our fantasy posters, including officially licensed artworks from your favorite franchises: Dungeons and Dragons, The Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, and Gwent.

Are you a fan of sci-fi or fantasy? If fairies, dragons, and monsters compete for space on your bookshelf next to astronauts and aliens from outer space, do us a favor, and cast your final vote in the comments section below. Tell us which genre you prefer and why – we’d love to hear where your vote stands!

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