The Fresh Eight: March

March 15, 2019 by Zuza Ciszewska in Illustration Hub

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Welcome to The Fresh Eight, a monthly choice of 8 artists fresh as daisies and hot as hell, who recently drew… our attention. 

Today let’s see which new artists made our hearts beat faster in March. 

Boris Groh

School Stadium
Hey You

Boris’ Instagram

Anton Semenov

Kingdom of wire nests

Anton’s Instagram

Yasen Stoilov

Wasteland Portrait IV
Wasteland Portrait VII
Wasteland Portrait VIII

Yasen’s Instagram 

Aimee Cozza


Aime’s Instagram

Evelin Demeter

Blue Jay
Frilled Coquette

Evelin’s Instagram

Kristian Nuesser

Undead Raven
Green Dragon
Magma Bat

Kristian’s Instagram

Eric Johnson

The Preacher
Dystopian Portrait

Eric’s Instagram

Daniel Dociu

Babylon Ashes
Space Scene 1

Nice, right? See you in April!

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