The Fresh Eight: July

July 24, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Welcome back to The Fresh Eight, a monthly choice of 8 new artists on Displate that have recently drawn… our attention. 

Today let’s see who made our hearts beat faster in July.

1. Evgeniy Stasenko

New Year

2. Findtees

The Kingslayer
Storm Riders
Judge of Ash

Findtees’ Instagram

3. Marcus Cederberg

Don’t press that butttoooo
You jump I jump

Marcus’ Instagram

4. Sven Sauer and Igor Posavec

Visible World
Amor fati
Future Fatigue

Sapo’s Instagram

5. Michael Beyer

Ammonia Alley
Cats and Demons

Michael’s Instagram

6. Tangmo Cecchini

Full Bloom

Tangmo’s Instagram

7. Marthy Green

Garlic is a vampire
The Moon Is Made Of Cheese
Air is water for a balloon

Marthy’s Instagram

8. Galda Dias

Moon And Me
In Water
Fruit of passion

Nice, right? See you in August!

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