50+ Cool Wall Art Ideas for Every Room

July 30, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Home Decor

Does your home look cool? Do you want to make it look 50X better? The best wall art ideas will completely transform the appearance of where you live!

In this post, you’ll discover tons of cool wall art ideas and several unique artworks to help you decorate the walls of your house or apartment!

In fact, we’ve made it so easy for you to decorate your home with affordable wall art using this awesome visual guide…

Cool Wall Art Ideas for Every Room

You can reinvent the entire appeal of your home by displaying fun artwork for specific:

◾ Rooms (we have some great room art ideas for you)

◾ Colors 

◾ Themes 

◾ Styles 

◾ Personalities

collection: Around The World by Bo Lundberg

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Once you’ve explored all of the blank wall ideas we have to share with you…

You’ll know exactly which artworks you should use to decorate your home.

Sounds good?

Your brain is about to become full of new art ideas that’ll make your home look insanely cool!

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Are you ready to give the interior design of your home a fresh and exciting new look?

Follow the super-simple home decor tips and visual examples below to gather all the ideas you need!

Room Art Ideas – Decorate by Room

Do you need some ideas to decorate the walls of a specific room? Remember that in your home, every room has a clear and distinct purpose.

Hence, one popular way to decorate a room is to fill it with wall art that will magnify that room’s purpose or reflect the activities of the room.

collection: Sk8 Planet by Paola Vecchi

Do you want to decorate a bedroom? You sleep and dream inside this room. Decorate bedroom walls with serene and soothing artwork that’ll make you feel calm and relaxed at bedtime.

Do you want to decorate a kitchen? You cook and eat inside this room. Decorate kitchen walls with food-related artwork that’ll increase your appetite, reinforce your desire to eat healthier foods, or inspire you to indulge in your favorite drinks and desserts.

Finding wall art for any room you want to decorate is easy.

Simply consider the reasons you spend time inside those rooms in the first place and you’ll immediately think of an appropriate piece of artwork to use for decoration!

Check out the following wall art ideas to decorate your home — room by room!

◾ Bedroom

◾ Living Room

◾ Kitchen

◾ Bathroom

◾ Man Cave

◾ Game Room

◾ Arts and Crafts Room

◾ Laundry Room

◾ College Dorm Room

Browse Displate collections and poster prints.

Living Room wall art ideas

living room wall art
Collection: Illustration by Uma Gokhale
Uma Gokhale – Blushing Leaves
Uma Gokhale – Backyard
living room decor
Uma Gokhale – Coral Fruit

You are not limited to floral posters & wall art only, choose what works best for you! See all nature posters or botanical prints. Maybe even some Fine Art prints or abstract posters will suit you more?

2. Kitchen wall art ideas

Collections: Kawaii Series by vp trinidad and Foodie by Zko Chuang
vp trinidad – Kawaii Breakfast
Zko Chuang – Ice Cream Love
Zko Chuang – Shaved Ice

There are plenty of Food Posters & Wall Art pieces to choose from! And you might even like some rustic decor do lighten up your kitchen.

3. Bathroom wall art ideas

Collection: Abstract Mix by Elisabeth Fredriksson
Elisabeth Fredriksson – Natural Abstraction
Elisabeth Fredriksson – Sun And Moon
Elisabeth Fredriksson – Dreamy Ink

Only your imagination limits you here… See all of our Abstract Art and abstract geometry posters.

4. Man Cave wall art ideas

Man cave metal posters
Mr Jackpots – Dire Straits
Mr Jackpots – Beer
Xavier Vieira – No254 VW Type 23 1960

There are plenty of man cave posters & wall art to choose from. But you might also want to look into some military posters or video game posters – they will suit your man cave very well!

Video Game Room wall art ideas

Gaming Metal Prints
Witcher 3 – Geralt Sword
Mr Jackpots – Switch
Witcher 3 – Triss

Arts and Crafts Room wall art ideas

There are unlimited ideas for your arts and crafts room wall decor. It’s best to just choose what suits you best, but we have a few suggestions worth considering. Check out the botanical printsabstract art posters and abstract geometry or abstract watercolor posters. Whatever you can imagine – you can probably find it on Displate. 

Francisco Fonseca – Wild Cactus
Francisco Fonseca – Color Cactus
Francisco Fonseca – Vertical Cactus

Dorm Room Wall Art ideas

Dorm Metal Prints
Daniel Coulmann – Tennis Ball
akyanyme dotcom – SB L New England
akyanyme dotcom – beasts collection

You are not limited to sports posters alone (be it footballbasketball, or any other sport)! Some funny posters might also be a good option – buy you migh just want to look at funny college posters.

Decorate By Colors

Color is one of the most important things to think about when you decorate a home. Having a good color scheme is essential because it can affect the mood, size, and space of the rooms you want to decorate.

Hence, one popular way to decorate a home is to fill it with specific colored artwork that will match or contrast the colors of a room. The art you display in your home should harmonize with the colors of a room’s walls, furniture pieces and rugs, flooring, or any other object that stands out in the room.

Do you want to decorate a white room? Your white-colored walls don’t have to look embarrassingly naked! You can brighten up the look of your home by adding any colorful artwork to your blank walls.

If your walls are already a specific color…

Do you want to decorate a yellow room? This color is sunny, warm, and free; it evokes feelings of happiness and hope. Decorate yellow walls with artworks that contain turquoise or different hues of orange and green. Black and white artwork looks great in yellow rooms, too!

Do you want to decorate a blue room? This color is cool, bold, and stable; it evokes feelings of calmness and trust. Decorate blue walls with artworks that contain brown or gold, silver tints, shades of gray, or a classic ivory white.  

Finding the best colorful artworks or the one’s that’ll perfectly pair with the colors of your room is easy.

Simply consider (1) the existing color scheme of a home or (2) examine the colors of objects that are already present in the room or area you wish to further decorate.

Check out the following wall art ideas to decorate your home — color by color!

White room ideas

One sure bet is to look at black and white prints, and if you feel adventurous – abstract black and white posters.

Collection: Patterns by Annaillustrates
Annaillustrates __ – Ravens Have Friends
Annaillustrates __ – Booklove Pattern
Annaillustrates __ – Geometry

Black room ideas

Collection: Black And White by elo marc
elo marc – The Creator
elo marc – Black and white
elo marc – Black and white

Red room ideas

Collection: Skyline Portrait Red by Michael Tompsett
Michael Tompsett – Buenos Aires Skyline
Michael Tompsett – Cordoba Spain Skyline
Michael Tompsett – San Francisco Skyline

Yellow room ideas

Prints On Metal by Gema MT
Gema MT – Rainbow Serpent Orange
Gema MT – Moths to a Flame
Gema MT – The Fox

Blue room ideas

Collection: Minimalist Travel Posters by Henry Rivers
Henry Rivers – Ski France
Henry Rivers – London
Henry Rivers – Athens

Green room ideas

Collection: Nordic Forest by Lotta Hakola
Lotta Hakola – Lingonberry
Lotta Hakola – Lilly of the Valley
Lotta Hakola – Forest Fern

Purple room ideas

Collection: Starry Constellations by Venetia Jackson
Venetia Jackson – Always
Venetia Jackson – Starry Lost King
Venetia Jackson – Starry Sun

Pink room ideas

Metal posters by Izabela Kacprzak
Izabela Kacprzak – Handy Venus
Izabela Kacprzak – Venus Milo
Izabela Kacprzak – Let’s drink – pink martini

Gold room ideas

Collection: Interstellar by Emanuela Carratoni
Emanuela Carratoni – Infinity
Emanuela Carratoni – I am from another Universe
Emanuela Carratoni – Vintage Solar Universe

Decorate By Theme

The quickest way to add character, fun, and excitement to the place you live is to give the rooms of your home a specific theme.

Hence, one popular way to decorate a home is to fill it with artwork that will (1) create a new theme for a room or (2) fit the existing theme of a room that’s only been partially decorated.

Do you want to decorate a beach themed room? This natural environment is filled with tropical scenery, marine life, and Earth tone colors. To give a room that beachy look and feel — decorate the walls with artwork that depict the things you’d typically find on a real beach. 

(Think ocean, sand, sandcastles, palm trees, seashells, beach balls, sail boats, the horizon of the sun, etc.)

Do you want to decorate a space themed room? This cosmic environment is filled with starry scenery, celestial bodies, interstellar vehicles, space explorers, and extraterrestrial life. To make your room look out-of-this-world — decorate the walls with artwork that depict the things you’d typically find in outer space. 

(Think spaceships, space missions, astronauts, planets, galaxies, constellations, or something related to astrology and horoscopes, etc.)

Finding acollection of artwork to decorate themed rooms is easy. 

Simply consider the natural things, man-made objects, and the colors you’d see in another environment that you wish to recreate in your home.

Check out the following wall art ideas to decorate your home — theme by theme

Browse Displate collections

Beach themed room

Collection: Beach & Ocean by Gal Design
Gal Design – Van Life in Yellow
Gal Design – Surf Mood
Gal Design – Huntington Beach

Space themed room

Collection: Space by Nicebleed
Nicebleed – Unknown
Nicebleed – Spacetime
Nicebleed – Moon Gazer

Jungle themed room

Collection: Welcome to the jungle by Miss Beznadega
Miss Beznadega – Lemur with sifaka
Miss Beznadega – Squirrel Monkeys
Miss Beznadega – Agalychnis

Paris themed room

Paris Metal Posters
Pechane Sumie – Notre Dame Paris
Retina Creative – Wonders of France
Tereza Stankova – Paris Subway

Japan themed room

Collection: Japan Dream by Daisy Ingrosso
Daisy Ingrosso – ManekiNeko
Daisy Ingrosso – Red Geisha
Daisy Ingrosso – Japanese Koi

Sports themed room

Collection: Balls by Daniel Coulmann
Daniel Coulmann – Basketball Indoor
Daniel Coulmann – Tennis Clay Court
Daniel Coulmann – Table Tennis

Superhero themed room

Marvel Superheroes Prints on Metal

Flower themed room

Collection: Floral Botanical On White by Holy Rock Design
Holy Rock Design – Pineapple
Holy Rock Design – Vintage Rosa Persica
Holy Rock Design – Yellow Sweetbriar Roses

Decorate By Style

Let’s face it. Cookie-cutter homes are often simple, boring, and void of any external charm.

Luckily, your home doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. With just a few wall art decorations, you can transform the interior design of your home so that it always looks tasteful, inventive, and full of life!

Hence, one popular way to decorate a home is to fill it with a certain style of artwork to give it a special appeal and unique appearance.

Do you want a boho styled room? The bohemian style celebrates a free spirit attitude, living unconventionally, being in-tune with nature, and lots of washed-out color. To achieve this trending style that started in the 60’s and 70’s, decorate the walls with artwork that presents a happy, carefree, or spiritual vibe.

(Think mandalas, dream catchers, feathers, floral wreaths, sugar skulls, personified moon crescents and animated suns, peaceful animals, quotes that celebrate individuality, etc.) 

Do you want a farmhouse style room? This style is rural, nostalgic, and celebrates the simpler things in life. To achieve this style, decorate the walls with artwork that presents a cozy country home look that’ll make any place instantly feel like home.

(Think barns, wagons, windmills, farm animals and common livestock, open fields of grain, old church houses with steeples, decrepit buildings, steampowered trains and train tracks, etc.)

Finding artwork to add a specific style to your home is easy.

Simply consider illustrations and photography that’ll reflect a (1) ancient or recent time period (2) country, place, or geographic area known for its scenic beauty, or (3) type of atmosphere you want to recreate for your home.

Check out the following wall art ideas to decorate your home — style by style!

Browse Displate collections

Bohemian wall art ideas

Collection: Key Collection by LouJah
LouJah – Key To Dreams
LouJah – Key Lucky
LouJah – Poetic Key of Luck

Farmhouse wall art ideas

Collection: Anatomy by Sophie Corrigan
Sophie Corrigan – Anatomy Of A Barn Owl
Sophie Corrigan – Anatomy Of A Raccoon
Sophie Corrigan – Anatomy Of A Squirrel

Southwestern wall art ideas

Desert Prints On Metal
SpaceFrog Designs – Coral Desert Lake
Steve Wade – Desert Mountains
SpaceFrog Designs – Desert View

Mediterranean wall art ideas

Collection: Sounds of Andalucia by Noel delMar
Noel delMar – Summer Days
Noel delMar – Glorious Days
Noel delMar – Sunset in my town

Minimal wall art ideas

Collection: Minimalistic Modern Art by Yolanda Vargas
Yolanda Vargas – Modern Minimal Forms 27
Yolanda Vargas – Modern minimal forms 45
Yolanda Vargas – Modern minimal forms 46

Vintage wall art ideas

Collection: Vintage Travel Posters by Fine Art
Fine Art – South Africa Vintage Travel Poster
Fine Art – New Zealand Vintage Travel Poster
Fine Art – Hawaii Vintage Travel Poster

Rustic wall art ideas

Collection: Vintage Birds by Print Maker
Print Maker – Various Birds
Print Maker – Common Hoopoe
Print Maker – Various Birds

Decorate By Personality

People like to express themselves in many different ways — subtly, loudly, and proudly.

No matter how bold you are …

You can easily display yourself, too, with the artwork you display in your home!

Hence, one popular way to decorate your home is to fill it with artwork that celebrates (1) who you are as a person, couple, or family, and (2) the things or places you personally like.

Are you a creative, imaginative, or artistic person? That’s cool, so are we! To convey your personality, decorate the walls with artwork showing unique or sophisticated illustrations, fun patterns, or eclectic designs. You know, art that makes people think.

(Think abstract art, text art, pixel art, mosaic art, black and white art, minimalist art, etc.)

Are you a bookworm, history buff, scientifically curious, or just a real deep thinker? That’s awesome because knowledge is power! To convey your personality, decorate the walls with artwork showing either portraits or famous quotes spoken by authors, historical world leaders, scientists, philosophers, and other great thinkers of the past or present.

(Think timeless authors or something that inspires you to read; Greek philosophers or contemporary thinkers; famous astronomers or brilliant mathematicians; famous presidents, war heroes, people who changed the course of history, etc.)

Finding artwork to decorate your home that will express your personality and individuality is easy. Just think of artwork that represents your hobbies, passions, and interests — whatever they may be!

Check out the following wall art ideas to decorate your home. How would you describe your personality?

Browse Displate collections

Artistic wall art

Collection – Fine Art / Auguste Renoir

Athletic wall art

Collection: Gym Series by Vincent Lai
Vincent Lai – Rep in Peace White
Vincent Lai – I drink and I lift things
Vincent Lai – Lift Weights

Gamer wall art

GWENT Prints on Metal
GWENT – Geralt Igni
GWENT – Yennefer the Summoner
GWENT – Primal Savagery

Geeky wall art

Collection: Illusion Negative Space by vp trinidad
vp trinidad – The Wonderful Wizard
vp trinidad – Ahoy
vp trinidad – Nature Connection

Techie wall art

Collection: Technology by Vs 1489
Vs 1489 – Artificial Intelligence
Vs 1489 – Artificial Intelligence
Vs 1489 – Artificial Intelligence

Traveler wall art

Collection: Travel by Katinka Reinke
Katinka Reinke – Bali
Katinka Reinke – Northsea
Katinka Reinke – Rio de Janeiro

Movie lover wall art

Collection: Classic Movie Posters by Retina Creative
Retina Creative – The Lord Of The Rings
Retina Creative – Interstellar
Retina Creative – It

Music lover wall art

Collection: Legends of Rock by Mr Jackpots
Mr Jackpots – Hammer of Gods 2
Mr Jackpots – Nirvana
Mr Jackpots – Pink Floyd

Nature lover wall art

Collection: Nature by SpaceFrog Designs
SpaceFrog Designs – Underwater Dream IV
SpaceFrog Designs – Elegant Flight
SpaceFrog Designs – Amber Dusk


Here’s what you’ve missed by scrolling and skipping ahead:

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So, here’s what we want to know from you! …

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◾ What colors, themes, or styles of art would look best on your walls? 

◾ What type of artwork expresses who you are?

Share your answers in the comments section below or tell us your best wall decor ideas and tips for decorating a home!

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