21 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Walls

September 27, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

With all the meal prepping, guest-hosting, and late-night snacking, the kitchen is definitely the most special corner of the house. And while it’s perfectly fine to leave your walls blank if that’s your thing, the right kitchen wall decor can make this all-important area even more welcoming and fun – still lifes with onions and Post-it notes on your fridge door excluded.

Since shopping for kitchen decor and kitchen wall art can send anyone in a tailspin, we’ve curated a list of 21 kitchen wall decorations to help you bring more personality and appeal to your kitchen space.

From tapestries and decals to wall signs and herb planters, scout through our simple kitchen wall decor ideas to get the most out of your cookspace!

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Wooden Coffee Sign

wooden coffee sign
via Etsy

Every cookspace can benefit from warm, wooden tones and a wooden wall sign is a sure way to carry that modern bohemian feeling home. Pump up your kitchen wall decor with this eye-catching coffee sign! Inspired by Aztec tribal art and boho chic decor, it will upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen in an instance.

Bees-and-Honey Tapestry

This bee-themed flag tapestry will make a great accent piece for your busy cooking space. Decorated with bees, hives and blooms, it creates a talking point on even the plainest of walls, and can be easily hung by using pushpins, command strips or Velcro straps.

Wall Basket Decor

Almost any object with some graphic value hung or displayed in multiples can be effective kitchen wall art. Create a gallery of wicker wall baskets instead of artwork and, hey, presto, you’ve got yourself the ultimate boho wall!

Removable Wallpaper

Talking about minimally intrusive kitchen wall decor ideas, removable wallpaper can help you transform your kitchen in unique and vibrant ways, and once you’re ready to switch things up, it peels off as easily as it sticks on. Try this William Morris’ Pimpernel pattern to add a touch of Victorian flair to your cooking headquarters.

Kitchen Chalkboard

kitchen chalkboard menu
via Pinterest

Is the family always asking what’s for dinner? Create a DIY chalkboard menu to keep everybody up to date! Inspired by blackboard menus at some of your favorite downtown bistros, this wall leaning chalkboard is a decorative kitchen wall decor that will work equally well as a menu planner and a spot to jot down your weekly grocery list.

Wall Spice Rack

wall-mounted spice rack
via Etsy

Ready to spice up your kitchen wall decor? This rustic spice rack will do just that! An ideal way to organize your spice jars, it will keep your seasonings accessible and easy to use, saving drawer and closet space. A well-stocked spice collection may even help inspire your cooking!

Bracket Shelves

white bracket shelves
via Pinterest

Using kitchen walls to free up drawer space is practical and turns your kitchen into a more casual area that looks lived in and homely. Bracket shelves are less bulky than cabinets but they’ll provide extra storage for dishes and cookware. They are also a great way to put trinkets and your best crockery on display. 

Peach Wall Decal

Wall decals, sometimes called wall stickers, are a well-established trend in kitchen wall decor by now. They are decorative items that can be mounted on walls and swapped out at any time, giving you more flexibility in redecorating your kitchen walls at ease.

Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

Adding a backsplash can bring a whole new life and pizazz to your kitchen. For a hassle-free wall decor upgrade, try a peel-and-stick backsplash that allows you to update your culinary space without calling a contractor — or breaking your bank account. Super easy to install, and the result looks great!

Coffee Neon Sign

Shoutout to all the coffee lovers! Add a fun element to your kitchen wall decor with a trendy neon sign. If you are a coffee connoisseur looking to add some personality to your cookspace, ‘But first, coffee’ neon sign may just be the one accent piece you’ve been missing.

Multitasking Pot Rack

Transform a pot rack into decorative kitchen wall decor! Let your copper cookware shine by mounting a rack and sturdy metal hooks in place of a backsplash. Whether your taste is modern or rustic home decor, it will create a Pinterest-worthy focal point and free up precious cabinet space.

Hanging Macrame Basket

If you’re on a lookout for kitchen wall decor that combines both form and function, then you will never go wrong with a macrame hanging basket. A fruit and vegetable storage organizer, and a countertop space saver, it instantly brightens any kitchen with its warm, neutral colors and natural appeal.

Woven Wine Rack

The best way to make the kitchen your happy space? Stock it with wine! If you’re looking for wall decor pieces that double as space-savers, this rustic-inspired wine rack is a perfect example of how you can use every inch of your culinary space without compromising on aesthetics. Handwoven from natural jute, it adds a touch of texture and style to your kitchen.

Tile Stickers

tile stickers
via Etsy

Tile stickers are perfect for a quick wall decor refresh and can instantly elevate the ambience of your entire kitchen. Affordable and renter-friendly, they won’t hurt your wallet or your walls, plus they are super easy to install for anyone who can use scissors!

Kitchen Herb Garden

If you’re short on space, then here’s a nice way of creating your own herb garden. This metal herb rack is designed to be mounted on a wall and the look works in kitchens from rustic to French. Simply choose the herbs you love to cook with – parsley, basil, thyme, sage – and have fresh herbs at the ready, whenever you need them.

Displate Poster

Displate sushi poster
Sushi Plant Poster by Jonas Loose

Mix traditional and modern with this amusing ‘Sushi Plant’ poster. A classic botanical drawing with a twist, it features sushi rolls instead of flowers. The design is printed on a thin metal sheet using high-end giclee printing techniques and mounted to the wall with a magnet! One of the best non-permanent ways to spruce up your walls (we’re looking at you renters).

Metal Wall Sign

This kitchen is for dancing metal wall sign
via Etsy

Let guests know your philosophy in the home with ‘This kitchen is for dancing’ metal wall sign. This whimsical kitchen wall art in cursive scrawl looks stunning on the kitchen wall near the dining table or around shelving in the work area.

Farmhouse Kitchen Clock

via Pinterest

A charming and functional piece of wall art, a farmhouse kitchen clock will lend a cozy and homey feeling to your kitchen decor. Featuring raised Arabic numbers and gear accent hands, it’s the ultimate timekeeper and a perfect space filler for your blank wall. 

Vertical Garden

via Pinterest

If your green thumb just can’t be contained to your kitchen windowsill, consider taking over wall space with your favorite plants! Vertical indoor gardens have been popular in small kitchens for a while now. As long as you have some open wall, you don’t have to take up scarce counter space with potted plants.

Eclectic Gallery Wall

Mounting all your favorite artwork (and a pair of stag antlers) on the same wall gives even a windowless kitchen the perfect view. Mix canvas prints and other home decor items for a unique look.

Pitcher Perfect Shelf

A collection of kitchen-related paraphernalia massed in a small space is bound to make a large statement. If you’re a hoarder of ironstone pitchers or vintage utensils, bring all of them out on display to fill that blank wall of yours! They will blend perfectly with farmhouse kitchen decor or rustic kitchen wall art.

Over to You!

With hundreds of trendy kitchen decor ideas to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to do with a blank wall. But kitchen wall decor doesn’t have to overwhelm you! Start by understanding the style of your kitchen, then tie in wall decorations that fit into your kitchen’s color scheme and design. Experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect mix!

We hope our decorating tips will help you fill up your bare wall space and turn your kitchen into the heart of the home.

Looking for the right kitchen wall art piece?

Whether your style is bistro chic or farmhouse, the artwork you hang on your walls holds serious sway over your kitchen’s ambiance. From blackboard menu posters to cocktail sign posters to quippy food posters shop Displate for gorgeous kitchen wall art ideas to inspire your space!

Let us know your thoughts by sharing your favorite type of kitchen wall decor in the comments section below!

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