Displate’s Girl Gang

March 7, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Today is the day to celebrate all matters of womanhood. Being a girl is a superpower, and when it comes to creating, we have a few enchanters to be proud of. They are mothers and daughters, wives, girlfriends, and somebody’s best gals, but – above all – they are artists. They have a different point of view on making art, but that’s fine, because there are no rules in Displate’s Girl Gang. 

Scroll down and raise a glass, because today is all about sisters before misters!

Daria Solak

Hey Girl
witch poster
Witch Craft
whatever champagne

Paula Belle Flores

sunrise illustration
A beautiful sunrise
The Unforgettable Love

Sophie Corrigan

fox anatomy
Anatomy of a fox
sloth anatomy illustration
Anatomy of a Sloth
dachshund anatomy
Anatomy of a Dachshund

Sunday is Monday

yoga plank illustration
What a nice plank needs
girl on a skateboard illustration
No pain, no gain!
resting woman illustration
I’m mastering lying

Luna Kirsche

japanese girl illustration
sailormoon illustration
lady raincorn illustration
Lady Raincorn

Sofia Bonati

woman portrait

Cornelia Li

nature illustration
Night of Canadian nature
gallery illustration
Over concerned
love illustration
Memory may fade

Gema Moratilla

cosmic fox illustration
The Fox
girl in space illustration
girl in space illustration

Izabela Kacprzak

red wine illustration
Let’s drink – Red Wine
lady with flowers portrait
Bitchface lady
pink martini illustration
Let’s drink – pink Martini

Katinka Reinke

sylt poster
marrakech poster
london poster

Anna Kożdoń

woman portrait with triangles
woman orange portrait
Target Love
female portrait
Love Story


pastel female portrait
Pastel Painting
pink pineapple illustration
Pink Pineapple
female pastel portrait
Pastel Painting

Pixie Cold

colorful turtle illustration
Spiritual Turtle
colorful unicorn illustration
Spirit Unicorn
King of the lions

Anna Rudak

botanical pattern
Botanical Pattern
unicorn illustration
The one and only
night fox illustration
The Night Fox

Ana Villanueva

A slice od advice
Cat – Cake
pizza illustration
Pizza Feels
chimpanzee illustration

Sillier Than Sally

love elephants illustration
That type of love
watercolor flamingo illustration
Little Flamingo
watercolor deer illustration
Deery Me

Viviana Gonzalez

Magical travel
deer on the field
The deer into the lights
floating tree illustration
Floating tree

Gabriela Zurda

cubism cartoon illustration
Ecce Homo
cubism cartoon illustration
Are you happy?
cubism illustration
La República

Joanna Jurczak

cat illustration
Felis catus
abstract illustration
Changing profile
mushroom illustration
Mushroom beauties

Marine Loup

japanese woman illustration
Madame Butterfly
japanese tiger illustration
White tiger, red sun
japanese bird illustration
Swallows and sakuras

Are you a female artist yourself? Come join our Girl Gang!

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