Displate is making the next step

November 17, 2017 by Displate Artists Team in Displate Live

We’re making step forward! 

We want to share great news with you, that was also picked up by TechCrunch recently. The news is: we raised the first round of external investment – 2 million Euros – from Prague-based Credo Ventures

First of all we would like to thank YOU because without you this would not have happened. You are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

This is a huge step forward for us as it opens up a lot of opportunities and new solutions for Displate. It will fuel our already strong organic growth meaning we will expand further, as well as opening opportunities for testing and building new customer-friendly tools and even the new products themselves. 

It’s really great that our work has been acknowledged, and everything you can find in the TechCrunch article is true. We worked hard on our own to get where we are right now, so passing that milestone and developing further with the help of our Czech partners feels like a new chapter for us and natural progression for Displate. 

Our founders started this journey by fitting proverbial puzzle pieces to get the whole image. The truth is – nothing changed, we just added a few more pieces to the even broader image. 

And so far, it looks pretty amazing.

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