Say Hi To Our Displate Artist Ambassador

December 15, 2020 by Displate Artists Team in Displate Live

What a crazy year this has been! Not only for Displate, but for the world at large. We’ve done so much to make Displate more attractive to any and all content creator(s) looking to work with us. And that’s what this bulletin is all about – some big news on setting new standards in collaboration with artists and the steps we plan to take in the near future.

We’ve created a completely new role within our organization: Artist Ambassador. This’ll be a specialized representative dedicated to creating links and maintaining relationships between communities of artists and Displate. This will help us become better listeners and respond to all artists’ concerns whenever necessary.

Meet Zuzanna! Zuza has a master’s in Art History, so she clearly has the artists’ best interests at heart. She’s been with us for 3 years now, and has plenty of experience in cooperating with all sorts of creators. Now, she’s given an opportunity to take her work to the next level by coordinating artist-related matters across multiple departments in our company. We couldn’t have wished for a better person to take the lead and make the most of this position.

Zuza will be 100% focused on lending a helping hand to artists, regardless of whether they are already part of the Displate community or not. You can reach out to her at [email protected] to discuss such topics as: earning at Displate, artists’ promotion, using our product and dedicated solutions, improving your visibility and increasing sales, account issues or simply sharing your opinions and concerns.

Starting today, we encourage you to contact Zuza with any questions regarding the aforementioned topics. We have absolute confidence that this role will help us improve our communication with the art community and shed some light on your cooperation with us. Expect more news to come straight from her in the near future. Hear from you soon!

Kind regards,
Displate Team

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