Fantasy Concept Art That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

May 22, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Did you know the entertainment industry heavily relies on the talent of artists, most notably, those who create concept art?

Yup, it’s true.

Concept artists create a lot of the things you see in today’s films, animated shows, video games, comic books, graphic novels, and other types of commercial media.

Concept art is nearly everywhere you look!

In fact…

Your favorite fictional characters, imaginary creatures, fantasy landscapes, and magical worlds are all brought to life through the concept art in which they first appear!

As the designs transition from original concepts to simple sketches to polished illustrations, the things that keep you entertained in life are born. 

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How To Become A Concept Artist

Concept art, therefore, is arguably one of the most important forms of illustration in modern times.

It’s also one of the most exciting career fields for independent artist to break into.

Perhaps you’ve dreamed about becoming a concept artist, too.

While it does take years of practice and dedicated training to learn how to create concept art that people will love, there are generally three ways you can do it:

◾ Teach yourself 

◾ Learn from free and paid online courses 

◾ Become professionally trained at a university or art school 

Sure, the majority of today’s professional concept artists do have a four-year degree — but luckily, obtaining one isn’t required to land this fun, rewarding, and challenging job!

It may help you, but the truth is…

The quality of your art portfolio is all that matters.

Whether you’re looking for conceptual art to inspire and motivate you as an artist, or you simply just want to check out some highly imaginative concept art, this article is for you!

To celebrate the innovation and creative power of concept artists as well as the immense value they give to the world…

Your pals at Displate curated a list of some of the best fantasy concept art and original illustrations submitted to us by our uber-talented artist community!

Enjoy the art show presented to you below!

Spaceship concept art

Benjamin Le Boucher – Vintage Spaceship Poster
Lorelei Si – Lavender Valley
Antonio Camarena – Mono Racer sumi-e
Andrew Treherne – Viper Mk II Blueprint

Character concept art

Dr. Mangus submitted by Elisabeth Wyler
The Anomoly ID Crisis submitted by Sebastian Chalela

More character concept art on Displate:

Tomas Duchek – Witch
Valentin Dalev – Dual blades assassin
Michael Urbano – Cable

Environment concept art

Ferdinand Ladera – The Land of Angolem
Francisco Fonseca – Grey day
Loreleï Si – Amber Anomaly

More environment concept art on Displate:

Tobias Roetsch – Invictus
Daniel Ignacio – Everlasting Nights
Andreas Rocha – Magic Hour

Alien concept art

Fabio Timpano – Space Alien Character
Nadya Plyamko – Extraterrestrial Guest
Remus Brailoiu – Silent Scream

More alien concept art on Displate:

Bob Orsillo – Going Home
Raymond Escarpe – The visitor
Nikolay Todorov – Egyptian Pyramids Aliens

Cyberpunk concept art

Benjamin Dupont – DOTONBORI OSAKA
Denise R – Kyoto Nights
Greg Jakubowski – Summer in the CyberCity

More cyberpunk concept art on Displate:

Liam Wong – Blade Runner Vibes
Philipp Saal – Reflections
Steven Roe – Neon Tokyo

Sci fi concept art

Tomasz Jedruszek – Thezeus
Sascha Kozacenko – Tesla Battle Suit
Darren Douglas – Martian Miscreants

More sci fi concept art on Displate:

Anton Atanasov – New world
Amr Elshamy – I’m Coming Home
Bruce Rolff – Interstellar spaceship

Robot concept art

James Beveridge – Protector
Elli Vivre – Robot Girl
Jonas Špokas – Robot with jacket

More robot concept art on Displate:

Katie Clark – It’s my birthday
Rory Decker – Boom Bot
Francis Aquino – Mobile Assault Sentinel

Fantasy character concept art

Tomas Duchek – Butcher
Ferdinand Ladera – Ibaloy Warrior
Gema MT – Yggdrasil, the World Tree

More fantasy character concept art on Displate:

Cristina Stefan – Thalassa
Lukas Siegmon – Soul Catcher
Konrad Langa – Hekate

Monster concept art

38 sunsets – Forest Spirit
Dave Sylvester – Buddies Forever
Yong Hui Ng – Monster Hunter Red

More monster concept art on Displate:

Joestar – Berserker
Hthm Displates – Black and white wolf
Oleg Neonov – Four Handed Warrior

Anime concept art

Barrett Biggers – The ultimate prince warrior
SyanArt – Goblin Slayer

More alien concept art on Displate:

Yong Hui Ng – Rory Mercury
Retina Creative – The Surgeon of Death

Forest concept art

Julien Sibille – Forest city
Petr Bohacek – Deer
Naomi VanDoren – Forest Queen

More forest concept art on Displate:

Eva Nev – Forest in the end of summer
Ferdinand Ladera – Dimilight Forest
Barkat Ali – Fantasy forest

Superhero concept art

DC Comics – Superman

More superhero concept art on Displate:

DC Comics – Wonder Woman
Diego Abreu – Hero by imagination
Missile – Shooting Star

Fantasy concept art

Andreas Rocha – The Tower
Ferdinand Ladera – The Gates of Nalsayend
Alexander Skachkov – Mushroom Story

More fantasy concept art on Displate:

Saby Menyhei – Hogwarts
Grzegorz Rutkowski – Battle of the Overlords
Shahab Alizadeh – Shattered World

Dragon concept art

Steve Goad – Dragon Portrait
Grzegorz Rutkowski – Castle Defence
Aleksander Karcz – Dragon

More dragon concept art on Displate:

Naked Monkey – Brave men
Grzegorz Rutkowski – Rusei, the Falling Star
Fran Fdez – The Dragon King

Angel concept art

Peter Mohrbacher – Sahaqiel
Grzegorz Rutkowski – Personal artwork
Eva Nev – Winter Angel

More angel concept art on Displate

Tu Bui – Divine Descent
Sergey Martyn – The Swans of Styx
Arthur Tribuzi – Golden Wings Angel

Castle concept art

Anna Baratashvili – Forgotten Castle
Andreas Rocha – The Dark Citadel
Francisco Fonseca – Guimaraes Portugal

More castle concept art on Displate:

Tomasz Jedruszek – Stonghold
Cristiano Reina – Merlins House
Tomas Duchek – Southern Citadel

Creature concept art

Bibiana Jancovicova – Fox dragon creature
Adewale Haroun – Beak
Shreya Shetty – Broken Tooth

More creature concept art on Displate:

Didier Konings – Underwater Creature
Sylwia Borkowska – Marian
Sunny Night – Popcorn Creature

Desert concept art

Yann Blessemaille – Landscape
Barrett Biggers – It all begins after it ends
Tobias Roetsch – Ascending

More desert concept art on Displate:

Sam Burley – MTG Plains
Alfio Capotorto – Desert tower city
Joseph Diaz – The Memory Remains III

Mech concept art

Jakub Rozalski – 1920 – sheperd
Oliver Bown – Brainpod Mono
Mark Louie Superales – Golden Berserk Jaeger

More mech concept art on Displate:

Retina Creative – Gundam
Jay Maninang – The Builder
Yexart Design – Gundam Fluo Blue

Female character concept art

Retina Creative – Stormquake Sorceress
Jonas Špokas – Ranger Woman
Eran Fowler – Witch of the White Wood

More female character concept art on Displate:

Gavin Wynford – Varya
Matthew Fletcher – Raven the Centaur
Paulina Foryś – Elven Queen

Sword concept art

Simon Garcia – 3d Master Sword
Donnie – Treeforce

More sword concept art on Displate:

Aime Cozza – Onus
A C – Master Sword

Cyberpunk character concept art

Qurro Olmo – EXODUS
Vyacheslav Sivun – Valkyrie
Vladimir Prodanovic – Cyber Yojimbo

More cyberpunk character concept art on Displate:

ダ マ ル – NULL
Zenion Artwork – Cyber Gal
Nikolay Qnev – SyberPunkish Guy

Cave concept art

Witcher 3 – Trolls Cave
Pete Cuthbertson – The Cave City
Shahab Alizadeh – Thieves Den

More cave concept art on Displate:

Ashan Dananjaya – Lost
Peter Bohacek – Dire Wolf
Michal Karcz – The Serpent’s Liar

Spacesuit concept art

Eran Fowler – New Worlds
Steve Goad – Stardust
Clarice Guardiano – Planes in Space

More space suit concept art on Displate:

Snisovik Prints – Space Roses
Bartosz Domiczek – An astronaut in Limbo
Giovanni Cancemi – Astronaut with pink float

Landscape concept art

Witcher 3 – No Mans Land
Raffaela Cech – The Golden Valley
Simone Wunderlich – The Arrival

More landscape concept art on Displate:

Tobias Roetsch – Wayfarer
Jonathan Lam – The Hollow Lands
Ferdinand Ladera – Mt Alebur

Soldier concept art

Benny Haley – New Worlds
Retina Creative – Soldier

More soldier concept art on Displate:

Ardiyanza Dewa – Soldier
Eden Design – The Soldier

Steampunk concept art

Tomasz Jedruszek – The River Kambir
Bartlomiej Jurkowski – Endless Journey
Sami Saramaki – Howl’s Moving Castle

More steampunk concept art on Displate:

Tao Markey – Drifting Ship
Sylvain Gauci – Creation of cyberpunk
Rociel Sama – Childhood Memory

Female warrior concept art

Nj with Nanocat – Jason Simart
Tamas Patkos – Reaver
She’s not from Australia

More female warrior concept art on Displate:

Grzegorz Rutkowski – Personal artwork
Nicklas Gustafsson – Female Samurai
Jamie Simpson – Spirit Warrior Elari

Pirate concept art

Grzegorz Rutkowski – Personal artwork
Tomasz Jedruszek – Grace the Pirate Queen
Mykola Morozov – Pirate Cat

More pirate concept art on Displate:

Eva Nev – Corsair
Adam Lawless – XANTHE
Anton Atlanasov – Pirate schooner in stormy

Weapon concept art

Eden Design – Glock 17
Ferdianto Kartono – Pubg Micro Uzi
Scar Design – Hydra

More weapon concept art on Displate:

BBoo Design – Armed and Boujee
Enkel Dika – Banana Gun
Terry Fan – Peacemaker

Which fantasy concept artwork from this list stood out to you? Share your favorite picks in the comments section, or submit your own concept art to Displate to get in on the action!

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