American Travel Posters Inspired By 50 U.S. Cities

September 10, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Do you want to explore the most popular cities of the United States from the seat of your couch? Check out each of these 50 fun American travel posters for a quick and creative tour!

In this post, you’ll find a series of original artworks that celebrate the spirit of American tourism!

Specifically, you’ll see a list of travel art posters that were inspired by 50 different U.S. cities and travel destinations!

Cornel Vlad – USA Flag and Bald Eagle

There’s a lot to see here, so please take your time to fully exam each of the artworks you’re about to discover.

The overall goal is to encourage you to explore your own city or travel to new places so that you can find new ideas and inspiration to create your own original art!


Are you ready to explore some cool travel art made by the Displate artist community?

Your artistic tour of America’s cities begins now.


1. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sven Horn – Albuquerque Skyline

2. Anchorage, Alaska

Design Turnpike – Anchorage Alaska City Skyline State Flag

3. Atlanta, Georgia

Trevor Kinkade – Atlanta

4. Austin, Texas

Bekim Art – Austin Skyline Vinyl

5. Baltimore, Maryland

6. Boise, Idaho

Towseef Dar – Boise Idaho Skyline

7. Boston, Massachusetts

Tim Kaiser – Boston

8. Buffalo, New York

Design Turnpike – Buffalo New York

9. Charleston, South Carolina

Dim – Charleston SC Skyline

10. Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael Tompsett – Charlotte Skyline

11. Chicago, Illinois

Henry Rivers – Chicago

12. Cleveland, Ohio

Conceptual Photography – Cleveland

13. Colorado Springs, Colorado

Trevor Kinkade – Colorado Springs

14. Cincinnati, Ohio

Tracey Krause – Cincinnati CIty Skyline

15. Columbus, Ohio

Design Turnpike – Columbus

16. Dallas, Texas

Design Turnpike – Dallas Texas City Skyline State Flag

17. Denver, Colorado

Rockstone – Denver Colorado

18. Detroit, Michigan

Dim – Detroit Michigan Skyline

19. El Paso, Texas

Rockstone – El Paso Texas

20. Fort Worth, Texas

Bekim Art – Fort Worth Skyline Grey

21. Honolulu, Hawaii

MappaMaps – Honolulu USA

22. Houston, Texas

Trevor Kinkade – Houston

23. Indianapolis, Indiana

Maksymilian Kulig – Indianapolis City Skyline

24. Jacksonville, Florida

Alexandros Iosifidis – Jacksonville

25. Kansas City, Missouri

Design Turnpike – Kansas City Missouri City Skyline State Flag

26. Las Vegas, Nevada

Fimbis – Las Vegas

27. Los Angeles, California

Conceptual Photography – Los Angeles

28. Memphis, Tennessee

Part Studio – Memphis in black

29. Miami, Florida

Melanie Viola – Palm Trees Miami Turquoise

30. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dim – Minneapolis MN Skyline

31. Nashville, Tennessee

Trevor Kinkade – Nashville

32. New Orleans, Louisiana

Ape Astronaut – New Orleans

33. New York City, New York

Ihab Design – New York

34. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Michael Tompsett – Oklahoma City Skyline

35. Omaha, Nebraska

AB Concepts – Omaha Nebraska Skyline

36. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Travel Follia – Philadelphia

37. Phoenix, Arizona

Trevor Kinkade – Monsoon Season

38. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

FARKI15 DESIGN – Pittsburgh

39. Portland, Oregon

Design Turnpike – Portland Oregon Map 1879

40. Raleigh, North Carolina

Michael Tompsett – Raleigh Skyline

41. Richmond, Virginia

Trevor Kinkade – Main Street Station

42. Sacramento, California

Designer Turnpike – Sacramento California City Skyline State Flag

43. San Antonio, Texas

Trevor Kinkade – San Antonio

44. San Diego, California

Anonymous – San Diego Travel Poster

45. San Francisco, California

Maksymilian Kulig – San Francisco Golden Gate

46. San Jose, California

El Tropico – San Jose California

47. St. Louis, Missouri

Bekim Art – St. Louis City Galaxy

48. Seattle, Washington

Loose Morals – Seattle

49. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Design Turnpike – Tulsa Oklahoma Skyline

50. Washington, D.C.

Bekim Art – Washington DC Abstract 2

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Thank you for checking out this awesome list of American travel posters from above!

We hope you enjoyed them all!

If you’re an artist, too, you can easily create your own travel art designs or cityscape artwork and upload it to sell on Displate.

Who knows … we might feature your original artwork on our blog next!

Now we want to hear from you…

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