TOP 10:  Extraterrestrial Prints on Metal

June 30, 2017 by Displate Artists Team in Displate Live

They came from outer space, used hi-tech, ultra-advanced technology to probe our specimens in order to gain knowledge of this planet. But some men in black suits wiped out our memories making their existence a convenient cover-up. They live among us, they might be your neighbors or even someone in your family. Probably, they already invaded Displate!

Check our handmade picks that might as well decorate your own Area 51.
Happy UFO Day – we want to believe!

alien poster by norbert nagy
“Xenociraptor” metal print by: Norbert Nagy
predator 80s style by ddjvigo
“Space Hunter” metal print by: ddjvigo
alien concept art Dumitru Furculita
“alien concept” metal print by: Dumitru Furculita
headcrab half-life propaganda poster
“Parasitized” metal print by: JC Maziu
district 9 alien fourteen lab
“District 9 – movie poster” metal print by: Fourteen Lab
the thing carpenter minimal poster dog chungkong art
“The Thing” metal print by: Chungkong Art
alien en face poster by retina creative
“Alien” metal print by: Retina Creative
starship troopers fighting alien by dan fajardo
“Invasion” metal print by: Dan Fajardo
alien from roswell 1947 by Lukasz Majewski
“Roswell 1947″ metal print by: Lukasz Majewski
mother earthbound et mashup by louis ros
“N.T.!” metal print by: louis ros

Head for the stars and other extraterrestrial prints here!

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