Surreal and Dreamy Vector Art by Romina Lutz

August 7, 2017 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Are you a dreamer? Do you love surreal art? If so, we invite you today to the surreal and dreamy world of Romina Lutz’s art! She creates surreal and dreamy vector art with a touch of vintage, minimal art and flat design elements.

Meet Romina Lutz, a self-taught digital artist and illustrator from Austria. Choosing the right colours and textures that communicate the proper emotional messages is of prime importance for her designs. Besides, she’s really passionate about combining it with a dreamy, fairytale feeling.

Romina Lutz in her studio

Also a touch of mystery and surrealism is a major part of my work. When people drift away into their own magical place somewhere in their imagination while looking at my work, then this is possibly the most beautiful compliment I can get as an artist.

By Romina Lutz

The topic for every single artwork created by the artist is influenced by feelings, moments, music, weather and other factors.

I begin with a digital scribble, followed by a digital vector draft. Finally, lights and shading, textures, effects and colours are being added to the final artwork.

“Happy Joyride” by Romina Lutz
“Freezing Bird…house” by Romina Lutz
“Sea of Light” by Romina Lutz

Which artists is she inspired by?

 I really love the work of contemporary artists but am likewise inspired by late artists, mostly Dalí and Vincent van Gogh. I am also a big fan of digital artist Tom Haugomat and Cyril Rolando. When it comes to the dark side, I really enjoy and admire Tim Burton’s early works such as ”Beetlejuice“ or ”Vincent“.

By Romina Lutz

Check out Romina’s amazing collection of her digital art here and get inspired by her magical world!

Prints on metal by Romina Lutz
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