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April 16, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

If you know Displate for some time now, there is no need to introduce this artist. He is our private legend and a true role model to look up to when it comes to selling your art online. Living his quiet life somewhere in Northern Europe, Eden Design decided to answer our questions for the first time in history. That is right, we popped his cherry! So… read, learn and repeat because his story proves that you can’t dream of success – you have to work for it.

Ok, so who really is Eden Design?

Well, he is a modest, quiet guy, who was raised in conditions that were kind of poor, but who made his biggest dream come true and proved that there is nothing more important than passion. Passion is everything to me. I was born in a little Nordic town and never forgot my roots and the values I have been taught by my parents and society I grew up in. 

So we may say that parents and family influenced your future career?

Absolutely, they had a huge impact on me. Not only my father showed me Back to the future for the first time, but my mother was teaching art at primary school back then, so the artistic soul was always somewhere inside me. She showed me how to make my first sketches, but the moment they bought us the first computer determined my future actions. I am also sharing my passion with my younger sister.

Whoa, now that is something.

Yes, she decided to create art a little bit later than I made that choice. She was always even more insecure than me, so I had to convince her that she has serious talent in graphic design. We come from a very humble family where it was kinda hard to make a living. But, somehow, we managed to find the strength to fight for our future.

What were your first artworks you decided to sell?

I started with Car Legends. Funny story – I had no idea how to name the collection, I was fighting with my mind for a while and then my sister came to my room and said with disrespect: wow, movie legends and cars, how original! And that is exactly when I wrote: Car Legends in my artist’s panel and uploaded 3 illustrations: Marty McFly, Mad Max and Driver. I left it like this for a few days and came back to upload 4 designs to my Gaming Characters collection. And that’s it. Three days later the magic started to happen 🙂

How did you exactly come up with the idea for Car Legends?

It is the reflection of every passion I have ever had in my life. Drawing, motorization, and movies. I am a tech freak, I love machines and reading about them, and it was always connected to my relationship with cinema. Since I was a little boy I remember that there were always VHS cassettes all around my house. My dad used to rent classic science fiction movies from the only video rental store in our town and we binge-watched them during the holidays. It was also my big dream to have my own, cool-looking garage, with a nice car inside, maybe a motorbike, but we could never afford to have it. So I started to draw everything I loved.

And when did you begin to see a growing interest in your designs?

Well, it happened very fast – my Marty was selling very well from the first day I uploaded the design, but the truth is that the more I uploaded, the bigger sales I got. It made me think that people like to have a choice, a variety of designs to pick from. When a customer decides to buy his favorite movie or game character, he likes to purchase more, to build a collection. It never ends with one. Also – creating more made my creative juices flowing so fast, I felt more motivated to work and it also brought new clients to my gallery.

Why exactly did you decide to join Displate and begin your adventure with selling metal prints online?

It was completely accidental. I was looking for some art to decor my garage and I came across Displate. The website was older back then, but still looked totally cool, and the idea of posters on metal seemed so innovative I decided to give it a closer look. I scrolled dozens of designs and suddenly understood that it was the first place I would like to sell my designs on. I already had a few artworks waiting for better days on my hard drive, so I chose to give it a shot. And well, it was the best decision in my entire life 🙂

How did your life change since deciding to make art for a living?

It changed everything. First of all, I believed I can actually live from graphic design and creating artworks. I became a full-time, freelance concept artist who was lucky to equate his job with passion. I won the feeling of security and I could make my family’s life better. I bought a house, a nice car and I made my biggest dream come true – I bought a house with an amazing garage-workshop, where I can do some do-it-myself in my car and motorbike. It is where I spend the time when I feel down and without motivation. It is where I always find inspiration. 

Do you have any tips for young artists afraid to show their designs to the world?

Stop being scared. The only thing that really stops you is your own self. Because when you have true passion, you can do anything, even if you are poor and it seems like you have no other future than to work in a local grocery store. Also – work hard, because the more art you create, the more people can actually find it interesting. And if you are honest in what you do – people will see that and trust you forever

Any ideas for future collections?

It is top secret (laughs)! Let it be a surprise, but I can assure you – my skills are developing and I am always excited by new things, so who knows what will be next! You can only imagine! 😉 

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