The Art Of Things That Don’t Exist (But Soon Will)

May 14, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

The future can be a lot of fun to think about.

Yet predicting it with accuracy is not an easy thing to do.

After all, anything could happen.

Like most people, artists have their own guesses as to what the future will look like, too.

In fact, the Displate marketplace has thousands of original artworks that illustrate some of things you may encounter in the near and distant future.

Peaceful Day In The Sky submitted by Michael Deleau

So just for fun…

We recently rounded up a list of some of our favorite artworks on Displate that depict the future!

Will any of the things you see or read about in this list actually occur?

Only time will tell!

The best plan of action we recommend for you — is to start preparing now for what lies ahead…

By checking out all of the awesome artworks below!

Mark our words…

Viewing them now could save your life one day.

So go ahead and dim the lights.

Queue the dramatic music. 

And enjoy the art show below.

The future begins now!

1. Futuristic Cities

Civilization submitted by Noel delMar

In the future …

Everything about a city’s population, infrastructure, and economy will be tracked, monitored, stored, and accessed as data. 

Local governments will be able to use this data in combination with AI machine learning to operate the cities of the future with incredible efficiency. 

The end result? 

The cities of the future will produce well-functioning societies that enable people to live happier and healthier lives. 

That’s our hope, at least!

The artists on Displate have portrayed what future cities will look like, too. 

Check out their original artwork!

Spaceport City submitted by Luis Peres
We Are The Future by Eleanor Lutz
Rusting World by Luis Peres

More future city art you should check out on Displate:

Futuristic Artwork by Lena Chy
Current by seam less
Sci-fi Landscapes by Valerio De Cristofaro

2. Virtual Reality

A 2077’s Summer by Christopher Sanabria

In the future …

There will be two worlds. The one you’ve always known. And the one that’s coming soon, a virtual world.

When it arrives, VR will change everything about how we live and function as a society.

As the technology becomes more mainstream, people will soon use the virtual world to meet with friends and family who live long-distances away from them.

With your VR headset, you’ll see them and they’ll see you. 

You’ll also be able to physically interact with them, even if you’re oceans apart from each other in the real world.

Hooray for virtual hugs!

Vision 2077 by Naked Monkey

Next, the video game and movie industries will evolve into something like you’ve never seen before, as you will become the main playable character in any game or film.

It’s also likely that VR suits will hit store shelves, too, allowing the people who wear them to have full interaction with the virtual world. 

So with a VR suit, not only will you see the virtual world, you’ll be able to feel it, too.

Strangely enough, as VR technology advances, it’s also predicted that people will gradually spend more of their time living in the virtual world than they will in the real world.

But it’s just a prediction for now.

The artists on Displate have portrayed what virtual reality will look like, too.

Check out their original artwork!

Cyber by Robson Silva
The Philosophers Stone by Esteban Lenquette

More virtual reality art you should check out on Displate:

Escape by Pigboom Kaboom
The Matrix by Movie Poster Boy
CyberPunk by Uber Colektiv

3. Space Tours & Colonization

Space by Fran Rodriguez

In the future…

People will take both public and private tour guides into deep outer space. 

We’ll eventually colonize some of the planets we visit, too.

Depending on your destination though, the travel time of a guided spaceship tour could take up to several months or even years! 

But don’t worry.

As soon as you become an impatient or weary passenger, you can suspend yourself inside of a cryosleep chamber to help you pass all of the time. 

Your body will then be resuscitated as soon as you arrive back on Earth or you reach your new planetary home — just like how it happens in the sci-fi movies! 

In fact, NASA is actually developing cryosleep chambers right now in effort to make deep space tours and colonization a real possibility!

The artists on Displate have portrayed what space tours and colonization will look like, too. 

Check out their original artworks!

Xposed by Elo Marc
Abduction by Elo Marc
Staring At The World by seam less

More space tour and colonization art you should check out on Displate:

Intergalactic Bridges by Mikath
New Blue Planet by Gab Fernando
Zkyyrchd Plyynyt by Spires //

4. Androids

Together Into the Future by Mr Robot

In the future…

Things might get a little weird. 

After robots come onto the scene, various companies and manufacturers will begin to give them more realistic human-like features and appearances — androids.

At first, people will use them as personal assistants to help themselves complete chores and regular daily tasks.

This means that cooking, cleaning, and walking your pet dog likely won’t be your full responsibility anymore.

Your android butler will just do it for you.  

And if you can imagine it, some androids will specifically be designed to become your friendly companion.

Basically, you’ll have the ability to buy a buddy that’s programmed to love you and have it shipped to your front door on the same day you order it.  


The artists on Displate have portrayed what androids will look like, too. 

Check out their original artwork!

Reaching An Android by Noel delMar
Malfunction by Jani Finer
Paranoid Android by Monica Amorim

More android art you should check out on Displate:

Three Red Lights by Adomas Storpirstis
Android On The Run by Randy Monteith
Running Android Robot by Anna Smirnova

5. Underwater Cities

The Underwater City by Viviana Gonzalez

In the future…

One day, the land of the Earth is going to become overpopulated, so we’ll have to start looking for new places to live eventually.

One possible solution is to build and live inside of cities underneath the surface of our oceans.

Of course, living a subterranean lifestyle will certainly take some getting used to. Most likely, we’d be enclosed by a dome-shaped capsule filled with breathable air. Seafood will become your main diet. 

You’ll probably have more pet fish than you can count. 

You also might see a hammerhead shark swimming past your bedroom window from time to time.

It’ll freak you out at first, but after a couple of months, you’ll probably get used to it — maybe.

Hey, if Spongebob and Patrick can live happily while submerged in an underwater city, you can, too — someday that is.

The artists on Displate have portrayed what underwater cities will look like, too. 

Check out their original artworks!

Underwater City by Neville Raven
Atlantis by Raffaela Cech
Underwater City by Marianna Tankelevich

More underwater city art you should check out on Displate:

Chieri Digital 2006 by Andrea Gatti
Dolphins Civilization by Viviana Gonzales
Spaces City Sharks by Dirk Wustenhagen

6. Teleports

Big teleportation door by Psycho Shadow

In the future…

Teleporting yourself to any location you want to be will become quite commonplace. Here’s how we think it could play out!

First, people will use teleport services at public stations (similar to today’s airports) to help them travel throughout the world in the blink of an eye. 

Next, the technology to be anywhere at any time will become prevalent in every home, where people will have access to a personal teleportation vehicle or special energy device that beams them from one place to another (Star Trek, anyone?). 

And eventually, humans will have the power to teleport their bodies and other objects to any coordinates in space — just by thinking about it.

It may sound far-fetched, but hey, anything is possible. It’s the future, remember?

The artists on Displate have portrayed what teleportation will look like, too. 

Check out their original artworks!

Before The Creator by Bruce Rolff
Tunnel by Zoltan Toth
Viva La Teletransporacion by MrJungle

More teleport art you should check out on Displate:

Dark Time Portal by Stoian Hitrov
Cosmic Portal by Jean Sebastien Lajeunesse
Portal Tree by Juan Antonio Campos Hoyos

7. Hoverboards

The Messenger by Angrymonk

In the future …

Hoverboards will become your favorite new toy and personal vehicle.

The first models will have the appearance of a modern skateboard. 

However, the second generation of hoverboards will have a much smaller surface area and also take the shape of a flat circular disc.

Quickly, these simple, yet sophisticated flying platforms will begin to dominate local public transportation and travel markets. 

Next, you’ll see hoverboards begin to form new markets in major league sports. Who knows…. 

You may even see trained athletes compete in Olympic hoverboard competitions some day. 

The sky’s the limit with hoverboards. 

The best part? Pizza delivery in the future should become a whole lot faster!

The artists on Displate have portrayed what hoverboards will look like, too. 

Check out their original artworks!

Back To The Future by Michelle Fran
Hoverboard Takes Flight by Dan Fajardo
Hoverboard Collection by Jonathan Jacot Ruiz

More hoverboard art you should check out on Displate:

Get Your Own Hoverboard! By Anna Maria Jung
Anatomy Of A Hoverboard by Create or Destroy
McFly by Danny Haas

8. Robot Warfare

A Sci-Fi Soldier by Sascha Kozacenko

In the future…

Could nefarious robots collectively turn against people and threaten all of humanity? 


If it were to happen, our guess is that a programming error or a group of secret computer hackers would be to blame. Regardless, although we have our fingers crossed, you could be asked to fight against an army of robots in an epic battle to save the future of mankind.

Don’t flip out though. 

We assume humans will win the Great Robot War and that we’ll keep our dominion over all of the bad bots gone wild

Another bright side? 

You’ll have incredible stories to tell your grandchildren. So there’s that.

The artists on Displate have portrayed what robots and robot warfare will look like, too. 

Check out their original artworks!

Humans Need Purpose by Mr Robot
Galvatron by James Marsh
Pacific Spatter by Alberto Perez

More robot warfare and robot art you should check out on Displate:

Bending Unit 22 by LeDuc Olivier
Robot Saturn by Renso Colimodio
Summoner by Jakub Rozalski

9. Time Machines

The Time Machine by Chungkong Art

In the future….

Someone could build a real time machine.

When it happens, we imagine that you’ll be able to travel to any timeline, whether it’s in our history or in the future.

Whenever you visit the past, you’ll automatically get front row seats to major historical events.

Do you want to see exactly how the Egyptians built the Pyramids of Giza? 

That’s easy.

Just hop into your time machine, select any year or a specified date, press a button — and ZOOM! — off you go to 2600 B.C. (We suggest you bring a jug of water or two. It is the desert).

The Egyptian Pyramids submitted by Fine Art Designs

Whenever you visit the future, you could obtain knowledge about if and how the world will end. 

Then, you could come back to the present timeline and save everybody from mass extinction. 

You’d become a real hero!

(Don’t worry. Your secret will stay safe with us.)

If time travel ever is invented, here are the top 3 most likely outcomes:

1. People will change the past to affect favorable outcomes for themselves in the present timeline. (Wouldn’t you, as well?)

2. Most people’s first trip to the future … will involve gathering information regarding winning lottery tickets. (You know it’s true)

3. People in the future will buy more cat art (We’re 100% certain on this one).

The artists on Displate have portrayed what time machines will look like, too.

Check out their original artworks!

Excellent Adventures by Dale Hutchinson
Time Travellers by Denis Orio Ibanez
Time Traveler by Nebojsa Pejic

More time machine art you should check out on Displate:

Back To The Future by Anton Atanasov
Time Travel by Enkel Dika
Time Travellers by Jamie Stone

10. Alien Invasion

Forever War by Steve Simmons

In the future…

Space aliens could choose to visit planet Earth, and either treat all of us incredibly well …

Or they could just attack us instead.

If they were to fly by our planet and make an attempt to invade us, it’s safe to assume the world will change forever no matter who wins the Battle For Earth. 

Here’s just a few predictions of what’ll happen in the immediate aftermath of the invasion:

1. The people of Earth will become more united than ever before in human history.

2. Nations may cease to exist and the Earth Military Force will quickly form. 

3. The world’s top leaders in science and technology will help the new military develop defensive and offensive plans to prevent future alien attacks.

Now, in case they do actually attack, we might have to come up with a very inventive battle plan, one that’s so crazy — it just might work…

Instead of fighting, we offer the little green dudes some delicious tacos as a peace offering.

We’re Here For Taco submitted by Charles Paulo Ramir Ignacio

Although this plan probably won’t work, it does prove a valid point:

There should always be delicious tacos on standby — now and in the future.

(We know you agree.)

The artists on Displate have portrayed what an alien invasion will look like, too.

Check out their original artworks!

The Unknown by Ravi Shankar
Invasion Of The Pizza Snatchers by Steve Wilson
Alien Attack by Pinku Das

More alien invasion and alien art you should check out on Displate:

Extraterrestrial Guest by Nadya Plyamko
Alien Gangsta Rapper Space by Nikolay Todorov
I Want To Believe by DD ART

Now A Brief Message From Your Pals At Displate

Hey you! 

Did you have fun viewing this incredible list of original artworks on Displate?

If you had a great time browsing these illustrations…

We invite you to check out the rest of our online store to see everything else our community of artists creates for sale!

Which amazing new artworks will you stumble upon next?

Only the future will tell!

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