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April 11, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Displate Live

Some of you may disagree, but trust us – it broke our hearts to even consider the omnipotence of this truth… We tried our best to beat it… After many brainstorming and R&D sessions with rulers and such, we surveyed friends, family, lovers and even random people on the street, and yet…

Guys, it is time to be honest… 

Size does matter!

Here, at Displate we care about the way our contributors’ art is making an impression on the viewers because talent and hard work deserve proper display to be admired and showcased. When we created Displates, we knew, it was a ground-breaking product that would somehow revolutionize both traditional and digital art, blending them into one in a whole new form.
That made us proud. 

Design is continuous work towards perfection.

Perfection is balance between the extremes.

To maximize our efforts to stay clean, stay true to what we believe in when it comes to the world around us, and reduce waste during production processes, we took a heart-breaking decision to (temporarily) withdraw the S and XXL sizes from our website starting on April, 19th.

It is your last chance to add chosen Displates to checkout and enjoy them as S and XXL prints with last extra discount. USE CODE SIZEMATTERS : Buy 3-4 get 15% OFF | 5+ 20% OFF until 19th April. 
This one is far from being a secret so tell your friends about it. Tell them that #SIZEMATTERS. 

Whatever story you want to tell, tell it at the right size. 

Click here to BROWSE ALL shapes and sizes.  

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