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December 7, 2017 by Displate Artists Team in Displate Live

Know that feeling when there are Christmas lights everywhere, the holiday pressure is extremely high and you still have no idea what to give your mom, sister, wife or best friend? Well, we are here to give you a hand! Just think about some of  their characteristics, interests, hobbies, or what they like, and check out these collections of Displates as perfect gift ideas for different types of women. 

Boho Chic

Know anyone hanging dreamcatchers all over the house, whose soul mate seems to be no one else but Pocahontas? Here are some boho-style designs to help anyone free their true spirit!

boho style metal posters home decor idea
“Key” collection by LouJah
cacti boho style artworks printed on metal displate
Lovely “Cacti” collection by Lotta Hakola
cool metal posters for boho chic girls
What’s your animal spirit?

Scandi Girl

Misty landscapes, wild forests and minimalistic designs, there are plenty of ways to recreate a scandi-look on walls!

nature posters as a cool gift idea for women
Stunning metal posters with nature photos
art printed on metal gift idea for art lover
Wonderful abstract paintings printed on metal plates
minimalistic black and white scandinavian interior with metal posters
Minimalistic surreal artworks in black-and-white

Animal Lover

There is no need to be ashamed for getting all emotional after seeing another video with an abandoned hedgehog. We do that as well! Every-single-time. That’s why we’ve picked some truly heartwarming designs for a real animal lover.

cute animal illustrations printed on metal for animal lovers
Cute animal illustrations by Michelle Carlslund
animal illustrations printed on metal home decor gift idea for women
Some really cool animal portraits!
animal illustrations printed on metal home decor gift idea for women
Lovely scandivavian interior with animal illustrations

Art Lover

Some of us dream big. Go to art galleries and think of how would it be to start their own masterpiece collection. Well, our Fine Art set is a good place to start!

claude monet paintings printed on metal plates displate
Metal posters with Claude Monet’s paintings
art printed on metal gift idea for art lover
Abstract paintings by Michael Hunter printed on metal
johannes vermeer prints on metal displate
Classical paintings by Johannes Vermeer printed on metal plates

Asia Dreamer

We all have that one friend who cannot imagine a week without sushi. For those who’d love to live in a Ukiyo-e tale and pick cherries straight from a cherry tree we got a collection full of many Asian beauties!

ukiyo-e posters for asia lovers
Get an Asian look for your home!
turning japanese metal posters for asia lovers
“Turning Japanese” collection for Asia Lovers
japanese posters home decor displate
“Morita” collection of metal posters


Probably all of us know Carrie Bradshaw from the TV show Sex and the City, the one in love with clothes, collecting countless numbers of lovely shoes. Well, these metal posters are a perfect gift idea for a girl with a penchant for shopping, the one who enjoys playing with fashion and has a great talent for combining current and vintage fashionable trends.

home decor gift idea for fashion lover metal poster
Beautiful women portraits by Nettsch
fashion metal posters displate
Colorful artworks by Anna Kożdoń
fashion prints on metal gift idea for women displate
Metal posters for real fashion lover!

Travel Enthusiast 

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” Gift ideas for those who love wandering around the world, getting to know new people and new places. For real travel addicts!

metal posters for travel lovers displate
Travel posters by Terry Fan
pastel landscapes printed on metal plates gift idea for women
Pastel landscapes for wanderers
minimalist travel posters europe cities displate
Lovely minimal travel posters

Romantic Soul

Delicate, emotional, idealistic. Always crying when reading romantic books or watching movies about love. Beautiful prints on metal for someone unique and special!

animal dream like metal posters for dreamer women
Dream-like collection by Pablo Caro Revidiego
home decor gift idea for boho girl
“Collage” collection by Eva Nev
romantic artworks printed on metal posters gift ideas for girls
All you need is love!

Slow Life Enthusiast

Nowadays when we all rush and have no time to stop for a minute, slow life enthusiast lives a perfectly conscious life in harmony with nature and oneself. She’ll always find time for meditation, yoga, or a leisurely walk in the park. Take a look at our ideas for a gift for your friend who enjoys slow life!

nature posters for your wall displate
For those who live their lives in harmony with nature
slow life yoga metal posters gift idea
For yoga lovers!
home decor metal posters for nature lovers
Greenery posters on metal

Foody Girl

Ok, let us not deceive ourselves, we all have among our friends someone who simply loves to eat! Someone who never gives up on a dessert and usually asks for another helping. Someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking delicious stuff. A cool idea for a gift? Metal posters with food, obviously!

exotic fruit posters on metal for food lovers
For real color junkies!
taste of asia metal posters displate
Taste of Asia!
food inspired metal posters for your kitchen displate
Kitchen stories on metal plates

So… are you ready to choose a gift for your loved one? Hope these inspirations and ideas helped you make a good decision and surprise your girlfriend or sister with a wonderful gift! Check out more Displates here.

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