How To Dominate On Displate & Sell Your Original Art

August 20, 2019 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Corner

Making money as an artist just got waaaaaay easier. Follow this friendly guide and playbook to sell your original artwork, earn higher profits, and dominate the Displate marketplace!

In this post, we reveal to you the 10 top ways to become a successful artist on Displate.

Precisely, you’ll learn best practices, clever strategies, and easy tools to help you excel.

The ultimate goal is for you to get paid for your original artwork and skyrocket your earnings on the Displate marketplace!

Table of Contents:

  1. Choose How You Wanna Proceed
  2. Upload Your Best Original Art
  3. List Many Artworks For Sale
  4. See What’s Trending Now
  5. Stick To The Categories
  6. Use The Best Keywords
  7. Power Up Your Artist Profile
  8. Create Stunning Art Collections
  9. Specialize In Something
  10. Research The Marketplace

[Please note: All of the recommendations we provide in this guide will be easy for you to follow. Start at the beginning or simply skip around to the topics that interest you most. However, if you want to dominate on Displate and sell more original artwork than you’ve ever sold before, we recommend that you read everything here to get the most value possible.]

Are you ready to learn the top 10 things you can do to sell your original art on Displate?

We’ll start with the most important thing first….

1. Choose How You Wanna Proceed

There are plenty of great reasons to join Displate community of artists, but here is the top 3 that we find the most important.

2. Upload Your Best Original Art

Millions of people shop the Displate marketplace to find the best original artwork on the face of the planet — just like yours!

To satisfy these awesome art lovers who want to buy your artwork, you should only upload your best original art for sale on Displate.

By offering your highest quality designs:

  • You will bring more attention to your artwork
  • Shoppers will spend more time looking at your artwork
  • Shoppers will feel more desire to buy your artwork
  • You will get more fans and followers on Displate
  • You will sell more artwork and earn more money with Displate

For bonus points, if you can make the Displate Team fall in love your original artwork…

We’ll feature your art in our blog or Instagram channel to help you promote it to our wide and growing audience of original artwork fans.

So believe it, folks!

Uploading your best original artwork is the #1 way to sell more of it on the Displate marketplace!

How to Upload Your Best Original Art:

To upload your best original artwork for sale on Displate, simply be positive about 4 things:

  1. Your artwork will look great as a wall decoration for someone’s home or office space.
  2. Your artwork matches the quality of other artworks that are sold on Displate.
  3. You’re proud of how your artwork looks.
  4. You believe online art shoppers will purchase your artwork.

If everything here checks off with you, then congratulations.

You’ve got amazing artwork that Displate shoppers will buy!

Upload it for sale to the Displate marketplace as soon as possible and start getting paid!

3. List Many Artworks For Sale

The quality of your original artwork will always have an effect on how much money you’ll earn with Displate.

The quantity of artwork you have for sale will have an effect on your earnings, too.

It’s easy to understand why.

When you upload and list many artworks for sale on the Displate marketplace…
  • People will have more opportunities to discover your art on our website
  • You’ll have a larger variety of artworks to help you attract a larger audience of art lovers
  • Shoppers will be empowered to purchase multiple artworks from you.
Fox in Whimsy Wood

How to List Many Artworks For Sale

If you want to add more artwork for sale to the Displate marketplace in a short amount of time…

We recommend you do 3 simple things:

  • Upload new artworks for sale every month to Displate
  • Upload new artworks by entering Displate Art Challenges
  • Upload old or recent artworks you’ve made in the past that still look amazing

Ultimately, the more original artwork you have for sale on the Displate marketplace…

The more art sales you’re likely to get!

4. See What’s Trending Now

Creating artwork that is trending with shoppers is a clever way to sell more original art on the Displate marketplace!

But… how do you find out what’s currently trending with online art shoppers?

Louis Roskosch – Anti Social Social Media

The majority of Displate shoppers, like most other people, use social media every day or week.

Due to this fact, another popular way to see what’s trending with Displate shoppers is to pay attention to the things you see on social media.

These are the specific things we recommend you check out:

  • Facebook artist groups
  • Hashtags on Instagram
  • Pinterest boards
  • What’s trending on Twitter
  • The homepage of Reddit

All of these are great resources — so go ahead and try them all.

Ultimately, by knowing what’s currently trending with Displate shoppers and people in general, you’ll have an extremely clear idea on what type of artwork you should create for sale!

5. Stick To The Categories

We encourage you to upload any original artwork you want to sell on the Displate marketplace.

However, it is a wise move if you stick to the categories of art listed on our website!

By creating artwork that is specifically related to the art categories on Displate, you will:

  • Satisfy and meet the expectations of customers who shop Displate
  • Create artwork that’ll always be popular with Displate shoppers
  • Give more people the opportunity to find your art when they shop by category

This is a winning solution to sell more original art!

How to Stick To The Categories

Creating artwork that’s associated with a category of art featured on Displate is easy.

To prove it, you can get a lot of art ideas for any category of art by doing this:

  • Find an art category on Displate you’re familiar with and enjoy
  • Consider the many things and potential subcategories that belong to that category
  • Look at other artworks on Displate that are currently featured in the category

Boom, there you go.

Instant inspiration for any category of artwork you want to create and sell on Displate.

(You’re welcome!)

6. Use The Best Keywords

Everytime you upload a brand new original artwork for sale on the Displate marketplace…

We always ask you to do three very important things:

  1. Title your artwork
  2. Tag your artwork
  3. Describe your artwork

If you use the best keywords to do this, shoppers will discover your art for sale more easily!

How to Use The Best Keywords For Your Artwork

First, you’ll want to grab a pencil and paper or find something to write with.

Next, write a list of 5 to 10 keywords that best describe the original artwork you want to upload and sell on the Displate marketplace. (Look at your artwork to do this correctly).

To come up with the best keywords for your artwork, focus on words that define just 5 things:

  • The subject matter
  • Style of artwork
  • Most visible color
  • Related art categories
  • Synonyms, adjectives, or verbs that are commonly associated with your subject matter

See how easy this is?

Finding keywords for your artwork’s title, tags, and description really is this simple!

For best results, you should…

  • Put the main keyword that describes the subject matter of your artwork somewhere in the title.
  • Use any of the keywords you’d like for your artwork’s tags and description.
  • Finally, whenever you’re ready, submit your artwork for sale!

Now all of the Displate shoppers who want to find and buy your type of artwork can!

We pretty sure you’re cool with that!

7. Power Up Your Artist Profile

Do you want to know a big secret about Displate shoppers?

They will buy more of your original artwork if you have a powerful Artist Profile.

For you to create one that shoppers will fall in love with, your Artist Profile should reveal:

  • Your talent
  • Your techniques and art inspiration
  • Your unique personality

By using your Artist Profile to demonstrate these things and impress shoppers, they will feel more influenced to buy your art!

Louis Roskosch – Impress Me

How to Power Up Your Artist Profile

You can wow and excite all of the shoppers who explore your Artist Profile on Displate by:

  1. Selling an abundance of high quality artwork only
  2. Providing fun and short descriptions for every artwork
  3. Sharing at least one of these interesting things in your bio:
  • What type of art you mostly create
  • How or why you became an artist
  • Your favorite quote about art
  • Your favorite subject matter
  • Your artist philosophy
  • Your artist goals

To make the most powerful impression on your Artist Profile, you should also:

  1. Upload your photo
  2. Have an awesome background image
  3. Highlight up to 3 Promoted Artworks

Remember, the shoppers who are checking out your Artist Profile are just one click away from buying your artwork.

So, your Artist Profile, like your artwork for sale, should always look visually appealing.

Don’t just make it look good enough.

You should make that baby pop!

The more powerful of an impression you can make with your Artist Profile – the more art sales and money you’ll earn with Displate.

That’s a guarantee.

8. Create Stunning Art Collections

Retina Creative – Wonders of the world

One of the most profitable ways to sell your art on Displate is to create stunning art collections.

Create stunning art collections to sell more original art on the Displate marketplace.

By having your own art collections for sale, shoppers will be able to:

  • Discover your artwork when they shop by collections
  • Share the whole collection with their friends on social media
  • Buy entire sets of artwork from you, either all-in-one-buy or over time.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by selling collections of your artwork!

Give it a try if you want an easy way to multiply your earnings.

Louis Roskosch – Money Cat

How to Create Stunning Art Collections

Art collections on the Displate marketplace consist of 8 or more related artworks.

So the best and fastest way to create your own art collection is to just get started!

Here’s what we recommend you do:

  • Add new art collections one at a time
  • Only add coherent and matching pieces of artwork to a collection
  • Present one artwork from a collection as a Promoted Artwork (on your Artist Profile)

Sure, creating a stunning art collection takes time.

All great things do.

With all the extra money you’ll be making, it will be totally worth your effort.

9. Specialize In Something

Have you specialized yourself as an artist, yet?

Choosing a subject matter to specialize in is a genius way for you to sell more original art on the Displate marketplace!

By uploading for sale many pieces of artwork devoted to the same subject matter, you will…

  • Be featured more on the Displate marketplace to people searching that subject matter
  • Be seen as an expert artist in that subject matter
  • Have the best-looking artwork about that subject matter
  • Help people identify you and your artwork when they browse the Displate marketplace

All of these things sound great, right?

When you specialize in one subject matter, everything lines up to you getting more art sales!

Jonas Jodicke – Soulkeeper

How to Specialize In Something

You can specialize yourself as an artist on the Displate marketplace in 3 simple steps.

  1. Pick one subject matter you’re good at illustrating or photographing.
  2. Think of artwork ideas for this one subject matter.
  3. Begin creating several artworks featuring this subject matter and then upload them for sale on Displate marketplace.

Remember – the more artworks you create with the same subject matter, the greater likelihood someone will find and buy your artwork when they search for it on the Displate marketplace.

Specializing yourself is smart.

This strategy works even better after you’ve learned how to research the Displate marketplace like a pro…

10. Research The Marketplace

Do you want to become an expert seller on Displate in record-breaking time?

Then you should research what’s already on the marketplace!

By researching the other artworks available for sale on Displate, you will be able to:

  • Know what other artists are selling for comparison
  • Figure out what you can do to design something that’s different and unique
  • Create original artworks that will more easily sell on the Displate marketplace

What’s not to love?

By doing just a little research, your mission of selling more artwork will be accomplished!

Luckily, it’s super simple for you to do…

Enkel Dika – The Legacy of the Bright Mind

How To Research The Marketplace

The following 4 methods will help you research and discover fun, easy, and profitable artwork ideas to sell on Displate!

  1. Search for specific artwork ideas by using the Displate search bar
  2. Browse art categories 
  3. Browse art collections (filter by best selling and new)
  4. Read the Displate Blog

To get the most value from your research, we recommend you try them all!

The reason is simple…

Effectively researching the Displate marketplace will prepare you to only create artwork that sells and makes you money!

Continue The Conversation!

Good move, buddy!

You just learned the 10 best ways to sell your original artwork on Displate.

Now that you know all about the best practices, strategies, and tools to use…

You can dominate the Displate marketplace and begin to earn more money as an artist!

Now we want to hear from you…

Out of the 10 strategies we just gave you, which one are you going to try first? 

Let us know in the comments section below!

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