Friday Five: Movie and Series Posters

August 1, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Once a week there’s this special day worth every celebration. Friday deserves to be a holiday, but since we don’t really see it coming and still have to work till 5, we’ve decided to honor it with something the most beloved to us – the art.

Week by week, just before the weekend (having some ants in our pants), we give you our Friday Five – the sweetest artists of our choice, matched to the topic we spontaneously come up with. 

So today just sit back, relax and enjoy watching our set of 5 artists, who clearly binge-watch every possible movie and series. Their alternative movie posters are killin’ it, deserving to be the original ones. 

These movie posters are a feast for the eyes of a real cinema geek, so scroll down and watch until the end! A real movie fan never leaves before the closing credits! 😉 

Ladislas Chachignot

If you’re into the 80’s, his collection of movie posters will make you whisper ‘wow’ and ‘awww’ all the short way down… 

movie poster a monster calls
A Monster Calls alternative movie poster
movie poster wes anderson
The Grand Budapest Hotel poster
movie poster stranger things
Stranger Things movie poster
king kong movie poster
Kong Skull Island Alternative movie poster
mad max movie poster
Mad Max: Fury Road movie poster
movie poster mitty
Walter Mitty movie poster

Fourteen Lab

With a genious sense of colors, Fourteen Lab gives us  a cool set of alternative movie and series posters, that might have been the original ones as well. 

donnie darko movie poster
Donnie Darko – Fictive Comic Cover
blade runner movie poster
Blade Runner 2049
godfather movie poster
hannibal series movie poster
Hannibal Series
patrick melrose movie poster
Patric Melrose
stranger things movie poster
Stranger Things – alternative series poster

Chungkong Art 

Chungkong Art doesn’t need any introduction, but if you’ve somehow overslept his artistic existence, check out his minimal movie posters even Wes Anderson would be amazed with. 

ghost busters movie poster
No104 My Ghostbusters minimal movie poster
american gangster movie poster
No748 My American Gangster movie poster
bottle rocket movie poster
No855 My Bottle Rocket minimal movie poster
movie poster loving vincent
No903 My Loving Vincent minimal movie poster
movie poster okja
No921 My Okja minimal movie poster
movie poster place beyond the pines
No954 My The Place Beyond the pines

Barrett Biggers

Maybe you know Barrett by his powerful anime collection, but guess what! He’s got a collection of movie and series posters in his gallery. Impressive or what? 

movie poster stranger things
My tribute painting to Stranger Things
movie poster mad max
Witness Me
movie poster xiii
Team Voorhees
movie poster our friend harry
Our Friend Harry my tribute
movie poster planet kaitan
Planet Kaitain
movie poster fifth element
Love is all you need

Retina Creative

Black is such a happy color… Well, except that it’s not. But it suits pretty darn fine to the classic movie posters by Retina. 

movie poster blade runner
Blade Runner 2049
movie poster taxi driver
Taxi Driver
movie poster it
movie poster robocop
movie poster american psycho
American Psycho
movie poster rocky

To be continued… here

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