Fairyland by Fate Troppo Belle

July 2, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

How do you imagine fairies? Like half-naked, pocket-sized young girls, flying around with their wings flapping and sparkling, gently waving a magic wand? Well, that’s what we’re used to and what we’ve learned from Disney, binge-watching Peter Pan. Cheesy. Alina Akhmatova wakes us up from this sugary dream and takes us to a whole new level of fairyness. Finding herself in a digital collage, she created her kick-ass alter ego: Fate Troppo Belle. 

What’s the exact meaning of: Fate Troppo Belle? It’s quite an unusual nickname, I must say. 

It’s taken from italian and it means: “too beautiful fairies”. This is my vision of fairies as creatures from natural environments mixed with unexpected objects. It isn’t a real explanation behind my works, it’s pure aesthetics. 

Who are these women and why do you combine them with the most oridinary things, like eggs, cabbage? Does it mean anything or is it just for fun? 

It doesn’t matter who these women really are, because I turn them into other figures and lose their original personality. Over time, I noticed that it’s not me who decides how my works will finally look like, but it’s the fairies who tell me what to do themselves. I feel more like it’s me who’s helping them create. The objects that cover the fairies are also chosen by them. I often tend to create a gloomy and/or mysterious atmosphere, which makes one perceive a slight suspense, but in the meantime, everything is played down by the objects that are added to it. I’ve always thought that the understanding of art is subjective, we’re all different and it’s unfair to expect from all people to think in the same way and to understand what the artist meant. Art must be free and open to all. In fact, in my collages there is no precise meaning, it’s pure aesthetics, everyone can interpret them however they want. 

What inspires you to create?

My own work inspires me. 

Do you remember your first exhibition?

I published my first collage on November 23rd 2016.
 After that, I participated in an exhibition with other artists. And on March 8th 2018 I had my own personal exhibition with my performance, where I created fairies in front of the people, working with photos of women, who send me them during my performance 🙂 

Maybe anyone from the artistic world, someone who you’d like to collaborate with? 

I find the world of fashion and music very inspiring.
 I can’t say specific names. I can say that I’d like to collaborate with someone from the pop music. 

If you weren’t an artist – who would you be? 

A very sad person. I can’t imagine my life without any form of art.

Alina is a winner of our latest Ello x Displate Artist Invite. 

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