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March 8, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Today is the holiday to honor all women and celebrate their strength. Here at Displate, we are lucky to host a lot of incredible ladies who express their inner selves through art. They have their own visions on creating, and that’s awesome because there is complete freedom in Displate’s Girl Gang.

Scroll down, meet some of our artists, and raise a glass to all the talented and inspiring women out there.

Phoebe Im Eun Bee aka Bobblejot

Treat Yourself
Dino Tori

Instagram: @bobblejot

Last year on Women’s Day, we created a short comic where Tori talks to herself in front of a mirror, full of confidence. In response to the post, many women shared their own thoughts about how it reminded them to be confident or stories on how they personally managed to stay confident in different situations. Being able to share these experiences with strong, like-minded women is something that left quite an impression on me, and I would love to work towards a Women’s Day that could recreate that experience for everyone.
– Phoebe Im Eun Bee aka Bobblejot


Surrender to the Earth
Unicorn Blood

It would be nice to live from my personal art but at this point I only want to share my work with the world and if it helps me make a living, so be it.

– Ashenwave

Jonna Hyttinen

Fox Fires

Instagram: @scandy_girl

My biggest success is most likely being able to support my family through art and my passion. I never really thought this would be something I’ll end up doing since I was studying to be an IT engineer (got my papers through and finished school) So being able to make my living with my passion is most likely my biggest accomplishment so far. Even though it’s quite hectic and stressful sometimes to be an entrepreneur but I can’t see myself doing anything else. After all, everything has its ups and downs.
– Jonna Hyttinen


Ad Astra
Death of a star
Arquebusier Angel

Instagram: @aw.anqi

At first, I would say that being able to share the things I love with a fortunately receptive audience would be a great success for me. But, in addition to that, I consider my biggest success as an artist to be my learned ability to generate happiness and enjoyment in what I do. Being proud of what I’ve done isn’t something that I regularly experience, but when I am finally able to feel happy about my own work, I consider that the most significant success I could achieve. Simply put, being able to be fulfilled by my art is my biggest success. If I’m not having fun or enjoying it, there would be little point in continuing. So I’m glad that I can have fun while obtaining fulfillment in what I do and am so extremely lucky that people are willing to grace my art with their acknowledgment of it.
– Amanda Wang aka Aw anqi

Iz Ptica

Bird Cage
Wild Flowers vol 2

Instagram: @iz.ptica

My biggest success so far is that I’m able to sustain myself by doing what I love doing the most – illustrating. Growing up within the ‘starving artist’ paradigm, I worked really hard to prove to myself and others that one actually can be drawing for a living. As I see time as our most valuable resource, I greatly value each day spent doing what I love as my biggest success.
– Kaja K. aka Iz Ptica


The Angler Maiden
Spirit of the Withered

Instagram: @nadiaxelart

You never know what the future brings, so all you can do is keep moving forward with what you’ve got. I got my pen and my tablet, and that’s all I need to move forward right now!
– Nadiaxel

Brenda Wren

Collecting things
Hope Geisha
Forest Fox

Instagram: @littlebadwren

My biggest success as an artist has been creating a body of work, although still limited, that is completely my own original content and style.
– Brenda Wren

Sara Gaiaudi

Coffee is my comfort zone
Pretty Possum
Glam Unicorn

Instagram: @taylor_ross1

What I consider my greatest success is the beginning of this journey as a freelancer. I was studying Biomedical Engineering at University, and I was just a few exams away from finishing a very long course of study, but I had a really bad time, completely on my own, alone, last year. I had to do a lot of work on myself as a consciousness-raiser in order to be able to detach myself from what I was studying at University, deciding to drop everything and take a little bit of a leap into the void in a field that I have always loved and to which I have always felt attached, but which I have never had the courage to really experience fully. Well, that leap, that moment, and everything that came from it and still comes from it are what makes me who I am today, what makes me proud of myself more than anything else.
– Sara Gaiaudi

Natacha Einat


Instagram: @skip_closer

I put all my soul into my work, and I push myself to get better, so yes, there are struggles but also growth. My biggest success is waking up in the morning, feeling happy for another day doing what I love.
– Natacha Einat

Ashno Alice

Good Morning III
After Life
Good Morning II

Instagram: @ashnoalice

My biggest success as an artist is to be able to inspire others. Living in a country where becoming an artist is like a “taboo” thing, it never crossed in my mind that my artwork could encourage others to pursue their passion. Obviously, there are ups and downs but I’m very grateful for being able to arise in the morning and do the thing I love.
– Ashno Alice

Eva Halfers

Under the orange tree
House on the hill
In the desert

Intagram: @evahalfers

It is very rewarding to see the emotional impact my work can give to someone. I always see my illustrations as a safe haven and a celebration of the small enjoyable moments of life, like drinking a good cup of coffee, seeing a pretty view during a walk, or just an appreciation of nature, full of color, so it makes me truly happy that it can create the same to someone else. Another thing would be that I get to be my own boss and to set up my own terms. Speaking for myself, it sometimes still can be a struggle to stand up for my work prices or working requirements, but on the other hand, it makes each tiny business-related achievement a very memorable moment! 
– Eva Halfers

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