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September 13, 2021 by Zuza Ciszewska in Artist Corner

Decorate your walls with passion!

Extremly detailed, ultra durable, tactile texture posters printed on modern metal canvas. Displates are safe for your walls and require no tools to install.

We’re lucky to host many great and successful artists whose talent led them to create numerous amazing and original designs. You may recognize these creators from social media or even follow their fan pages yourself, and now you can see how they teamed up with Displate. We’ve prepared a selection of Displate Featured Artists, so scroll down and get ready for the wow effect.*

*We’ll update the list from time to time, so don’t hesitate to visit this post more often.

Benny Productions

Instagram: @benny_productions

Facing Oblivion – the Limited Edition Displate by Benny Productions

Jonna Hyttinen

Instagram: @scandy_girl

Spirit of the Forest – the Limited Edition Displate by Jonna Hyttinen

Julius Kähkönen

Instagram: @visualsofjulius


Instagram: @naolito


Instagram: @inwardsound

Gate to elsewhere – the Limited Edition Displate by Annibale Siconolfi

Frank Moth

Instagram: @frankmoth

Anato Finnstark

Instagram: @anatofinnstark

Frail beauty – the Limited Edition Displate by Anato Finnstark

Paul Fuentes

Instagram: @paulfuentes_design

Gal Barkan

Instagram: @gal.barkan

Roy The Art

Instagram: @roytheart_


Instagram: @aw.anqi

Stefan Koidl

Instagram: @stefankoidl

Chromatic Dragon – the Limited Edition Displate by Stefan Koidl

Alena Aenami

Instagram: @aenami.art

Tobias Roetsch

Instagram: @gtgraphics.de

Cosmic Sapphire – the Limited Edition Displate by Tobias Roetsch


Instagram: @bobblejot

Aron Visuals

Instagram: @aronvisuals

Bryn Jones

Instagram: @artwithbryn


Instagram: @iconeo

Andreas Rocha

Instagram: @andreas.rocha

Teo Zirinis (handsoffmydinosaur)

Instagram: @handsoffmydinosaur

Grzegorz Rutkowski

Instagram: @greg_rutkowski


Instagram: @ilustrata

Sushi Dragon Attack! – the Limited Edition Displate by Ilustrata

Elia Colombo

Instagram: @gebelia

Ruby Art

Instagram: @rubyart1

Torii Tranquility – the Limited Edition Displate by Ruby Art

Natacha Einat

Instagram: @skip_closer

Francisco Fonseca

Instagram: @_francis.co


Instagram: @morysetta


Instagram: @paiheme

Marco Zagara

Instagram: @marcozagara

Julien Tabet

Instagram: @julien.tabet

SpaceFrog Designs

Instagram: @spacefrogdesigns

Golden Tangle – the Limited Edition Displate by SpaceFrog Designs

Marcus Cederberg

Instagram: @marcuscederberg

Elora Pautrat

Instagram: @owakita_

Anton Semenov

Instagram: @gloom82

Henry Rivers

Instagram: @travelposterco


Instagram: @jojoesart

Fran Rodriguez

Instagram: @lacabezaenlasnubes

Rosco Adrian Stef

Instagram: @rosco.adrian

Camila Illustration

Instagram: @camila_illustration

P h a s e R u n n e r

Instagram: @phase_runner

Daniel Dociu

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Decorate your walls with passion!

Beautifully crafted metal posters on modern canvas. Sturdy, high quality, vivid prints on metal that will withstand the test of time and make your walls come to life!