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October 8, 2017 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Corner

General Displate Contests Information


How can I join the contest? 

If you’re not an artist on Displate you need to sign up here. In order to participate you just need to upload your artwork(s). Just please have in mind that only newly uploaded works will be accepted. All files that have ever been uploaded on Displate will be rejected in the verification process.

How to upload artworks on the website?

After finishing the signing-up process, you need to use our uploading tool and upload your artworks from your computer. All submitted for the Contest artworks also become available for purchase on Displate.com – you will retain all copyrights and make a commission of each of your design sold. Read more about selling on Displate.com here

How many artworks should I upload to participate? 

You should upload at least 1 artwork that has never been promoted on Displate before. The more artworks you upload, the higher chances of winning.

What tags should I use to make the artwork qualified for the contest?

While adding tags to the artwork, you should use an additional tag. It helps us find it and make it qualified for the contest. Each contest has its unique tag that can be found in a blog post of each contest. Do not put this tag into the title, only as an additional tag next to other tags that describe your artwork. 

What file format do you accept?

– High print quality
– Shortest side at least 2900px
– Minimum 300 DPI in RGB mode. JPG size up to 30MB
– 1.4:1 ratio for the best product fit (ex. 4060 x 2900px)
– No logos, no watermarks, no borders
– Text has to be at least 2cm / 0,80 inches from the edge
– The whole content of the design must be included in one uploaded file
– You must be owner of the image
– No multiple uploads of the same image with slight changed colour palette or tiny detail

I cannot upload my design when I click on…. What should I do?

If you have troubles with uploading your artwork, please double-check if it fulfills our technical specifications (previous question). If it doesn’t work, contact our Customer Service: [email protected]  

My design was rejected. Why?

– The quality of the file was too small for printing (or was resized leaving the same pixel resolution thus making it pixelated)
– The work has already been uploaded on Displate

Is it ok to promote my works to people – on Facebook, Instagram, Deviantart etc?

Yes. We encourage every contestant to promote themselves and their designs to friends, family, and followers. Through our experience, we have found that more ratings help determine what the fans want. So please promote yourself!

What’s the deadline?

Each contest has its own timing. You can find it in a blog post describing each contest.

How and when will you announce the winners? 

Winners will be chosen by Displate Chief Creative Officer with the Displate curatorial team and announced up to 14 days after a contest ends via email, on the contest landing page, and through our social media channels.

Do I have to pay money to enter the contest?

No, entering the contest is 100% free.

I cannot find the contest Regulations. Where can I read it?

You can find the Regulations under the “View contest terms” button on each contest’s page on our blog.

What is the prize if I win?

Each contest has its own set of prizes. It can be cash, promotion on our website, free Displates, etc. Please read each contest page on our blog to see rewards. All cash prize payouts are made via PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available in all countries. Check if you can create an account here.

What happens to my works after the end of the contest?

Whenever you upload your artwork, you continue to control the rights to it at all times. We will protect your works and their copyrights. From now on, all of your submitted artworks are a part of your Art Space. If any purchase happens, you will get an artist commission.

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