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January 19, 2023 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Interviews

It took a major life change for Louise Goalby to get where she is today. Now that she’s finally found her comfort spot among majestic wildcats, charming dogs, and magnificent mythical creatures, we couldn’t be happier to welcome this colorful bunch in our Displate family. Here’s how Louise, a digital creator from England, made her journey from modding dinosaur skins to becoming a professional artist with a Limited Edition design to her credit. 

Where do you work and what does your studio look like?

I’ve had a few different workspaces over the years since I started  to work professionally. All of them have been from home, but I’ve moved house a few times. The best one was in a conservatory room, so lots of natural light, loads of houseplants and a lovely view of our garden. It was fantastic for creativity and I do miss it, even though it got way too hot in the summer.

Now I have two young children and my ‘studio’ is either perched on the edge of the dining table or propped up in bed on my iPad, trying not to wake the baby!  It’s only temporary but I really miss having my own space.

What were your beginnings as an artist?

It’s a super cliche answer, but I’ve always loved art and drawing, and spent so much time sketching from a very young age. 

The jump to digital art was more unique. As a teenager I was heavily involved in a modding community for a Jurassic Park game. I was super geeky, and once we figured out how to edit dinosaur texture files, I was introduced to Photoshop, Gimp, etc. This then progressed to trying to draw stuff myself using a mouse, discovering Deviantart, getting my first graphics tablet, and so on. 

Tiger Mountain

What did your career path look like so far?

I never really embraced the idea of being an artist for years. I dismissed it entirely as just a hobby and would have long periods where I abandoned art entirely. I got a normal job, went into tech and worked in the banking sector for a few years. But then I had a sudden, traumatic loss in my close family which completely broke me. After coming to terms with it, I just couldn’t carry on with my career anymore. My outlook on life had changed. That’s when I switched and poured everything into growing as an artist. That was over 6 years ago now.

What inspires you when you create? 

Everything! Color and light are my obsessions. I’m the kind of person who would stop talking to someone just to point out how beautiful the sunlight looks hitting a rock or something. I find that being an active part of an art community is really motivating and seeing what others are constantly creating can spark your own ideas. 

Water Tiger

What are your other passions besides making art?

Gaming. Although with my recent second baby arrival that has seriously taken a backseat. I can’t wait to have time to get stuck back in though. It can be such a stress reliever and is also a massive source of inspiration for art.

Your first Limited Edition Displate has just been released. What was the process behind creating this artwork?

This piece was initially painted a couple of years ago, inspired through an Instagram art challenge. I had only just switched software from using mainly Photoshop in my work to Procreate, so I was still really getting to grips with the program’s functionality. It was created fully in Procreate, from sketch to finish, including the edits for the Limited Edition.

What’s the story behind this artwork?

Glowy big cats are kinda my go-to when I’m not sure what to paint! For this piece, I really wanted to capture that feeling of heat, and the transition of the leopard turning from pure lava back into an animal. Playing with the blues and purples in the shadows really helped contrast against the strong reds and oranges. Overall, I really love the concept of fantasy elemental animals and enjoy exploring it in my work.

Lava Leopard

What’s your usual toolset?

An iPad Pro and Procreate is my main go-to now, although I still use Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq when it’s needed. I have absolutely fallen in love with Procreate overall but it does have restrictions such as layer amount for large canvases.

What are your plans for the future?

To keep building and growing. 

I feel incredibly lucky to support myself with my art, but I know it’s been a lot of hard work to get to this stage. I can see my work improving more year on year, and I’m excited to see how it develops in future.

Instagram: @fleeting_ember

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