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August 23, 2023 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Interviews

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to dream! And with LeDung’s soft and light-toned portraits, it’s sweet dreams only. In this week’s On the Spot, this Vietnamese artist walks us through the vibrant landscape of her inspirations, talks about her beginnings, and reveals her own artistic philosophy. Dream on!

What were your beginnings as an artist?  

Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved drawing. Growing up with manga and anime only built up that passion. But back then, I didn’t have enough information about the art industry, so I decided to study economics, as I believed it would be much easier to get a good job after graduating. And I did get a job after college – but that’s when I realized that life without drawing is not the life that I want. So I quit, applied for a position in a video game company, and luckily got hired as a 2D artist. That’s how it all started and goes on until this day. 

Where do you live and what does your workspace look like? 

I live in a small apartment in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. My workspace is very simple, nothing fancy: I work on my desktop computer and a Wacom Intuos Pro. I also have an iPad, but I only use it when I’m traveling.

Does the city influence your art? 

Uhm, I didn’t even think about that. The subjects of my art are mostly characters, not places. When I need inspiration, I usually search for it in nature – there’s so many beautiful and inspiring things to be found!

Soft Cloud hair portrait
Head on the cloud

How did you develop your current art style? 

I believe that art style is not something you can just find. It’s always inside you, and you can’t run away from it. It’s the combination of your personality, experience, skill and knowledge that’s unique for each person. When you draw a lot for a long time, eventually your style will come to you. 

How do you stay motivated to work as a freelancer? 

This is actually the hardest part of being a freelancer – you need to be your own boss. There are days when I feel blocked, lacking both inspiration and motivation, but still need to force myself to get up and draw. I think that finding the right balance between commission work and drawing for myself is crucial. Sometimes I need to take a short break and go out for a short trip to refresh my mind and look for more inspiration.

Do you have any other passions other than drawing? 

Traveling. It helps me get out of my comfort zone, open my eyes to new things, see the beauty in the world, and refresh my mind and body. This way when I get back, I have more energy to work on new projects. 

Fire element
Earth Element

Are there any artists you look up to? 

There’s so many artists I admire, I can’t name them all here. There’s Bochen, I could watch his YouTube channel for hours, his skill level is god! And there’s Loish – I love that she has such a unique style that no one else can copy. 

What is your dream project? 

My dream is that I can draw whatever I want in my own style. So maybe print-on-demand is really the right thing for me! I just hope that with time, I’m able to attract a bigger audience and more people to support me. And I wish that someday I can publish an artbook with a collection of my own art.

Instagram: @leejun35

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