On The Spot: Taku

January 5, 2023 by Displate Artists Team in Artist Interviews

Taku’s art is a character study. He gets up close to capture these minute gestures and details that express a sea of emotions. And to think it all starts with doodles…

In this week’s On The Spot, we meet with this Japanese artist on the rise to talk about his beginnings, study his process, and try to look into the future. Young creators and otakus alike, this one’s a must-read!

How did you start drawing?

I have never studied painting at a professional school, I’m self-taught. I’ve loved to draw since I was a child and continued to do it growing up. At first, I didn’t share my work and was satisfied with creating something for my eyes only. But then I realized that this approach limits my growth. I started posting on Instagram and opened up to the idea of people seeing my art in various ways. 

Chewing gum

What does your studio look like?

I live in Japan and currently I’m painting in my home workshop. I always work at my living room table and draw with a pen tablet connected to my computer. I like to relax and draw while watching my favorite DVDs.

What inspires your art?

I’m mainly influenced by the manga and anime of my childhood. Recently, I have also been inspired by illustrators who share their works on social media, as well as some movies and music. I also draw a lot of ideas from Japanese culture.

I live in the city, but there are beautiful places with a lot of nature not far away from here. And although I have not yet seen much of nature in my work, there is a lot of inspiration that I get from being in touch with it. 

I am me

Who are the characters you portrait? Do you create any stories or narratives to go together with your artworks?

Most of them are the embodiments of the characters I have imagined in my mind. There are also those that come to life as I draw, first as doodles, and then as images that gradually take shape. There are no particular rules as to who they are. I draw characters that the viewer can interpret freely.

How did you develop your style?

Actually, I don’t feel that I am particularly established. Rather, I am not good at fitting into one style and don’t find it enjoyable, so I enjoy trying different styles and painting in different ways. I feel that this has become my art style.

Beauty in simplicity

What are your other passions besides art?

I like watching dramas and listening to music. I play guitar and spend my time going out and traveling, as there are so many wonderful hot springs and inns in Japan. I also like sports, especially snowboarding in the winter. All these things help boost my creativity.

Where do you want your artistic path to take you? 

My biggest goal right now is to reach more people around the world with my works. In the future, I want to create book illustrations and covers, and eventually publish my own collection and hold a solo exhibition.

To achieve this, I need to create even more beautiful and memorable art. And that’s exactly what I intend to do!

Instagram: @taku_touch

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