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March 27, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

There’s nothing more desirable than traveling the globe, especially these days, when all of us spend most of their lives behind office desks – tired and stressed out. Henry Rivers is a guy, who does two cool things at a time. He lets us go on a beautiful journey with him but, above all, he makes us feel an unstoppable lust for taking a trip. His illustrations have a life-affirmative vibe, which gives us a strong feeling that there is so much to see and visit. Simple and lovable, these scenes are true mood boosters. It all makes us think that going around the world with Henry Rivers would be nothing but a pleasure.

Henry is a freelance, full-time illustrator, living in France. His vintage-like, minimal travel posters are an effect of a time consuming and a very consequent work on his style. His life is a constant journey, so to understand his art clearly – we’ve planned a little inspiration tour.

What are your favorite places on Earth?

It’s a tough one! Near the top of my list would be the Pyrenees in Southern France. It’s my favourite place to go ‘off the grid’. It’s such a peaceful place, I particularly like the foothills which are full of wildlife and great for walking. My favourite city is Rome, because of my inner architecture geek! There are so many wonderful hidden gems to discover which make you feel like you’ve gone back in time. I also love the atmosphere of eating outside in one of the piazzas on a warm summer evening.

I know that you live in France right now, but I’m pretty sure you weren’t born there. Have you lived in more than 2 countries so far? 

I was born in the UK and have lived there until a few years ago. When I started working for myself I wanted to try living somewhere different, because suddenly I could work anywhere.

Your posters have a very unique, idyllic atmosphere, it seems like people are happy in all of them, enjoying their time. They make me want to leave everything and get away. Is it your goal to make people cheerful by showing them the beauty of travels?

I’m very happy you’ve said that! I’ve always seen it as a goal to capture the special atmosphere of a place. If someone chooses a print for their home, I think they would like to be reminded of what’s unique and a bit magical about that place.

I absolutely adore vintage travel posters, especially those from the 30’s. I’m a huge retro fan and, as I can see, so are you. Where does your love to the vintage come from? Are you influenced by any particular style or epoch in art?

Yes, I love vintage travel posters too! For me it’s Art Deco posters from the 20s and 30s that really inspire me. The designs are often very dramatic in their layouts and I love the slightly stylized romantic characters that inhabit them.

And what about you – do you already have a crush on Henry’s art? If so – you’d be excited to discover other, charming places captured by him – below, or in his gallery on Displate.

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