2021 Displate Trends Projected

January 21, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Got no new design ideas this year? If you suffer from a total lack of inspiration, we gladly come to the rescue. Time to plan those 12 months ahead with the trends we know will be popular on Displate. 

Funny and optimistic

Since we didn’t have too much to laugh about last year, we’ll need some positive accents to add to our lives now. Think of all the dad jokes you know, turn them into cheerful designs, and make everyone forget 2020.

Check out these examples of original funny and optimistic posters: 

Family Thoughts by Naolito
Level up cat by NemiMakeIt Fadda
Rainy Day by Teo Zirinis
Perfect Cube by Raffiti
Toilet Paper Yoga by Huebucket
Coffee is my comfort zone by Sara Gaiaudi


This year we’ll not only recall previous travels we enjoyed. Most of all, we’ll plan that dream journeys that didn’t happen. Think of all dream destinations and make people’s hopes come true – on metal prints. 

Check out these examples of original travel posters: 

Bordeaux by Henry Rivers
New Zealand by Katinka Reinke
Travel to Iceland by Studio 324
Berlin by Corvin Travel Posters
Maldives by Olahoop Travel Posters
Wonders of Egypt by Retina Creative


The cosmic trend has been around for a long time now, and we don’t see any reason why it should go away now. After all, this is the time when everyone can be a little… spaced out.

Check out these examples of original space posters: 

Leak by Nicebleed
Volcano of ice by Tobias Roetsch
Saturn by Mr Jackpots
Earth by Terry Fan
Oblivion by Benny Productions
Escaping into the void by Frank Moth

Science fiction

When life gets overwhelming, we need to step into the fantasy world. This year is gonna be all about escaping reality, so why not get carried away with the most surreal design of them all? 

Check out these examples of original surreal posters: 

Think by Inward
Inception by Julien Risso
The Grid by Julien Risso
Date Night by Luis Peres
Sector 1 by Inward
Cyberpunk Hovercar by JoshKasperCreative

Japanese and Asian

Japan is the dream of many. Those who dream of long journeys and those who binge-watch Asian cartoons and read comics. This trend is only getting stronger, so don’t miss your chance of getting new clients. 

Check out these examples of original Japan posters: 

Geisha Dream by Daisy Ingrosso
Sakura Tree by Antonio Camarena
Cutting Word by Marine Loup
Sushi Cat by Ruby Art
Neon Moon by Denise R
Great ramen wave by Vp Trinidad


Everyone is doing more exercises at the gym called ‘home’ now, and that requires a lot more motivation. Sport is a determinant of a healthy lifestyle and good times, spent with friends. There are plenty of disciplines to cover, and each one of them will definitely find their lover.  

Check out these examples of original sports posters: 

Tennis by Daniel Coulmann
Skid by Nin Hol
Go Hard by Huebucket
Chess by Justyna Jaszke
Yoga by Sunday is Monday
Wimbledon Woman by Ashvin Harrison


No matter how cheesy, people love inspirational posters. The secret of getting ahead is getting started, so don’t wait and create a collection of designs that will make people chase their dreams. 

Check out these examples of original motivational posters: 

Create your sunshine by Psycho Typo
Forward by Psycho Typo
Good vibes only by Psycho Typo
Encouragement by Lotta Hakola
Encouragement by Lotta Hakola
Encouragement by Lotta Hakola
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