Plant Room Ideas: How To Turn Your Home Into a Leafy Paradise

October 26, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

Take one scroll through Instagram and you’ll find that plant room ideas are having a major moment right now. Hashtags such as #plantdecor and #plantslover are trending, with users posting moody shots of their living companions sitting in eclectic pots or hanging from the ceiling. Search for #plantshelfie and you’ll find almost 700,000 pictures of plants on shelves, clustered on tabletops, bookcases, and mantels!

If you too are keen to start adding plants to your home but need some #plantspiration, you’re on the right page. We’ve curated a selection of plant decor ideas from our favorite Instagram plant parents that will help you turn your living quarters into a leafy paradise.

So, perk up those eyes and ears because here are 17 most Instagrammable ways to decorate your interior space with plants!

Blend Art and Plants

Weaving in art objects such as sculptures, photographs, drawings, and paintings is a great way to add visual interest to your indoor plants. And if you’ve run out of plant space nature-inspired art is the next best thing. From floral-themed posters to botanical illustrations, you can find plenty of plant-inspired designs at Displate!

Get In On the Macrame Trend

Macrame plant hangers are back on the interior design menu! These knotted plant holders are great to add more plants to your interiors but also a great way to spread them around your rooms. Simply add hooks to your ceiling, and let your favorite potted plants hang soothingly from above.

Work the Windows

Stationing your plant collection in front of a large window, like Instagrammer Marie did, is a great way to keep your green friends happy and lush, plus it helps to utilize this space without blocking any light.

Green Up Your Desk

Make your workspace a little less gray and a little greener with some new work buddies! Plants are a fun and easy way to weave some natural beauty into your everyday work or study routine and break up the monotony of harsh office equipment. Talk about workstation #goals! 

Go For the Jungle Look

There’s no such thing as too much greenery — Instagrammer my_tiny_jungalow proves it. With plants hanging from the ceiling and covering every surface area possible, she went for a full-on tropical look and sought out lots of lush green plants to fill the entire bedroom!

Turn Up the Spa Vibes

One of the most commonly overlooked — and underrated — places in your home to put plants in is the bathroom. Pick low-maintenance, humidity-loving plant pals that’ll bring your bath time to the next level (instant spa vibes)!

Deck Out the Corner

Have a vacant corner in your living room or bedroom that could use a little enhancement? Get a feature plant to fill it in! Plants such as Fiddle Leaf Fig, Kentia palm, Rubber fig and Monstera deliciosa work particularly well as they grow tall and anchor an empty space beautifully.

Make a Statement

When in doubt, go as big and lush as possible! Instagrammer______theo shows us that oversized leafy plants make the best, living statement decor. They draw the eye in and eliminate the need for dozens upon dozens of houseplants.

Use Your Headboard

Instagrammer sisiliareads utilized her headboard as a makeshift shelf for smaller plant pots. Nightstands topped with a calathea and a monstera in sleek ceramic pots complete the look, and it would seem that Monty, the cat, approves as much as we do.

Put Up a Terrarium

Terrariums are very popular at the moment and catch the light if placed in a sunny spot. You can create an open terrarium with succulents and air plants or a closed terrarium with ferns and tropical plants. Whichever option you choose, you’ll end up with a gorgeous display of indoor greenery.

Embrace Minimalism

One large statement plant or a few small plants placed strategically throughout the room will make a significant impact on a minimalist bedroom or living room. Think a striking Fiddle Leaf Fig in a basket, or a cutting from your Pothos plant in a glass jar. Whatever you decide on, the key to minimalist plant decor is this — less is truly more.

Show Some #Succulove

If your green thumb isn’t as green as you’d like it to be, consider raising cacti and succulents. Not only are they among the most forgiving plants in horticulture, but they also happen to be in high demand for home decor these days. A collection of succulents can be planted together for a stunning display or spread throughout your home.

Add a Honeycomb Shelf

Combining small plants with hexagon-shaped wall shelves is a great way to create a bedroom wall decor that feels like a modern art piece. Contemporary honeycomb design adds a functional yet aesthetic appeal and is perfect for displaying indoor plants alongside decorative home accessories, such as frames, trinkets, books, and more.

Dress Up Your Dresser

Turn your boring dresser into the perfect platform for your plants. A mix of greenery, candles, and knickknacks will transform your functional furniture into a key design element. We love how Instagrammer caropeony styled her dresser by propping a big mirror against the wall and letting a tangle of Pothos vine trail down over it.

Set Up a #Plant Shelfie

It’s really hard to over-clutter plants on a shelf so just go for it! To curate your perfect greenery-filled shelf simply get creative with your mix of plants and stick with a consistent color palette of pots, as we see modeled by Instagrammer aplantyplace.

Style Your Staircase

There are plenty of ways to integrate houseplants into a hallway or staircase. You can hang plant hangers from the banister, line up small plants on individual stairs, or place a single grand plant at the bottom of your staircase. Just make sure your plant collection is out of the way and doesn’t get knocked over by accident!

Create A Living Wall

If you’re limited on floor space and looking for plant room ideas, opt for a vertical garden! A living wall takes up virtually no space but allows you to create a one-of-a-kind display of greenery. You can create different designs by carefully placing plants in different colors and textures around the wall. Go with fresh plants or go faux if your thumb is more black than green. 

Over to You!

We hope our list of plant room ideas helps you to breathe new life into your interior decor and transform your living space into a verdant, greenhouse-like retreat.

If you’re a beginner plant owner, start small and simple. Adorn your windowsill with a few planters, drape a plant hanger from a curtain rail or add little succulents to a table or a desk. Also, remember that owning plants doesn’t have to be expensive: just take a cutting from a friend’s plant, and propagate your plant baby from scratch!

Are there any plant room ideas we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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