New arts on the block #5

May 14, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

I spy with my little eye… new artists on Displate!

New arts on the block is one of our favorite series of blog posts, featuring new creators who recently joined Displate, and grabbed our attention for good. We’ve got an eye on them, and you should too, so scroll down and pick your favorites.

Julius Kähkönen

Glowing Wave
Guiding Light

Instagram: @visualsofjulius

Austin Poon


Instagram: @austin.poon

Jamie Morath

So My Cat Can Sleep
Wiener Wash
Books and Weenies

Instagram: @jamiemorathart

Mischelle Moy

Bring me the horizon
Neon Shape Play

Instagram: @lilmisch

Aaron the Humble

Running Late
Moon Path
Entering Clouds

Instagram: @aaron_the_humble

Stanley Morrison

Coffee Dragon
Cranberry Dragon
Blackberry Dragon

Instagram: @smorrisonart


Warrior of Light
Cat Warrior

Instagram: @aizelkonart

SB Edit1ng

Pirate Cove
Iceberg Life
Another World

Instagram: @sb_edit1ng_

Tim Andraka

Deep Sea Rodeo
Warrior Trash Panda
Chicken Pharm

Instagram: @timandraka

Elena Rey

Night Garden
Wild Fox

Instagram: @elenareyart

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