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February 12, 2021 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Japan is full of incredible stuff that our customers absolutely love. There’s the cherry blossom season, pork ramen, Tokyo city, geishas, samurais, koi fish, and sushi, just to name a few. It’s also an endless source of inspiration, which is why it creates an amazing and challenging theme for your future collections.

How to keep up with the Japanese trend

1. List all the things you can come up with when you think of Japan (like food, cities, elements of culture, and more non-copyrighted stuff)

2. If possible, choose the topics that seem niche to you – there’s a better chance they haven’t been used by Displate artists before

3. Plan your collections – build a big one or split them into thematic ones (with at least 8 designs each)

4. Start creating your own, entirely original art inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun. 

5. Prepare the designs for upload on Displate and make sure they meet our technical requirements.

6. Use tag: japan2021 to all your Japan-related artworks and get a chance to get featured. No fan arts – just japanese stuff. 

Here are some original metal posters from the Japan category:

The Herons by Nicolas Castell
Smiling Budda by Kitsune
Japanese Crane by Luna Kirsche
Red Geisha by Daisy Ingrosso
Takoyaki Attack
Japan by Henry Rivers
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