Friday Five: Black & White

November 2, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

Once a week there’s this special day worth every celebration. Friday deserves to be a holiday, but since we don’t really see it coming and still have to work till 5, we’ve decided to honor it with something the most beloved to us – the art. Week by week, just before the weekend (having some ants in our pants), we give you our Friday Five – the sweetest topic of our choice we spontaneously come up with. 

So today we’re forgetting about colors and give you the best black and white posters we have. Because who’s not crazy about minimalism? 

Pedro Tapa

woman bw poster
pedrotapa – Stay Wild
woman bw poster
pedrotapa – Muse and Creation
woman bw poster
pedrotapa – Choose Your Path
woman bw poster
pedrotapa – It’s alright
woman minimal poster
pedrotapa – I’m lost
woman bw poster
pedrotapa – Moving along

Balazs Solti

panda bear poster
Balazs Solti – Funny panda
bear bw poster
Balazs Solti – Geek bear
panda poster
Balazs Solti – Lovely panda
tiger bw poster
Balazs Solti – Siberian tiger (b&w)
bird bw poster
Balazs Solti – Born to be free
deer bw poster
Balazs Solti – Winter is all around

Urban WallArts

minimal frida poster
Urban WallArts – Frida
minimal couple poster
Urban WallArts – Couple continuous line draw
minimal woman poster
Urban WallArts – Woman with mask
minimal woman poster
Urban WallArts – Elegant Woman
leaves minimal poster
Urban WallArts – Leaves
minimal poster woman
Urban WallArts – Woman Elegant Line

Gal Pittel

alpaca poster
Gal Pittel – Alpaca
rabbit poster
Gal Pittel – Rabbit Tail
pig poster
Gal Pittel – Pig
Gal Pittel – Rabbit
elephant poster
Gal Pittel – Elephant Tail
koala poster
Gal Pittel – Koala

Timo Ambo 

bw poster
Timo Amba – Abhaya
bw poster
Timo Ambo – Hunger the Sea
bw poster
Timo Ambo – Ride or Die
bw poster
Timo Ambo – Major Spaceman
bw poster
Timo Ambo – Bottled Emotion
bw poster
Timo Ambo – High Meditation

For more black & white posters GO THERE

And if you’re an artist – behold, because there’s a non-color Art Challenge coming this Monday! Stay tuned! 

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