Fill the niche: Music

Written by Zuza Ciszewska on March 26, 2021

Hearing there’s a new Displate newsletter is music to your ears? Good, ‘cause it’s time to jazz up your art shop with some delightful music-related designs.

There is plenty of music-related stuff and various musical instruments that can be turned into great art. Each of them can become a huge collection that appeals to singers, drummers, conductors, band members, and common melomaniacs (yes that’s a totally real word, we checked). By creating a wide range of illustrations, you are allowing people to express their passions, hobbies, or professions.

There are 5 families that include dozens of musical instruments from all over the world:

  • Strings family
  • Keyboard family
  • Woodwind family
  • Brass family
  • Percussion family

But there are more places to get inspired from. For example, a passion for opera singing, composing music, deejaying, flamenco dancing, and all that jazz. And guess what! Most of these are not covered on Displate. Yet.

Now try to imagine the number of people who are crazy about all of this. Oh, it’s waaaay more than that! And they are all your possible customers.

Sounds good? Now here’s what you should do:

  1. Make a list of (at least) 10 music-related things and musical instruments
  2. Write down all the non-copyrighted stuff connected to them.
  3. Plan your collections – choose whether you want to create one big collection devoted to musical instruments in general or split them into specific ones
  4. Create original and unique artworks only
  5. Now that you know that you should create your own, original artworks, let’s get to work! Remember to prepare your designs properly for upload on Displate – read more.
  6. Once you have your designs ready for submission, use these tricks to boost your collections:
  1. Add at least 8 artworks into each collection.
  2. Name, tag, and describe all your artworks properly. Read more
  3. Pro tip: add the hashtag: music2021 to your music-related designs to help us find your art and get a chance for a feature.

No fan arts, no trademarks – just turning passions into awesome designs!

Remember! You have to come up with your own art style without violating any third-party rights. Make your collections funny, inspirational, or serious, as long as they fully showcase your original idea.


*works on desktop only

Get inspired by the artists who found their own way of expressing people’s passion for music. Our favorite music-related collections of metal prints:

The Violin Solo by Ashvin Harrison
The Drum Solo by Ashvin Harrison
The Guitar Solo by Ashvin Harrison
Singer by Simona de Leo
The Pianist by Simona de Leo
Violin by Simona de Leo
Music Man by Eric Fan
Color Burst by Eric Fan
The Chimney Sweep by Eric Fan

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