Ello x Displate: Winners

May 22, 2018 by Displate Artists Team in Illustration Hub

We’re not gonna lie, we’re in a permanent hunt for the young, wild and free creative spirits. Talented beasts, who constantly help us build a strong community of creative whizzes. We’re doing quite fine in chasing stars, but it’s nice to have a companion in casting a net, so we collaborate with the best in the business.

A few weeks ago, we teamed up with Ello.co – a fascinating, global space for artists, living their dream to open up various, worldwide opportunities for creators. We ran an Artist Invite together, convincing artists to share their talent with us, and so we watched it rain submissions. It was like a true gold rush. There were blood, sweat and tears, but under the watchful and trained eye of our Chief Creative Officer, we managed to dig treasures. 

The goal was to create a unique, mind-blowing collection with artworks of 30 selected ninjas. We carefully chose winners from almost 316 participants and 417 submissions, and this collection’s now going to be widely promoted on our social media channels.

We awarded 5 people with the main prize – they will have their individual collection featured on Displate’s site and social media accounts (valued at $250 per artist) and all 30 artists will receive a free M size (17.7” / 12.6”) Displate with their design.

*Trumpets sound* Please, give a warm welcome to 30 heroes, new to the Displate family.

They are designers, photographers, illustrators, graphics and art freaks, who – at first glance – don’t have much to do with each other. But when you think of it, there’s a one, pretty obvious, common factor.

Yup, that’s TALENT.  

The complete Ello x Displate collection can be found here:

Are you an ARTIST yourself? JOIN US! 

Main Prize 

Alina Akhmatova

Ben Staley

Z. Aditya Setiawan

Eric Randall Morris

Andres Marti

Other Winners

David Mrugala

Anais Sardou (Nishe Ink) 

Nin Hol

Iris Az

Miguel DeCoste

Xavier Segers

Solaja Oluwakemi

Damir Martic

 Luca Ferrario 

Jérôme Bizien

Durim Hoti

Aryo Pam

Jan Verburg

Chien-Shih Shen

Collin Blaney

Kaloian Toshev

Evgenia Chuvardina


Unax Gómez

 Jerad Armijo

Gradient Folder


Cy Tone

John Felix Arnold

Albulena Panduri

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