30 Insanely Cool Things for Your Room (You’ll Thank Us Later)

August 9, 2021 by Martyna Stachowiak in Home Decor

Looking for some cool things for your room? Perhaps you’re in the market for some fancy gadgets or cool stuff that can make life a little bit easier for you? Or maybe you’re interested in awesome things for your bedroom that are as functional as they are stylish? 

If you want to make your room more fun, you’ve come to the right place! 

From lamps and LED lights to cool bedroom accessories including wall stickers, pillows, gadgets and more, here’s our list of top 30 cool things for your room to make your living space a home.

Set of Metal Posters

When speaking about cool things for your room, we certainly cannot forget wall art. Thinking of snatching your favorite artwork from the museum? You don’t have to! With Displate, you can now have high-quality art posters delivered at the comfort of your home. Seek out your own art treasures and check our collection of fine art posters!

Banana Neon Sign

Bedrooms, living rooms, dorm rooms, and Instagram influencer backdrops can all be elevated in style with the right neon sign. Once an 80s’ staple, neon lights are now used to create a fun and quirky space to unwind in. Simply mount this banana neon light on a gallery wall of pop culture posters and voilà! Your interior is party ready.

Glass Pendant Lamp

Did somebody say cool things for your room? This pendant lamp in tinted green glass is perfect for creating ambiance. Natural bubbles in the glass give it an organic feel while the domed shape makes it compatible with all and any interiors. The added perk of a pendant lamp? The extra surface space on the nightstands!

Geo Moon Light Sculpture

Never underestimate the power of cool lighting! Add a little lunar luxe to any space with this crescent moon light sculpture. Battery-powered and ready to use anywhere, it’s perfect as a functional decor piece in a living room or bedroom! 

Decorative Vines Set

These aren’t your grandma’s fake plants! There is nothing like live plants or fresh greenery to brighten up your interiors, however, not everyone has a green thumb. If you know the heartbreak of having indoor plants die on you all too well, save yourself from another tragic loss and go faux! This set of 5 natural-looking faux vines looks so realistic they’ll have all your family and friends fooled! It can be hung from the ceiling, wrapped around columns and banisters, or arranged with potted plants for an extra leafy display.

Iron Heart Leaf Wreath

Get your bloom on with this iron wreath featuring colorful flowers and jagged leaves. Arriving in a delicate heart shape, it will give your home a touch of greenery that never wilts. You can display it just about anywhere — from the hallway and living room to private spaces such as your bedroom and study. If you want to add an extra bit of glitz to your everyday decor, put it over a wooden piece or a mirror!

Firefly String Lights

Bring an air of magic and wonder to your bedroom with a swarm of tiny lights resembling fireflies! A fairy curtain of twinkling lights transforms any space into a wonderland. Strung along a delicate copper wire, these firefly LED bulbs are perfect for adding bright touch to any room, and they make great dorm decor, too!  Put them up as an accent wall or hang them from above your bed to create a cozy, glowing canopy. 

Metal Moon Cycle Banner

Astronomers have broken down the moon cycle into four primary phases: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter. This stunning moon phase garland tracks the moon’s ever-shifting shape as it waxes and wanes along the wall. Perfect as a decorative piece for living room, bedroom, or dorm room, it will frame your bed or your desk no matter the color scheme and style of your room.

Leaf-Shaped Sconce

Bringing natural elements isn’t just about putting plants on your window sills. It also has to do with the walls and the furniture. Create an earthy, organic feel with this leaf-shaped sconce. Featuring a rattan frame, it’s an easy way to introduce a rustic flair into your space without going overboard.

Vine Garland Wall Decal

If you need to distract the eye from the fact that your bed doesn’t have a headboard, a wall decal is the way to go! This botanical wall sticker features 6 vines of varying lengths making it easier than ever to bring the great outdoors inside. Lowkey and simple enough not to clash with the rest of the room’s design, it can quickly breathe life into otherwise plain surfaces and personalize your bedroom without the hassle and frustration of painting.

Vine garland wall decal
via Etsy

Vine Leaf Removable Wallpaper

Are you a renter or a dorm room student desperately looking to spruce up a bland wall? Removable wallpaper to the rescue! Add a pop of color to your walls, highlight a wall in your living room or bedroom, or give your kitchen backsplash a unique look with just a few sheets. The best part? Your landlord won’t ever know.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

These smart LED mini triangles are a great way to add some cool-looking lighting to any room over and above the standard light bulbs. Whether you’re looking to amp up your living room or building the ultimate gaming setup, this modern light fixture will instantly level up your living space. Easy to mount, with adhesive backing arranged in whatever design you choose, Nanoleaf shapes are a fun way to supplant bedside lamps and mood lighting in any room.

Corner Wall Shelf

Want to fill an empty corner with something decorative to balance out the room? Or maybe you are low on storage space and need to use up any inch you can get? This whimsical corner-fit shelf will provide additional storage space for small items or knick knacks while giving your wall a spring-inspired update. Featuring a flower-shaped back bracket crafted from accacia wood, it’ll bring a bit of nature and rustic charm into any room.

Bulb Firefly Table Lamp

This firefly table lamp is not your usual bedside lamp. A giant bulb filled with battery-powered LED lights, it creates an illusion of a firefly light show, giving off just the right glow wherever you need it! There’s nothing more magical than falling asleep to the twinkling lights of fireflies, but in the absence of the real deal, this night light is the next best thing!

Hexagon Honeycomb Shelves

These six-sided plywood hexagon shelves will attract attention to any wall in your house or apartment. You can highlight your favorite keepsakes, display plants, and more on an individual shelf, or you can connect multiple shelves to form a big honeycomb shelving unit (we advise you against including a complimentary bee colony, though).

Hexagon honeycomb shelves
via Etsy

Cloud LED Wall Light

There’s nothing more frustrating than a bedroom with just one overhead light, so why not opt for several fixtures throughout the room? Leave your head in the clouds with this simple LED light. Its soft, yellow glow brings calm and soothing vibes to any sleeping space, while the cloud-like shape instantly creates a dreamy ambiance in your home.

Wall Hanging Planter Set

Inspire your plants to grow with a little whimsy in these wall hanging planter pots. Suited for succulents, cacti, and air plants of small size. Perfect for plant lovers who have run out of window sill space! 

Wall hanging planter pots
via Etsy

PlayStation Icon Light

Talking about cool stuff for your room we couldn’t let this super awesome PlayStation icon light pass you by! Perfect for gamers and self-professed geeks, it features the classic PlayStation controller button symbols on a sleek black base, making it the ideal piece of decor for any bedroom or gaming cave! It offers multiple lighting settings, and glows in four different colors.

Rainbow-Shaped Planter

Bring a burst of fun to any interior with this sun-kissed ceramic planter featuring a white semi-circle design and sunset hues of peach, orange and yellow. The rainbow design is sure to make you smile even on rainy days!

Rainbow-shaped planter
via Etsy

Bedside Moon Lamp

Bring moonlight indoors with this gift-perfect rechargeable moon lamp. It offers both cool white and warm white color sending a soft glow through your space. The dimmable settings let you set the ambiance, while a sturdy wooden stand props up the orb. Cool bedroom accesories just don’t come any better than this!

Bedside moon lamp
via Amazon

Rattan Mirror

The arched frame makes this rattan mirror a boho-inspired standout. Whether you decide to hang it or simply prop it up against the wall, you’ll get more light bouncing around in the room, which can make any space look bigger. In addition to maximizing light and boosting the sense of space, it will add airy and natural feel to any room. Throw in a woven basket and some plants on a shelf and you’ve just upgraded to a boho bedroom! 

Rattan mirror
via Etsy

Darth Vader Wall Decor

Are you a Star Wars fan who can’t get enough of the notorious Vader? Then snag a Darth Vader decor, you will! Ideal for those who want to add some tasteful Star Wars decor to their bedroom or living room without going overboard with the theme. This wooden Star Wars-inspired item will be the centerpiece of any room!

Darth Vader wall decor
via Etsy

Leaf-Shaped Trinket Dish

Trinket trays are handy for keeping your jewellery in one place. But you don’t have to use them for just your necklaces and earrings. Catch it all — accessories, change, keys… in this sleek ceramic tray shaped like a leaf! Thanks to its realistic, nature-inspired look it can easily hold up as an eye-catching ornament for your vanity all on its own.

Leaf-shaped trinket dish
via Etsy

Gardenia Jewelry Stand

This brass jewelry stand adds instant charm to dressers, vanities, and more. It features gardenia flowers stretching up toward the ceiling with a few stems coming off the side, perfect for keeping necklaces displayed and free from tangles. Blooming flowers along the branches offer the perfect resting place for earrings, making it easy to see your jewelry options as you get ready for the day.


Hand Mirror

This stylish floral hand-mirror is a thing of beauty. It will give your bedside table so much elegance that you’ll feel like you fell into a Jane Austen’s novel every time you catch a glimpse of your beautiful self in the morning.

Vintage Alarm Clock

Though probably not your first pick of timepiece thanks to the smartphone, this vintage alarm clock still scores points for form. Encased in a mint case with a couple of metal bells and a mini-hammer on top, it makes the perfect retro addition to your bedside table. And it helps to keep your bedroom a digital-free zone, too!

Vintage alarm clock
via Amazon

Throw Pillow

Pillows are a bit obvious, but they’re classics for a reason! This embroidered pillow cover with floral motifs is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of rustic style to their living space. Made of linen with raised handmade floral embroidery, it matches any farmhouse-themed living room or bedroom. Use it as an adornment on a bed, or sofa, or even as a comfortable prop on a bay window.

Throw pillow
via Etsy

Levoit’s Air Purifier

An aesthetically pleasing option for a necessary but notoriously unsightly household item, Levoit’s Core 300 True HEPA Air Purifier spreads fresh air to every corner of your room. It traps fine dust, smoke particles, pollen, and pet dander as well as helping neutralize smoke, fumes, and household odors.

Air purifier
via Levoit

Laundry Hamper

Dirty laundry can make any room look cluttered and disorganized, but this eye-catching laundry bag perfectly stows away your used clothing while giving you a sophisticated room aesthetic. It boasts a floral pattern for cozy appeal and a collapsible design to ensure storing the bag when not in use is easy and convenient.

Laundry hamper
via Amazon

Flower-Shaped Rug

Cold mornings just got cozier thanks to this bedside essential, fit to be the first thing that your feet meet after coming off the bed each day. Perfect in a powder room, next to a bed, or anywhere in your home, this pink flower-shaped rug will be right at home in just about any interior.

Flower-shaped rug
via Etsy

Cool Things for Your Room — It’s a Wrap!

Everyone needs some fancy stuff for their room in order for it to feel like home. Luckily, there are plenty of cool things you can buy for your room to make sure it isn’t left looking bland and boring.

Interior design and home decor are one of the best ways you can express your true personality and make your humble abode as unique as you. And what better way to foster your own vibe within your home than dressing up your walls in artful prints that reflect your unique taste and style? Transform your walls with a variety of metal posters from Displate!

What are your ways to infuse your home with personality and create a space you love to live in?

Also, are there any cool things for your room we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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